How does wireless car charger work

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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Say Goodbye to Wires

Say Goodbye to Wires

Can you imagine that you are taking a self-driving travelling with good mood and suddenly realized that you forgot to bring the charging line and the power bank? It’s absolutely a tragedy.

Some people would not worry about that because their cars are equipped with wireless charging pads. These wireless charging pads may located in hidden storage bin behind the infotainment screen, near the gear shifter, in the back seat, on the top of or inside the armrest. It’s so convenient that people have no need to keep so much things such as power bank, data lines, chargers in the car. But these cars are obviously more expensive than ordinary cars.

wireless chargers in cars

What if I told you that you can equip your car with wireless charger with no more than 20$.

The Physics of Wireless Charging

Let’s talk about wireless charging and how it works first.

Physics of Wireless Charging

Actually, the physics of wireless charging is not difficult. Wireless chargers use magnetic induction to transmit energy. As the picture shows, wireless charging uses the two electromagnetic coils to create a magnetic field between two devices. The wireless charger has a transmitter coil, and your phone has a receiver coil. When you put your phone on the charger, the current moves through the wire in the wireless charger, creating a magnetic field. Then, the magnetic field creates a current in the coil inside the phone which is used to charge the battery.

And now, think about put the wireless charger together with a car phone mount, and that’s Lamicall wireless charging air car phone holder – Collapsar.


Lamicall wireless car charger mount uses the Qi open standard. It’s pronounced “chee” and it’s a Chinese word which refers to the “life energy” in living creatures. 

How Did the Idea of Lamicall Wireless Car Charging Mount Come Out

Back to the car phone mount, we were actually running into some obstacles here. The common car phone holder in the market can be roughly divided into magnetic car phone mount and gravity car phone holder.

Magnetic car phone mount should work with a metal sheet which attached on the back of the mobile phone. But when it comes to wireless charging, the metal sheet would definitely reduce the impact of the charging fields. So magnetic car phone mount is not on our radar.

Actually, gravity car phone holder is a good choice, but some of them are not that steady. There would be some noise when you driving. So, we rule it out.

When it seems that we don’t have any good choice, this had inspired us…

vacuum tools

Why not create a totally new car phone mount of our own by using the principle of vacuum adsorption. After months of development, testing and of course patent applying, we finally made it out: Lamicall multifunctional Wireless Car Charger, Air Suction Mount.

collapsar structure

Why You Should Choose Lamicall Air Car Phone Mount

1. Quick Installation

Quick Installation

Quick Installation Guide: Just press the buttom and slip the mount into the air vent & CD slot, and release the buttom. The air car phone mount is firmly installed.

2. Strong Vacuum Suction

Strong Vacuum Suction laptop
Strong Vacuum Suction 10 phones

The air car phone mount uses vacuum pressure adsorption design, which make it’s adsorbability super strong.

As the GIF showed above, collapsar can hold up a 2kg laptop or 10 mobile phones easily.

So it’s clearly that your phone would stay safely and stably on the air mount while you are driving.

3. Noise Free

Noise Free39db

Traditional gravity car phone holder would produce some noise when you driving especially on bumpy roads. We did the test with a decibel meter and it went up to 85 decibels when we test the gravity car phone holder.

But our air car phone mount is super quiet during usage, and the decibel meter only detects around 40 when driving.

This is because we use the vacuum suction structure so that we can provide you a quiet driving environment.

4. 10w Fast Wireless Charging

4.10w Fast Wireless Charging

Lamicall wireless car charger mount uses 10W Qi-Certified high speed charging for various kind of phones.

5. No Metal Sheet Needed

No Metal Sheet Needed
No Metal Sheet Needed1

Anyone who has ever used a magnet car phone mount would know that it’s not convenient to stick a metal sheet on the back of your phone or your phone case. It’s not only ugly, but hard to clean, and what’s more, it’s unfriendly to those wireless charging phones.

Air car phone mount doesn’t need to stick anything to the phone at all. It can be used without any accessory, without affecting the wireless charging performance of the phone.

6. Compatible With Air Vent & CD Slot

Compatible With Air Vent CD Slot

Collapsar uses unique two-row clips design, which can firmly grasp the car air vent and CD slot, and would definitely not damage your car.

7. One Cable Fits All Phones

Say Goodbye to Wires

It’s horrible to see there are lines everywhere in your car, and it’s even nightmare to find there is no single one that you need.

But with the air car phone mount, you could throw them away but keep only one line for the mount in your car.

8. 360°rotation

no 360°rotation

The air car phone mount’s universal ball joint between the clip and the front part allows you to switch the phone to landscape mode without any problem.

But gravity car phone holder could not do that definitely.

No metal sheet! No noise! No power dropping!

Collapsar is an innovation, and Lamicall will keep going with more innovations.

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