How to Choose the Best Bike Phone Mounts?

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Photo by Kay Liedl
Your phone needs somewhere to go other than your pocket or the bottom of your bag while riding a bike/motorcycle. That’s why bike phone mounts exist! It is there to equip your phone on your bike/ motorcycle whether you need to check navigation or shooting videos.
How does this mobile gadget work? Why should you use one? And essentially, how to choose the best Bike phone mount? Take a break from all that texting to learn the facts!

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What are Bike Phone Mounts?

Bike phone mounts are small gadgets used to prop up your mobile device on bikes, motorcycles, etc. They are designed to clamp or stick to a surface of your bike/motorcycle, like a handlebar or top tube. By installing a bike phone mount to your bike, you can keep your phone clean and safe or keep track of your navigation, shooting videos while riding.

What are Different Types of Bike Phone Mounts?

Bike phone mounts come in many different colors and styles, from unique shapes to extreme practicality. Your options include (BPM=bike phone mount):

Back Clip BPM

Back Clip BPM ​
Pro: Easy to install and remove

Cons: Not stable enough; Can’t protect the phone at all

Mechanical Stretch BPM

Mechanical Stretch BPM​
Pro: Easy One-handed operation

Con: A little bit bulky

Magnetic BPM

Magnetic BPM
Pro: One-hand Operation

Cons: Your phone is really easy to drop; can’t protect the phone at all

Semi-enclosed BPM

Semi-enclosed BPM
Pro: Easy install and remove

Cons: Can’t protect the phone well

Fully Enclosed BPM

Fully Enclosed BPM​
Pro: Good protection of mobile phones

Cons: Blocking rear camera

Rubber BPM

rubber BPM
Pro: light-weighted

Cons: Take effort to install and remove; not steady;can’t protect the phone

Full Metal BPM

all metal bpm
Pros: Safe and reliable; waterproof

Cons: Heavy; Hard to install and remove

Tube Bag BPM

tube bag bpm
Pro: There are storage spaces (a relatively popular choice)

Cons: Unable to adjust the viewing Angle; not easy to keep track of navigation

Charging BPM

charging bpm
Pro: Obviously, you can charge your phone

Con: Uneasy install and remove

You want to purchase a bike phone mount that’s durable and strong. The styles above can be made from any of these materials!
hard plastic

Hard Plastic

soft plastic

Soft Plastic







Choose a bike phone holder that works best for your budget and sense of style. Either way, you’ll be happy to have a designated place for your trusted cell phone!

How Can You Use a Bike Phone Stand?

Do you know that a bike phone mount can also be a perfect fit for a shopping cart handlebar? The bike phone stand was designed for bikes, but not precisely only fit for bikes. This little gadget has more usage scenarios; a small amount of money goes a long way.

Riding on Bicycles, Motorcycles, Electric Scooters...

Photographed by Anthony Wei
Photographed by Anthony Wei
Photographed by Anthony Wei
Photographed by Anthony Wei
It is essential to stay on the right track while cycling, especially when riding on an unfamiliar route. A bike phone holder makes sure your phone is steady and clean while keeping track of your navigation.
You might need to shoot videos of you and your friends riding motorcycles. In this case, a phone holder for a bike can be an excellent help. Because we all know that it’s dangerous to operate your motorcycle with one hand.

Exercising on Treadmill

Bike phone stands provide you an opportunity to watch your favorite show while exercising on the treadmill (if your treadmill does not have a screen attached).

Getting Groceries

It would help if you were hands-free to push a cart around the store. A holder on the handle makes it easy for you to look at your grocery list without bumping into people.

Mowing the Lawn

A phone stand makes it easy for you to watch YouTube while cutting the grass. Make your neighbor jealous!


Hit your next hole-in-one without worrying about your phone! It will be safe and sound in a phone mount that attaches to your golf cart.

Working in the Kitchen

Attach your bike mount to your water tab while scrubbing those pots and pans, or follow the recipe without worrying about your phone getting all greasy.

How Can You Install a Phone Holder for Bike?

We take the Lamicall bike phone mount BP05 as an example; here are steps you need to follow for installing a holder for bike.
step1 DEMO

Step 1: Connect the ball joint and get it tightened

Unscrew the nut, put the ball joint through the nut, and connect the joint together by pushing the ball joint against the phone stand till you hear a click. Then tighten the nut. (You don’t have to force it all the way to the bottom, since the ball joint still needs to move.)

step2 DEMO

Step 2: Mount the BPM on your bike

Unscrew the back clamp, then clamp the whole thing on the bike handle. 

step3 DEMO

Step 3: Put your phone in the BPM

Make sure the back switch is in unlock position, and use the phone to push the upper arm (not the lower arms) of the mount. And eventually, lock the  whole mechanism with the back switch. 

We also have a full video tutorial on Youtube, check it out if you are interested! 

Why You Should Buy a Bike Phone Holder?

There are various reasons why you should buy a bike phone mount. We all know keeping your phone in your pocket is not the best idea, so does keeping your phone at the bottom of your bag (there’s too much stuff in it).
secure and clean

Keep your phone secure and clean

Most bike phone mounts are shock-proofed; it allows you to fix your mobile device in your line of sight all the time.

Keep track of navigation while riding

While taking a bike trip, even though you’ll plan your route ahead of time, you still need to check on navigation from time to time to make sure you are on the right track.

Shooting videos hands-free while riding

Thanks to the existence of a bike phone mount, you can shoot videos using mobile devices.

Having a gadget in line with your bike style

Bike phone mounts are stylish gadgets; they’re an excellent fit to your bike.
hands free

Free your hands

A bike phone holder also works for a stroller, shopping cart, electric scooter, indoor treadmill, spin bike. It can be a good help when you are shopping at stores while checking on your shopping list. Or watching Netflix while exercising on a treadmill.

How to Choose the Best Bike Phone Mount?

To each its own, your purchase should vary due to your personal need of a bike phone mount. Here are features to keep in mind when choosing the best bike phone mount that’s perfect for you.

Check for Shock-proof products

Well, the bottom line of a bike phone mount is that it should be a good protector of your mobile device. Otherwise, it defeats its purpose. When you are choosing your bike phone holder, make sure you find shock-proof in product features.

Check for device compatibility

Measure your bike handlebar and check if the bike phone mount can be clamped to your bike. Different bike phone mount clamp has its own fits diameter, beware!

Make sure it does not block your screen

Some rubber bike phone mounts can be a portable choice because they are light. But the downfall is that to mount your mobile device steady, they need to block 4 edges of your screen.

Make sure it's angle adjustable

There are various ways to manifest the adjustability of your phone in a bike phone mount. Verticle-horizontal adjustment, different viewing angles adjustment, or a ball joint that does both jobs. Make sure you find what you need the most for the best user experience.

Make sure it's easy to install or super steady

Bike phone mounts are either easy to install or super stable; pick your preference. If you need a multi-functional bike phone mount that can be used for your golfing car, shopping cart, treadmill, etc., an easy-to-install bike phone mount is highly recommended.
Thanks for reading this article, I hope this content helps you make your final decisions or at least brings you inspiration. Personally I prefer fully enclosed BPM with machenical stretch design, and ball joint for the best adjustability.
Here are two specific products that I would recommend:
bm02 product comparison form

Bike Phone Handlebar Mount BM02

bike phone holder mount bp05

Bike Phone Holder Mount BP05

I also made an infographic out of this article, feel free to share this on your social media platform! 

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