Good News for Designers: Duet Display + Lamicall Stands

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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duetdisplay and amicall

Why designers like big monitor&multi-monitor

designers like multi monitor

Even if you are not a designer you may have noticed that most designer’s monitor are super big, some of them even use more than one monitor to do their designs. That’s not for the sake of being cool but for practical reasons. Big monitor and multi-monitor not only help designers to be more efficient but also make multi-tasking much easier for them.

The University of Utah did a research, the result shows that designers with larger screens completed tasks 52 percent faster than those with smaller screens and they could save 2.5 hours a day. If you have paid a little attention, you may find there are at least 3 programs (Ps,Ai, Pr,Ae,etc) and 10 windows (Pixabay, Pexels,Dribble,Behance,Pinterest,etc) open on a designer’s computer at any moment, design is truly a multi-window job. However, a giant monitor or multi-monitor allows for seamless multitasking through dozens of windows.

But when a designer needs to go for a business travel or go out&shooting, he couldn’t take a 27-inch monitor with him, then, a multi-monitor consist of a laptop and an ipad is needed. So here’s the next question is how to set up a multi-monitor?

Duet Display:Do more with the multi-monitor

When it comes to APP for using iPad as an external display, Duet Display is definitely the winner. It was developed by former Apple engineers. You could never imagine how easy the setup could be, whenever you want to use the Duet Display, you just need to plug and play. Duet Display use the Lightning/USB connection instead of Wi-Fi only, which allows it operates with basically zero lag.

“After testing all the options I could find, Duet Display is the best choice. It’s simple to set up, doesn’t have a lot of fiddly options to tinker with, and it works consistently over the rock solid Lightning cable connection.” Said Bradley Chambers, a professional APP reviewer.

Duet Display is available in the App Store for $19.99, and for graphic designers, music producers and video editors, it would be a worthwhile investment.

Let’s enjoy the video of Duet, to see how did these outstanding designers work with Duet Display.

Although Duet Display could turn your Ipad into a portable second display, you still need something to hold your Ipad and make it stand on your desk. Don’t worry, Lamicall Tablet Stands could solve this problem for you.  Lamicall is a company specialized in tablet/phone/laptop stand production. The high quality and elegant appearance of the stands gains a lot popularity worldwide for Lamicall.

So, here I want to recommend you some good tablet stands from Lamicall to make your multi-monitor task more efficient and more comfortable.

1.S-Tablet Stand

S-Tablet Stand is the biggest one in Lamicall stands family, it’s super steady for tablet. This product is available in silver, black, gray and rose gold, which perfectly match your iPad and meet the designer’s aesthetic. Besides, it provides a proper height that makes you more comfortable at work and you can adjust it to any angle you wish.

2.A1-IPad Stand

A1 standDuet

A1-iPad Stand is slightly lighter than S-Stand, but it also steady for tablet. This product is available in silver, black and gray. The biggest difference between S-Stand and the A1-Stand is the shape, so, just choose the one you like. 

3.LS02-Gooseneck Tablet Stand

LS02-iPad Stand is our star product of the year, with it you can adjust your iPad to any height and any angle. The installation steps are pretty simple, just mount the clamp to the edge of your desk and tighten the screw.

Though it’s very useful but please note: The maximum capacity of LS02 is 10.5”, so if your device is bigger than that,please consider the S & A1 stands we mentioned before.

If you are a designer, I believe this article would be of help to you, if you are not a designer, you might as well share the message to the designers around you, maybe your friends, maybe your co-workers, they would be appreciate.

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