How to Bike in Hot Weather ?

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The all- loved (and also hated) summer is here. I am not a heavy cyclist and far from a pro. But the good thing is that I can research for your so you won’t have to take a whole hour researching the answer to this question. 

Anyway, I have spent the time, so you don’t have to. 

Skimmer Guide

Keep yourself hydrated (Not Just Simply Drinking Enough Water).

Keep Hydous

No matter how long you’re going cycling, you have to make sure that you are sufficiently hydrated, which, contrary to popular opinion, is not just drinking a lot of water.

Well, if you are only cycling for less than an hour, you should only be drinking water, and it’s enough for you.

However, remember to bring some electrolytes to drink with you if you are cycling for more than an hour. Things like: isotonic drink, milk…

What is Isotonic?


Isotonic = comparable concentration to blood (~ 290 mOsm/L).

Many standard sports beverages (like Gatorade, Powerade, Lucozade Sporting Activity, and more) practically fall into the ‘isotonic’ group because they’re allegedly similar to human blood. Theoretically, they deliver a sensible quantity of energy to your body and clear your intestine immediately.

The Scientific Research Behind Isotonic Beverages


The scientists found that rather a great deal of ‘isotonic’ beverages was coming in at well over 300mOsm/kg when determined in their laboratory; some were even up as high as 348mOsm/kg!

Some manufacturers were allowed to claim products are ‘isotonic’ if they are between 250 and 350mOsm/kg. What this implies, in reality, is that several ‘isotonic’ beverages on the market today tend to behave even more like hypertonic drinks when you put them down your throat.

Lab researches tend to reveal that liquids from genuinely isotonic drinks do a reasonably excellent task of being absorbed into the bloodstream. It transforms out it’s suspicious whether lots of commercially available isotonic beverages are, well, really isotonic! What this suggests, in reality, is that numerous ‘isotonic’ beverages on the market today often tend to behave even more like hypertonic drinks when you put them down your throat.

DIY Isotonic Drink

You can make a self-made sports drink with 200ml of squash (not low calorie), 800ml water, and a huge pinch of salt.

After sweating it out on your favorite route, you need to replace the nutrients you lost. Stopping the breakdown of nutrients. Consuming healthy protein for muscular tissue repair work.
Bring back normal carb levels.

Put on Breathable Clothing

coen van de broek On4QWhHJCEM unsplash

Personal opinion of how to ride a bike in the heat; you just don’t do it. But if you decided to ride a bike in the heat anyway, wearing breathable clothes is essential!

Take into consideration lightweight and also light-colored clothing for those balmy days. Lightweight apparel permits the air to flow with the clothing’s material and doesn’t hold the heat. Light shades show sunshine and also stop clothes from absorbing heat.

Bike Shorts

Shorts made especially for biking will certainly provide you the best experience while riding. They are designed to be stretchy for freedom of activity, which includes a built-in cushioned crotch liner to eliminate friction as well as decrease wetness. Many bike shorts are made with Lycra, which is a breathable fabric. Bib shorts are a sort of bike shorts that don’t turn up as high. These shorts are optimal on really warm days to stay cooler.

Bike Jersey

A short-sleeve moisture-wicking bike jersey is indeed a great selection. A jacket with a front zipper that can be unzipped to cool you down is also a great choice. 

Bike Socks

To avoid sores, choose bike socks that contain polyester or nylon. This product aids with wetness wicking.

Bike Gloves

In warm weather, covers your hands with cut-out fingers gloves is wonderful for wetness absorption. A pair of bike gloves reduces the chance of your hands slipping from excess sweat on your handlebars.

Choose the Right Time to Ride

Choose the Right Time and also Right location

There is not a concrete answer for what is the right time to ride. Because the answer may differ from where you are located.

If you’re seeking an exact number, I would say if the feels-like temperature is 90 degrees (Fahrenheit) and above, DON’T GO OUT!
FYI, riding a bike in any temperature level below 50 levels Fahrenheit is truly chilly.

The feels-like temperature takes into account not only the ambient air temperature yet additionally the relative moisture as well as wind speed to figure out exactly how climate conditions feel to bare skin.

As such, it’s a far better action of what result the climate is likely to have on you.

Inspect Weather Report.

Weather Report

Rainfall Chance

There are two international definitions of rains possibility: the very first is “what % of a location will certainly rain,” and the second is “what % of an offered location will certainly drizzle.”.

With the continuous renovation of modern weather technology, weather report innovation, currently, the forecast can be a “point” to make the projection, so the majority of the world’s weather bureau and atmospheric company rains likelihood, are using the 2nd interpretation. There are still really particular locations or makes use of where the first interpretation is used, but it’s unusual.

If the weather report says it will be raining during your bike trip, and you insist on going on cycling, don’t forget to bring extra clothes with you.

Take a Break in Shades


Frequency of Taking Breaks

There is truly no standard answer for this question.
You can take as much as you need. If your goal is to construct endurance fitness, I would recommend not stopping for prolonged durations.


Some routes are a lot shadier than others. During a blazing day, it is wiser to choose a cycling route that has a lot of shades during summer.
The temperature level on a shaded path can be 10 degrees lower than it remains in direct sunlight. On very hot days, you can still ride that trail.

Plan Your Route Ahead of Time

edgar moran Ky9JHrdvb1o unsplash

I don’t have a perfect cycling route idea/advice for you, but you need to play your route ahead of time.

And then have your friends and family aware of your cycling route.

Get an Air Tag typed item, and also have your friends and family gain access to where you are in case anything occurs.

Use Sunscreens!

Physical vs. Chemical

There are two types of sunscreen, according to Dr. Goldman. Physical sunscreens contain zinc oxide and also titanium dioxide and give physical protection to the skin. They do not permeate to get to living skin cells or the bloodstream.

The various other type, chemical sunscreens make use of avobenzone and are soaked up into the skin. Goldman prefers the chemical type because they don’t leave a covering of white layer from the zinc oxide.
Sonya Lunder, a senior study expert at the Environmental Working Team that has examined sunscreens, recommends that any sunscreen with greater than 3 percent zinc oxide or avobenzone is all right. However, she notes that physical sunscreens are much less most likely to consist of active ingredients such as oxybenzone, which can cause sensitive skin responses.
RELATED: I Attempted 5 Different Sunscreens to See Which Would Stay on My Perspiring Face, and also Below’s the Best One.

Which SPF Is Finest for Bicyclists?

Lunder states that sunscreens detailing an SPF over 50 do not appear to be worth the upcharge. “The additional protection is negligible. An SPF 50 sunblock that is correctly applied will block 98 percent of UVB rays; an SPF 100 sunblock will certainly block 99 percent.” Rather than buying a greater SPF, Lunder suggests applying even more of a 30 to 50 SPF item every two hrs.

sun cream

Bring Snacks


Some food might create stomach discomfort if eaten before working out.
For instance, fatty foods like:

✿ Chips or french fries ✿ Avocados ✿ Olives ✿ Crisps ✿ Full-fat cheeses ✿ Huge amounts of nuts

And High-fiber foods like:

✿Raw vegetables ✿ High-fiber grains Raw nuts and plant seeds

Make sure to bring snacks that contain electrolytes(salt and minerals), such as banana, dried fruit, cereal or sports bar, carbohydrate gel, etc.

Obtain the Right Gadget

asoggetti JQGGf6OuIdQ unsplash

You can simply enjoy cycling with a bike, but if you need an ultimate experience, these gadgets will assist you well.

Bike Phone Mount- Lamicall Phone Holder Mount for Bike Handlebar BM02

Phone Holder
    •  【 Easy Installation】 This upgrade mountain/road bike phone mount is easy to install on your bike handlebar without a tool. Suit well with bicycles, motorcycles, strollers, shopping carts, electric scooters, indoor treadmills, and spin bikes. (Fit handlebar diameter in: ⌀ 0.59 – 1.57″ (15-40mm)
    • 【 Wide Compatibility】 Universal bike cell phone stand for 4.7 and 6.8 inches with thickness up to 15mm (including phone case), like iPhone 12 Pro Max Mini Xs XR X 8 Plus 7 6s 6, Galaxy S10 + S10e S9 S8, Note 9 8 7, Huawei, Nexus, Motorola, Pixel, Oneplus, LG ThinQ and other Android cell phones.
    • 【 Shockproof Protection】 This one-hand operation adjustable bike phone mount comes with silicone pads that keep your phone from scratches and vibrations. The motorcycle phone mount holds your phone perfectly when cycling.
    • 【 Adjustable Features】 Easy to adjust the cellphone to a horizontal or vertical screen. It is convenient to answer the phone, play music, GPS positioning during the riding.
    • 【 Sturdy and Safe】 A unique shape of this motorcycle phone holder tightly controls each corner of your phone. It ensures the safety of your cellphone attached to the bike handlebar, even on a bumpy road.


Bike Bar Tape

Handlebar tape decorates your bike and so much more. It provides you a nice grip and is tight to your bike handle. As I remember, there are four types of handlebar tape, cotton, cork, leather, and other high-tech material. Here is an excellent guide for bike bar tape; take a look if you are interested.

Bike Bell

12 bicycle bells sept 2018

Choose a quality Gremlin bell is important; you don’t want a bell that rings each time you go over a bump. The bell should fit on your handlebars with a suitable outer diameter, so don’t forget to check on your handlebar diameter before purchasing. 

You might need them to be really loud or not that loud; keep your need in mind when purchasing. Last but not least, make sure the trigger is well designed.

Bike Helmet

bady abbas wCopCzgH5xc unsplash

Your bike helmet should be well-ventilated, just like your clothes. It comes in different sizes, different weights, different prices, and some high-end cycling helmets have multi-directional impact protection systems (MIPS).

Heatstroke Symptoms and How to Cope with It

When Heatstroke Occurs …

“What are they?” “What should I do? If signs and symptoms of heat stroke appear, it is necessary to calm down and self-diagnose to what extent you are in. Once you can self-diagnose, learn to cope with it.

Classification of Heat Stroke

The extent of warm stroke, according to the “real need for treatment,” can be classified as follows. Specifically, individuals with “loss of consciousness” and other signs and symptoms of the mind belong to the level (extreme), pay more focus to not disregard is extremely important.

The severity of heat stroke, according to the “actual need for treatment,” can be classified as follows. In particular, patients with “loss of consciousness” and other symptoms of the brain, belong to the degree ⅲ (severe), pay more attention to not neglect is very important.

3 stages of heatstroke


Heatstroke 1


Heatstroke 2


Heatstroke 3

How to Cope with Heatstroke?

1 2
  1. Remove your clothing, which aids in dissipating heat from your body.
  2. Apply water to exposed skin as well as cool down the body with a follower or fan.
  3. Ice packs, if available, are also efficient in a position such as the nape of the neck, underarms, the origins of the thighs, as well as the femoral joints (these are locations close to the skin where big blood vessels pass through and also cool the streaming blood).
2 3
  1. Cold beverages take in heat externally of the stomach. When you sweat a whole lot, you require to renew the salt lost because of sweat. Sports drinks or oral rehydration fluids are the most appropriate. Briny remedies (1 to 2 grams of salt per liter of water) are also reliable.
  2. If you can respond normally and are aware, give the individual water. In these instances, do not permit the client to consume water.
3 2
  1. When a patient loses consciousness or is incapable of absorbing water on his or her very own, emergency transport to a clinical center is a top concern.
  2. In fact, almost fifty percent of situations of heatstroke are quality or), requiring fluid mixture (intravenous hydration) and also stringent administration (monitoring high blood pressure, urine quantity, etc.) at a medical center.

If you can usually react and also are conscious, provide the patient water. When there is an “irregular action to stimulations or calls” or “no response” (a disturbance of consciousness), mishydrating can lead to a hazardous flow of water into the breathing system. In these situations, do not allow the individual to consume water.

Last but not least!

Take care of yourself, enjoy your trip to the fullest! 

Thanks for reading this article, hope you have found your answers already.  

Tell me down in the comment section if there’s anything you disagree with? 

If you are a relatively shy person instead, feel free to email me to discuss your idea.

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