How to find phone accessory manufacturer in China

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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How to find phone accessory manufacturer in China

Nowadays, almost everyone has a mobile phone (maybe two) no matter in western or eastern country. So it’s not hard to see how big the market of phone accessory is. If you want to start a mobile phone accessory business, how to find good manufacturers is essential. So I am gonna tell you how to find good phone accessory factory in China step by step.

Why choose Chinese manufacturer

1. Low cost

It’s known around the world, China’s manufacturing costs are much lower than America or other western country, but the quality of the goods they produced is also good. That is why China was called the workshop of the world in earlier years. The reason that Chinese factory can produce high-quality products with such low cost are mature production technology and low labor cost.

2. Skilled worker


Someone would ask, if we look for low labor cost, wouldn’t it be better to choose factories in Vietnam or other country in Southeast Asia? Actually, factories in these places can hardly take over Chinese factory in a long term because of the lack of skilled worker. In south of China, there are a lot of factories, workers live in there, work there, they gained their skills with years of practice, from simple work to complicated work. A simple phone stand could be divided to over 10 parts of production, a perfect work flow to keep it fast until it couldn’t be faster, and then assembled together.

3. Supporting industries are perfect

Taking phone stand as example, it’s not just about the raw material Aluminum, there also need silicon pads, precision gear, etc. In China, it’s very convenient to buy these supplies through Alibaba or other sources with low price and get them very soon.

Besides, China has a very strong delivery network, no matter domestic or overseas. Which means you don’t have to wait too long for your goods from you put the order.

4. High production capacity

In other words, China has the capacity to complete big orders. If your business is big, and need to order large quantities of products in limited time. Only Chinese suppliers dare to take such orders.

Wal-mart had a urgent order to make 600,000 pairs of jeans in two weeks, which no factory in the world could manage. However, a Chinese supplier integrated all of the textile factories and supporting factories in that district. Finally, the order was completed, 600,000 pairs of jeans were sent on the plane within two weeks.

How to find Chinese phone accessory factory

Step 1: Check Aliexpress

Aliexpress is not only a place to buy cheap products, It is also the gathering place to many excellent Chinese factories. For another reason, factories on Aliexpress they usually have someone can speak English, there won’t be any problem on communication.

Here’s the website:

Step 2: Search for the product you want

Type in the keywords of product you want, we take “phone case” as example.

Aliexpress user guide

Choose the type with price acceptable to you. There are something you need to notice. The sales volume and the rate of the store.

Aliexpress user guide

You’d better choose 4.7+ store and you could check the reviews, especially reviews with pictures. When it comes to sales volume, not the higher the better, we need to look at two aspects. On the one hand, high sales volume means the product is very popular, your potential customers will most likely like the product. On the other hand, this product has probably been promoted by your competitors. After all, there are too many people who are doing cellphone accessories business. So you need to balance this two aspect.

Step 3: Find the company

Aliexpress user guide

Drag your Mouse Cursors to the little grey triangle next to the store name, and then click on the business information, and you will get the company information you need.

Aliexpress user guide

The company address here is noteworthy. Most Chinese phone accessory factories are in shenzhen, dongguan and huizhou city, guangdong province.

Step 4: Contact and make sure it’s a factory

You can communicate with the store directly through the Aliexpress platform.

Aliexpress user guide

But if you like to contact through e-mail and If you want to ask all the questions at once, you could ask the customer service staff to tell you their e-mail. If they doesn’t answer, there’s another method.

Use the website Qichacha and type in the business license number.

Aliexpress user guide

And then you will find the email of the company as the picture showed below.


If you contact with this email to send an inquiry, you’d better type in “询盘”in the subject line. In case the boss of this company doesn’t speak English.


No matter how you contact the company, remember to ask “do you have your own factory?” This could save you a lot of money for if you do business with a middleman, he will take part of your money, and this is entirely avoidable.

Things you should notice when finding Chinese phone accessory manufacturer

1. Location

As I mentioned above, most Chinese phone accessory factories are in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Huizhou city, Guangdong province. So, you’d better find manufacturer among these places. Another reason is that the international trade industry in southeastern coast china is much better than inland areas, and the supporting industries among these places including international transport industry are also more developed than other places. Purchase from these places you will get cheaper quotes and faster shipping.

2. Ask for Sample

If you really have interest in some product but just don’t believe the PS picture of the products online and want to make sure the quality it good, you may as well ask for some samples, Most of the manufacturers won’t say no. If they refuse you can offer to pay the freight so that they will see your sincerity and know that you are not trying to cheat for the samples.

3. Details

Take phone stand as example, many clients would like to laser their own logo on the product. As a good manufacturer, we always like to help our clients to do the design and laser work for free. And a customed product will help your business get more successful. When you are looking for manufacturers for other phone accessories, you can also ask for such details.

T phone stand

Not just logo, there are many other details such as package, guarantee, etc.

4. Bargain

It’s never too troublesome to ask “Is there any discount?” , you’ll save a lot if you keep doing this when purchasing in China.

5. Find factory rather than trading company

I have mentioned some trading company would pretend that they own a factory, and they will buy products from a factory and then sell to you. Of course it would be more expensive than buy from the factory directly. Since there is no shortage of good factories in China, it’s no need to spend this extra intermediary fee.

Then how to make sure they own a factory? You can ask for some factory pictures or you can ask for a video call in the factory.

One of best phone stand manufacturer

Speak of phone stand, you must know Lamicall. For our high sales volume on Amazon, popularity worldwide and products’ high quality has already proved by the market. Not only we have our own factory, but we did share the production process of our phone stand in our blog: How Phone Stands are Made – In Chinese Factory

So if you want to sell phone accessories including phone stand, you may as well contact us and get your favorable offer.

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    Hi names Daniel Gonzalez I made a prototype and wanted to skip a few steps. Trying to send 10 fully functioning prototypes to some influencers, before I make my next move for manufacturing. I wanted to see if I could purchase the rods you use for your lazy tablet holder of 34inches. Just the rod, plastic coat, leather wrap with the clips to hold in place. I’m trying to build a relationship with one manufacture company from China. Hopefully this is you. Thanks you ahead of time, hope to hear from you soon.

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