How to Deal With Laptop Overheating

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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lamicall cooling pad

Compared to desktop PCS, laptop is more likely to get overheat. That is because the hardware parts are so close to each other and there are no enough space for air to move.

fire on the laptop

- What the signs of Laptop Overheating

Sometimes it’s confusing whether the computer is a little bit hot or too hot, after all, we wouldn’t put a thermometer next to your computer. So I listed some signs that show your laptop really get overheating.

 * The fan is keep making whirling noises

 * The computer shuts down itself

 * There are lines on the screen

 * Getting the Blue Screen of Death

 * The computer is struggling performing task even the basic one

 * The system is freezing

- What the harm of Laptop Overheating

Laptop Overheating is not just getting too hot, but also have damage on the processor, battery and the display.

Laptop Overheating would make the processor slow down, which will make the computer works less efficiently. Speak of the battery, most laptop batteries are lithium-ion batteries which can be harmed by heat. The life of the battery would be shorten or even the battery would be unusable. When the video card is overheating, there may be lines  showing up on your laptop screen. 

- Why would your laptop overheating

Besides the reason that laptop have little rooms for air to move, there are some other reasons which can also cause your device overheating.

1. The exhaust vent is blocked

Look around your laptop sides and back, you will find some exhaust vents there. If you have used your laptop for a long time, there may accumulated a lot of dust that clogs the air vent of your laptop. Which lead to the heat cannot get out.

2. Wrong placement

I once watch a movie by putting my laptop on my quilt , and then it just shut down without any sign. Improper placement of laptop could also block the air vent and the air flow. The best place is on a flat, hard and clean surface such as your desk.

3. Overcharged or Over performed

If your laptop is being overcharged, this could also cause overheating.

4. Room temperature

Of course a higher temperature surrounding would more likely to cause overheating problem.

5. Incompatible operating System

Although it’s normal that you would upgrade your system when you get the upgrade popups. But this actually sometimes lead to laptop overheating, especially Windows 10 which has been often found to cause overheating in laptops.


Then what should we do to help our laptop cool down and reduce the harm from overheating.

- How to do with laptop overheating

Considered the reasons mentioned above that may cause the laptop to overheat we can find some solutions such as:

 * Clean the exhaust vent carefully

 * Put your laptop on a hard, flat desk

 * Unplug the power charger and let your laptop rest for a while

 * Keep your computer in the air-conditioned area

Besides, you may serve your device with a laptop cooling pad.

With this cooling pad, your laptop could get sufficient cooling. If your laptop’s air vent is at the bottom, the cooling pad could help suck out the dust which is going to block the vent.

- Lamicall laptop cooling pad features

1. Work quietly

Work quietly-lamicall

Although there are 5 fans inside the cooling pad, they provide superior airflow at whisper quiet noise levels.

2. Cool blue LED lights

Cool blue LED lights

Blue gives a cool impression, perfectly match the function of the cooling pad. Besides, if you are playing computer games, the light is super cool.

3. Adjustable fan speed

Adjustable fan speed

The 5 fans spinning at adjustable speed from 1800 – 2200 RPM, greatly dissipate the heat from the laptop.

4. Not only a cooling pad

also a laptop riser

The cooling pad is also a adjustable laptop riser which could help relieve your neck and back pain during long-time working.

Lamicall Laptop cooling pad is really a good product which could not only prolong the life span of your laptop but also provide you a comfortable environment while using your laptop.

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