How To Improve Your Setup

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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Improve Your Setup

- Summer vacation tip for homebody

Summer vacation is coming and most people just can’t wait for carrying out their travel plan…The beach, the mountains, the highways, etc. By contrast, homebody seems have not much to say about their summer vacation even though they also enjoy it pretty much.

For homebody, the summer vacation with computer games, good videos, good books, icy juice, and air condition is the best choice without any doubter.

And my advice to them is: Improve your desk setup.

- Why should homebody improve their setup

1. Looks cool

Of course a cool setup would also makes you look cool. Actually you don’t have to be that kind of homebody who make their room a totally mess. Clean your room and own a cool setup would make you a high-end homebody.

2. More space

A cool setup often means neat and tidy, which also means you’ll have more space of your desk to do things such as crafts or just place your arms.

3. Improve efficiency

Research shows that a tidy desk could improve your work&study efficiency by at least 10%. I guess a cool setup could also gain your confidence when you play the computer games.

4. Brag on Instagram

When your friends share some pictures about their nice travel and party, you just choose a nice angle and capture your cool setup, then, post it on Ins and wait for the likes.

- How to improve your setup with low budget

Let’s enjoy some nice pictures of cool setup first.

From these pictures I found something in common, that is “Keep main devices standing up, and the remains neat and tidy.”

You don’t have to add many expensive devices to create a sense of high-end. Just make a full use of the devices you have and make them stand up with the help of Lamicall Stand.

Here’s a setup picture that shows all the popular tablet stands in Lamicall.

It looks a little bit too over I know. You have no need to buy them all but just choose some of them you need to enlighten your devices. Such as…

If you are a music lover and you have a high-end headphone, you’ll definitely need this Headphone Stand to make it look like it’s worth the price.

If you are playing computer games with your laptop, but you use a external keyboard for better performance, you’ll need this laptop stand to rise up your laptop and relieve your neck pressure.

If you are a Nintendo enthusiast, you may already know that the original Nintendo stand is not that good to use. You should never miss this Lamicall T stand for Nintendo switch.

If you have a iPad but usually you just keep it lying on your desk, you may need this Tablet Stand to hold your iPad.

We have so many different types of stands to meet different types of devices and help you just keep your desk in order, improve your setup and make it even higher-end. 

If you have any other good idea about improving desktop setup,  welcome to leave us messages in the comment box below.

( Setup pictures credit [INS]: benhessfilms, Extra3, umdiaeuconsigo, lukamrk, michsoledesign, mrvahn. )

Many thanks to those genius photo maker, for they like our product so much and providing these wonderful pictures to us.

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