How Does Lamicall Help Prevent Text Neck

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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According to the survey, people (including you guys) spends three to four hours a day (I think even more) reading mails, sending texts and checking social media sites on their mobile devices. Everywhere, you can see people look down at their mobile phone while they are walking, eating and talking. But there would be consequences if you keep your head down and play with your phone for a long time, which is known as ‘text neck’.

Everyone has seven cervical vertebrae, if you get accustomed to keeping the head down, the space between the vertebrae would become smaller and the disc would be compressed. If the disc was compressed to much, you could end up with severe spine injury or a compression of nerves.

More specifically, an adult’s head could weigh five to six kilograms, it’s your spine that holds the weight of your head. As you tilt forward your head,  it becomes heavier and puts more pressure on your spine.

Here’s what your head weighs at different angles:

1 8

According to the picture above, looking at your cell phone at a 60 degree angle, the angle at which you’re likely to look at a mobile device from a seated or standing position, could put a head weight of 25kg on the spine (similar to carrying a 7-year-old child on your shoulders). Think about that, you carry a little child on your shoulder for more than 4 hours everyday. Oh,gosh!

Symptoms of Text Neck

Damage caused by untreated text neck can be similar to occupational overuse  syndrome or repetitive stress injury. The most common presentation of Text Neck is neck pain, stiffness and soreness. The main symptoms include

1.Stiff neck: soreness and difficulty in moving the neck is usually present when trying to move the neck after long usages.

2.Pain: can be localized to one spot or may be diffused over an area, usually lower part of the neck. Can be described as dull aching or can also be sharp or stabbing in extreme cases.

3.Radiating pain: there can often be radiation of pain into the shoulders and arms.

4.Muscular weakness: shoulders muscles namely,trapezius, rhomboids and shoulder external rotators are often weak.

5.Headache: sub-occipital muscle tightness can lead to tension type headaches.

In addition to these common symptoms there can also be early onset arthritis and disc compression.

Here’s the difference between Normal Cervical spine and Cervical spine of Cervical vertebra patient

2 8

How to prevent Text Neck

1.Level the playing field: Hold your phone at eye level or look down with your eyes and not your head. This will help reduce the angle of forward head posture, thus reducing the stress on your neck.

3 7

2.Stretch: Perform neck and shoulder rolls throughout the day to release tension caused by bending down to stare at the screen.

3.Exercise regularly:A strong, flexible back and neck are more able to handle extra stress. 

You can see the right position of holding the phone on the picture above, how many of you could hold your phone like that for a long time. I think it’s too difficult for your arm to hold on like this for 4 hours a day.

But Lamicall Lazy holder could do this for you. The clamp can be mount to places like bed headboard, desk or table next to your favorite chair, even bench in the park, so you can use it almost anywhere. The “goose neck” is made of premium aluminum alloy, which allows you to twist it into any shape (sounds a little bit cruel), and adjust it to any angle.You could totally free your hands and relax your neck by using the Lamicall Lazy holder.

It’s almost impossible to avoid using electronic devices such as mobile phone nowadays. But we do need to take some actions to avoid ‘text neck’, so, try the Lamicall Lazy Tablet holder and live a healthy E-life (Electronic life).

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