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Icy Liu
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I  know you want to ask what makes Santa a fisherman before Christmas?But let me say something first.

We know that you Lamicall fans love our products very much, and have helped us to build our international reputation and brand influence throughout 2018, we really appreciate it. So, we put some koi fish which are Chinese mascot in our pond, if you buy any product on our Lamicall official website from November 15th to November 21th , you’ll get the chance to catch 3 magical koi fish and turn them into fabulous triple gifts. That’s why Santa become a fisherman, he likes our products too and he knows everything about Christmas gifts, of cause he did. You could follow his step and go catch your koi fish.


* Sign up on Lamicall website and buy any product

(Buy any product directly if you had already registered)


1.Event runs from NOV 15th through DEC 25th,2018.

2.We will choose 10 winners from Lamicall website buyer list.

3.Please keep the username the same as your Instagram’s when you register on our website so we can DM you on Instagram.

4.Winners will be contacted by email on DEC 25th,2018.

5.Lamicall reserves the right of final explanation.

About Gifts:

The 1st Koi: Cards for the Whole Year

10 cards with 10 discount coupons for each winner, we can send them to you, your family member or your friends at the time you specify. If you are the lucky guy you will receive an E-mail in which you can fill the blessings and information of the card receiver.

Whatever your blessings are, we will make them arrive on time.

The 2nd Koi: Desktop Lamicall Suite

Lamicall knows that you like to be unique. So,  if you are lucky enough, you’ll get a customized desktop suite, one of a kind, just for you. Don’t hurry for the details, you’ll like the surprise.

The 3rd Koi: Mysterious New Product

Lamicall also knows that you like to be the first. Now, you get the chance to be the first user of this new product we about to launch. We’d be glad to hear your feedback of using this new product.

Have the gifts attracted you?  Dont wait, just go and catch your Koi fish.



Ashley C******             Jessica S******

Tom T*******                Tegid H*****

Ovidiu M******             Samantha V*********

Denise W********         Nicole G***

Debbie N******             Chris D. G********

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