How Does Lamicall Help Soothe a Fussy Baby

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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The first time you hear your baby cry is like a disaster. And then, this disaster will come again and again. Baby cries a lot. Sometimes, the reason is that she is hungry, wet, or tired, and sometimes the reason is that she just wants to get your attention, sometimes, maybe, no reason at all.No matter for what kind of reason, parents are easily get frustrated, because getting the tears to stop is not such a simple process.

Remember I’ve said before that Lamicall cares you and cares what you care about. Here are some situations that Lamicall could help to hush your little baby.

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For newborns, they have just left their familiar surroundings, everything outside the womb is unfamiliar to them.The light, the air, and the sound. If you have tried some methods such as swaddle her, hold her in your arms, feed her, but nothing seems to work, you might as well try play some soft music with your phone.Because soft sounds could remind baby of being inside the womb and that may could help calm her down.

Here are 6 Surprising Songs that could  calm a Fussy Baby

1.Be OK

2.Down to the River to Pray

3.Your Man Loves You,Honey

4.Daddy Sang Bass


6.Babies Little Self

As a guy who is about to be a new father/ mother this is like finding gold.

Oh! Remember don’t put the phone too close to your baby, just put it on Lamicall stand and keep it away from the cradle.

Maybe this is what’s happening to you.The baby screams at the top of her lungs every time you put her down. But you couldn’t hold her all the time, after all, there are a lot of housework waiting for you. You couldn’t wrap her on your back when you are busy with the chore, unless you want to get a backache. Then, how to solve the problem.We all know that when a baby meets a cartoon, the whole world goes  quite just for a second.So why not put your baby in a safe place and play a cartoon with your pad on Lamicall lazy holder when you need to do some housework or just want to take a break.


Have a road trip with your loved one could be romantic, a fussy baby comes in? a tragedy. Not just “let go” could lead to baby’s scream, get her in the car could have the same effect. Maybe it’s the straps are too tight, maybe there is not enough cushioning around them,no matter what the reason is, you need to do something to stop the crying. Still, a cartoon works best. You could use Lamicall Car headrest mount to hold your pad and play the cartoon which your baby likes the best. Then, you can enjoy your nice trip.

Lamicall versus fussy baby, Lamicall wins.

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