How to DIY Your Own Phone Stand

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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As we all know, there are various kinds of Lamicall phone stands you could choose for your devices. Here we have phone stands for desk such as S1 Phone Stand (our classic product), tablet stands such as S Tablet stand and stands for car such as P headrest holder. Oh,we should never forget about  the LS02 lazy iPad holder, our star product of the year.

It’s easy to get an elegant and practical Lamicall stands on our website now, but what about the days before you know Lamicall? how did you hold your phone without hands? Here are some stand DIY tips below.

My phone before Lamicall

lamicall sample image

#1.Corrugated Paper Stand

Description: Cut the corrugated paper into the shape shown in the picture above, and then put your phone on it.

Pros: You could get the material easily and the process is fairly simple.

Cons: It’s not stable enough when your phone is a little bit heavy.

lamicall sample image

#2.Binder Clips Stand

Description: 4 binder clips and 1 business card are needed. Put them together like what the picture shows.

Pros: Binder clips and business card are available in your workplace. And also easy to operate.

Cons: Also not stable enough for big phones.

lamicall sample image

#3.Pencil Stand

Description: Tie the ends of 6 pencils (or chopsticks) into a tetrahedron with 4 rubber bands, and put your phone or tablet on it.

Pros: The triangle structure is very stable even for the tablet.

Cons: The making process is a little bit difficult, you need to be meticulous. And what if you need a new pencil to write a note?

lamicall sample image

#4.Tennis Ball Stand

Description: You need 2 tennis balls, and cut them & combine them into the shape shown in the picture above.

Pros: The soft texture could protect your phone from scratches, and the holes allow you to watch video and charge at the same time.

Cons: I just feel the picture shown above is a little bit ugly, what do you think?

lamicall sample image

#5.LEGO Stand

Description: Use some LEGO pieces and put them into a shape that looks like a phone stand.

Pros: It looks pretty cool and you can make it even cooler. After all, it’s LEGO, “Just Imagine …”.

Cons: It may cause a family war if your kid finds out his missing LEGO pieces have become your newly phone stand.

lamicall sample image

#6.Bottle Cap Stand

Description: Make two openings in the edge of the bottle cap like what showed in the picture.

Pros: It’s easy to get a lot of bottle caps, the more bottle cap stands you made, the more stable your phone would be.

Cons: The edge of the cut is very sharp,  it’s very easy to leave scratches on your phone.

lamicall sample image

#7.Paper Clips Stand

Description: Pick 2 paper clips(large size), bend them into stands shape.

Pros: Easy to get the material, and you can adjust the “stand” into a suitable view by bending it to different angle.

Cons: If your phone is too big or with a thick case on it, this “stand” may not suitable.

lamicall sample image

#8.Egg Flats Stand

Description: Just cut down a suitable size piece of egg flat and put the phone on it.

Pros: Change waste materials into useful things.

Cons: U…Ugly.

lamicall sample image

#9.Concrete Stand

Description: The first step is add water into the cement and mix them together. Then, fill the cleaning glove with the mixed cement and set the glove into the position you want. Next, tear off the cleaning glove when the cement sets. Finally, color the hand-shape stand and wait till the pigment dry. Done!

Pros: It turns to be an artwork. And you can use your imagination making the cement into shape you like. Besides, it’s pretty fun.

Cons: It may make your house a messy place and it takes a long time to make it.

By enumerating the methods of DIY mobile phone stand, we may find DIY a stand of your own could be fun, but there are always some drawbacks of them.

So, if you think DIY a phone stand is a little bit troublesome but you still want one to hold your phone,why not choose Lamicall? The easiest way and the best stand.

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