Gooseneck Phone Holder: A Full Buying Guide

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Gooseneck Phone Holder

Do you want to watch your favorite movie on your phone, hands-free, even when you’re lying on the bed? Turn your viewing experience into the most relaxing state with a gooseneck phone holder!

gooseneck phone holder black GP03

Image Source: Lamicall

Imagine resting on your bed after the day’s work, and you start watching a movie. As you go on, your hands feel numb, and later on, your arms, too, feel pain. Your neck becomes sore, and your eyes are exhausted because you watch on your phone too close. In this case, won’t you wish you had something to hold your phone for a couple of hours as you watch?

Suppose you have a phone stand you can put on your desk. But the situation calls for a holder that can face you while you lie down on the bed. A regular phone stand can’t do that. Thus, buying a gooseneck phone holder is necessary for instances like this. Its use has made a massive impact by promoting convenience and comfort while using mobile phones and tablets.

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What is a Gooseneck Phone Holder?

A gooseneck phone holder is designed to extend the viewing angle based on your desired position. It has a flexible metal pipe that can curve like that of a goose forming a U shape. The birth of the gooseneck phone holders in 2016 became a hit and was followed by upgrades later on.

gooseneck phone holder ls05 banner

Image Source: Lamicall

Gooseneck phone holders can also bend to a spiral form to shorten the length or keep the holder stable. The flexibility of this phone holder lets you use your phone hands-free, reaching your most relaxed state while keeping you up for the modern digital life.

Parts & Structure

Most high-end gooseneck phone holders are made of good quality materials such as leather, aluminum alloy, silicone, and plastic (PVC). On the other hand, cheaper brands mostly comprise plastic and substandard metals that break easily.

gooseneck phone holders parts

Image Source: Canva (Lamicall Brand)

  1. Phone Holder – keeps the phone in place, mostly got rubber pads to prevent scratches.
  2. Ball Swivel Joint – rotates up to 360 degrees for optimum angle changing
  3. Flexible Arm – bends as high or as low as you want, allowing you to change view directions
  4. Vertical Striped Pipe – loosens and tightens the clamp upon mounting to the surface
  5. Adjustable Clamp Base – secures the phone holder to prevent slipping, mostly with silicone pads to prevent scratches on furniture

How Does a Gooseneck Phone Holder Work?

As mentioned above, gooseneck phone holders help you hold your phone for a more extended period in the most comfortable viewing stance. When you feel like slacking off, and you want to browse some videos while lying down on your bed, this holder helps you position your phone however you like it. Hence, this life-changing product works in ways favorable to us when it comes to the convenient use of our devices.

Gooseneck Cell Phone Holder GP03 Banner

Image Source: Lamicall

It works on surfaces that ordinary phone stands can not provide.

These surfaces are mainly in the bed and can be your bedframe, headboard, or nightstand. You wouldn’t want to use your regular phone stand and wake up in the morning with a hit on your face when your phone dropped. The gooseneck holder keeps the phone in place until you sleep or even while it is charging. Just clamp it up securely, and enjoy the perks of hands-free phone use.

It helps when you are multitasking.

For example, let’s say you are copying some information from your smartphone to a document on your laptop or other devices. It would be a hassle to pick your phone, read what it says, put it down, encode the info to your other device, and repeat the process. Instead, you can use this gooseneck phone holder to let you have a good view of your phone’s content. Curve the arm till it reaches your eye level and clamp it on a surface near you.

You can use it for shooting videos from different views.

How about you want to record a video while sketching on the desk? The long, flexible arm of your gooseneck can put your phone camera facing downwards to video the whole process. Isn’t that amazing? Indeed you cannot perform sketching easily while using your phone on your other hand. The flexibility of this product helps you do the things you can not do alone.

Features and Benefits of a Gooseneck Phone Holder

The features and benefits of gooseneck phone holders are like a cause-and-effect process. It is true that the characteristics of a product indeed determine the benefits a customer can obtain from it. With your present experience in handling your gadget, have you decided to purchase this type of holder? Let us help you quicken your decision with these advantages that will change your viewing perspective.

Long, flexible arm or pipe
It can be adjusted to meet desired viewing position.
Hands-free, preventing sore neck, hand & arm pain, and shoulder fatigue.
Compatibility to most of the brands
It can be used on multiple gadget brands with the specified dimensions that the product can hold.
One size fits all; no need to buy another one if you got multiple gadgets.
Safety rubber pads on holders and base clamp
The holder prevents scratches and avoids slipping of your device; base clamp silicone pads prevent scratches on furniture.
Avoiding scratches on your phone will prolong its life and glossy finish; it secures the safety of your phone from falling.
360-degree ball joint angle adjustment
Can adjust the phone on the holder to your desired viewing angle without bending the arm
Flexibility at its best; no more neck pains when watching as you can shift in any side where you are most comfortable to view your phone
Versatile clamps
Can be safely mounted on any surface such as bed frames, headboard, kitchen counter, nightstand, or end table
You don’t need to buy other types of phone holder as it fits almost anywhere at your home or even in your office.
Sturdy framework
High-end brands produce products using only the finest materials.
It ensures your phone’s safety and durability, so you don’t need to buy another over and over again.

Here are some of the additional benefits of this revolutionary phone holder.

  • It offers convenience that boosts optimal viewing of your videos in any possible setups there in your home or office.
  • It helps keep your phone clean as it acts as a dedicated spot, putting it away from dirt and other messy stuff.
  • It provides safety to your gadget to keep it away from possible risks such as scratches, collapsing, and breakage.
  • It boosts your productivity as you can perform other tasks while doing another that requires holding your phone.

How to Use a Gooseneck Phone Holder

You can use your gooseneck phone holder in many ways. It only takes a few minutes to have it ready for use by just simply clamping where it fits. Just follow the manufacturer’s instruction manual, put your phone on the holder, and you are good to start. Below are some of the ways where you can use this flexible device holder.

Use it when working on multiple tasks.

We only have two hands to work on projects. If you happen to work inside your bedroom while attending a meeting through a video conference, this accessory is pretty handy. Simply clamp it on the nightstand so you can continue working while listening to the forum.

a woman facing her laptop and her phone at the same time using a gooseneck phone holder

Image Source: Canva

Use it before bedtime.

Browsing through the internet has been everyone’s hobby before sleeping. Sometimes it acts as our sleeping pill. Attaching it to the headboard and viewing your phone while you lie down is an awesome relaxing experience.

Use it while working in your kitchen.

While you are creating a masterpiece recipe in the kitchen, it would be fun to video the steps by focusing your camera on your working hands upside down. Upload it, and you might be the next Youtube sensation in cooking!

image8 1

Image Source: Tool & Gadget

Use it in the bathroom.

You might say it’s gross, but in reality, people bring their phones inside the bathroom before even doing their private business. Take a dip in your bathtub while clamping the gooseneck holder near you for comfortable viewing or doing Facetime, and enjoy a fantastic relaxation.

How to Install a Gooseneck Phone Holder

This product requires no more tools to install. Just a little twist and knob, and it is all set! It is user-friendly and won’t need you to be a genius to get the hang of it. The instruction manual will say it anyway. Furthermore, there are also care instructions included in that, so you might as well follow them for your gooseneck phone holder’s long life.

a woman navigating the tablet into the gooseneck phone holder

Image Source: Youtube

Step-by-step guide

Follow these easy steps upon opening your newly purchased holder. In this instruction, we used a Lamicall gooseneck phone holder as an example.

  • Get the gooseneck phone holder from the box.
  • Carefully stretch the arm, but not too much.
  • Hold the vertical striped pipe and begin turning it to loosen the screw.
  • Choose where to mount it, then hold the base clamp close to the edge of that surface.
  • Hold it firmly and start tightening the screw-on clamp to fix it in its place.
  • Bend the arm at your desired angle.
  • Put your phone on the holder and clamp it up.
  • Rotate the ball swivel joint so that your phone is set facing your location.

Easy, right? Just a little twist and turn, and you’re good to start using it in watching your favorite movie or viewing some videos you need to browse for work. In addition, there are types of gooseneck phone holders that don’t have screw-on clamps. Instead, they use clips big enough to clamp on desks.

Things to Consider When Buying a Gooseneck Phone Holder

In every product you want to buy, you must first find out the essential details about it. After all, it’s not every day that you have the time to purchase and have the budget to spend on such things. We listed a few points you must consider when purchasing a gooseneck phone holder.


The first thing you need to look for in a phone holder is the material or its composition. You must ensure its sturdiness. How? You can do your own research through the web by typing in the brand name and simply browsing through the customers’ reviews. Also, read through the materials used, is it made of aluminum alloy, steel, or plastic? Are the hinges tight and strong enough to rotate repeatedly? Are the grips scratch-proof and won’t easily slip off your phone?

base clamp, holder clamp and arm of a phone holder

Image Source: Ubuy

Aluminum alloy is considered next to stainless steel in durability and is lightweight, perfect for a phone holder. Others use leather on the gooseneck’s arm while maintaining a solid clamp base to secure the phone in place. Look for safety pads to ensure your phone won’t get abrasion on frequent use. Find out if there’s a warranty so you can return them for defects or future problems.


Of course, it’s the second thing you consider after the quality. Does the price equate to the brand or the quality it boasts? Sure we can’t deny that high-end brands impose a hefty fee and unbranded ones have lower prices. However, you must not compromise the quality over the cost. Remember that a product may be expensive today but can be helpful in the next ten years, so it’s still a winner, right? The ones with lower prices often become incompetent and won’t even last a year of usage.


Indeed, you won’t spend even a penny if you can’t get the value for your money. Ensure that the gooseneck phone holder that you are about to purchase will have an impact on your daily life. As mentioned above, the benefits are endless. You’d be surprised with the efficiency and good effects on your health that this kind of phone holder can give you.

versatile gooseneck phone clamps

Image Source: Youtube


Opt for a product that caters to most of your needs. Thus, a gooseneck phone holder must be versatile, allowing you to put it in locations it can fit, such as your bedroom or even bathroom. The versatility can somehow relate to flexibility and compatibility. Its flexibility must allow you to use it in angles favorable to you. The compatibility with other phone brands is also a must so that you can use it with different gadgets fitted on its holder.

What Are The Top Gooseneck Phone Holder Brands?

Are you wondering what brand to choose in finding the most dependable gooseneck phone holder? Indeed, you are now contemplating on what brand you should buy from a wide array of options. We have listed three of the most trusted brands you can start with.

Lamicall gooseneck phone holders aim to deliver quality that can help you in many ways. This sleek phone holder features flexibility in the days you are busy and even when you want to slack off a little. Here are some of the details that Lamicall’s gooseneck phone holder possesses.

  • It uses a high-quality aluminum alloy for its arm that ensures its sturdiness.
  • It has a screw-on clamp that secures your holder that prevents your phone from falling.
  • Besides that sturdy metal, its line of gooseneck products features anti-scratch rubber pads on the holder and silicone pads on the base clamp.
  • It has a solid 360-degree rotatable ball joint that is tested 6000 times for durability.
  • It is also compatible with the 4 to 7-inch dimensions of smartphones today.
  • Lamicall offers a lifetime warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • You can choose from colors black, white, gray, and rose gold.
  • The clamp base supports 0 to 2.36 inches or 0 to 2.7 inches table thickness.
  • NOTE: It is suitable only for reading and viewing as it wobbles when you type on the screen. Take off the phone if you will use it for typing. Use two hands when adjusting the arm to ensure longevity.
3 gooseneck phone holders from Lamicall

Image Source: Lamicall

Saiji Lazy Bracket Cellphone Holder

Saiji offers an ergonomic design to give you maximum comfort using your phone. Just like other gooseneck phone holder brands, its features provide flexibility to have your desired viewing angle.

  • It has a silicone base to protect your furniture from damage.
  • Its flexible arm is made of aluminum alloy with 33.46 inches in length.
  • It is compatible with 4 to 6.3 inches smartphones.
  • Its color comes in rose gold and black.
  • Its clamp base supports a 0 to 2.7 inches table thickness.
  • It has a 90-day replacement for defective products.
a rose gold gooseneck phone holder from Saiji

Image Source: Amazon

UGREEN Gooseneck Phone Holder

UGREEN’s gooseneck phone holder saves you from neck pain as it offers an easy-twist flexible arm to help you position your phone to your desired angle.

  • Its material is made of high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy.
  • It is compatible with 4 to 7.2 inches smartphones.
  • It has a ball joint with a 360-degree rotation feature.
  • Its adjustable base clamp fits into tables with 3.15-inches thickness.
  • It has silicone pads to avoid scratches.
  • The flexible arm is 31 inches in length, providing a longer reach.
  • It offers a 24-month warranty.
gooseneck phone holder from UGREEN

Image Source: Amazon

Where to Buy a Gooseneck Phone Holder

You have two options to buy a gooseneck phone holder, either online or from a physical store. Both have advantages and disadvantages so it’s up to you to decide what you would prefer. No matter what you choose, what’s important is you get the best deal for your order.

Online Shop

An online shop or eCommerce shop has a diverse collection as it has multiple suppliers from different parts of the world. Another good thing about it is that all the details you need to know about the product are available to grasp repeatedly. You can compare the difference between each product so you can decide what to choose. A good example is the Lamicall online shop. You may try to visit its website to learn how it works.

infographics of eCommerce shops

Image Source: HubSpot

Aside from the details, and mostly what people tend to look at, is the customers’ reviews. Learning the true quality behind their experience with the product tends to be the trend in online shopping. The more good reviews a product receives, the more orders are placed. In case of a received defective package, online shops offer a replacement within 14 to 30 days.

The only downside is you can’t see the actual product in online shopping. Sometimes, people regret their purchase as the actual product is far different from the photo on the website. What you can only do is to trust that your purchase is as good as the details and the reviews you gathered about it.

Physical Store

The benefit of buying in a physical store is quite apparent. You can see the actual size, appearance, as well as compare them in real-time action. In every store you visit, some sales assistants will entertain all your queries. They will assist you and may offer you other options and their best-sellers.

a physical store of mobile phones and accessories

Image Source: Zoompo

Most of them will explain the pros and cons, too, and will walk you through the process until you finish the purchase. In a physical store, you get to test the product right away, making it easier to decide what brand to buy. Often, high-end brands offer warranties. Upon purchase, the sales assistant will explain how it works and may have you sign some papers as an acknowledgment of the receipt and the warranty.

However, these stores may have limited stocks of different brands, so you will need to shop around, which is quite tedious to do. It’s unlike online shopping that lets you stay at home and wait for your order to arrive. Although, it’s still up to you what you think is the best option for you.


Choosing to make life comfortable and straightforward is a choice. Why endure inconvenience if you can have it in a snap? A gooseneck phone holder takes away the pains of using your phone for a more extended period and improves your productivity as you manage to do your tasks with it. This buying guide showcased all the necessary points you must consider before purchasing. Read through it once more and get your desired gooseneck phone holder today.

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