How to Upgrade Your Gaming Desk Setup Using a Few Essential Accessories?

Gaming Desk Setup

You may wonder why other people’s gaming desks setup looks so fire? Is getting a cool gaming setup a rip off? Where do I start? Is it hard? What do I need to do? In fact, having a cool gaming table can be done without going bankrupt. With a variety of price ranges to choose from, you can customize your gaming space to suit your style and preferences, rather than copying someone else’s desktop, doesn’t that sound great?

This article will mention more than 20 kinds of accessories that can help you upgrade your gaming setup. We suggest that while you are reading this article, take out a pen and paper, jot down the items you are interested in, try to conceive the gaming setup you want in your mind before you consider purchasing any item. Remember, according to your own style and needs, choose as needed in order to match the best gaming table for you.

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Laptop stand

Gaming Desk Setup

If your main computer is a laptop, then please consider getting a laptop stand. believe that you have more or less heard or seen this kind of desktop accessories. Simply put, it is a laptop riser that will elevate your laptop to your eye level, reducing the frequency of your head down when operating the computer. This tool will help you keep your desk looking nice and neat. Keeping your desktop in a good appearance while maintaining ergonomic use habits. But one thing to note is that if you choose to add a laptop stand to your gaming desk, you will need to add an external keyboard.

There are many laptop holders available on the market, basically divided into three main categories: Adjustable laptop holder, portable laptop stand, and stationary laptop stand. If you are interested in this gadget, please do enough research before buying if you can.

ProductAdjustable laptop holderPortable laptop standStationary laptop stand
Imageadjustable laptop stand LB grayadjustable laptop stand ln02 grey-1lamicall laptop stand LN08 gray-1
Price$50.99 – $60.99$55,99$31.99
Monthly sale7518511,034
Positive review/ Negative review93% / 3%97% / 2%95% / 2%
Overall score4.7 / 54.8 / 54.8 / 5
Release time2019-06-162020-11-202020-09-30
Dimension 11×10×2.5inches11.61×11.5×2.13inches10×8×2inches
Weight (lb)
Specialty AdjustableMost Wished ForAmazon’s
See detailSee detailSee detail

Monitor arm

Gaming Desk Setup

Do you like the almost perfect display of a monitor over a laptop? Prefer dual or multi-screen operation? Want to give your gaming desk more flexibility? If yes, then you probably need to consider mounting your monitor using a monitor arm. Basically , a monitor arm is a metal arm (mostly made of metal, but a small part of other materials) that can help your monitor hover. You need to fix one end of the arm to a table, wall or wherever you want, and then the arm will “send” your computer to your eyes. The advantages of this are:

  1. More room for your gaming desk.
  2. Make your gaming desk a multi-functional desktop (when not using the monitor, you can simply push away the monitor to get a blank desktop).
  3. Just admit that this is very cool. Imagine your monitor hovering above the desktop!

But as I did my research on this accessory, I found that they had an exceptionally large price difference, but there were few revolutionary design or quality differences to be seen between brands. This leads to a lot of research that needs to be done when you want to buy a monitor arm. In a nutshell, you have to first determine how many monitors you need. Then choose a price range you can live with, and then judge exactly which product to buy based on reviews and detailed page information. Regardless, here are my three buying suggestions to start with:

ProductHUANUO Single Monitor Mount – Articulating GasVIVO Articulating Dual 17 to 27 inch PneumaticWALI Monitor Arm Mount for Desk, Single Extra Tall VESA Computer Desk
ImageHUANUO Single Monitor Mount Articulating Gas 1VIVO Articulating Dual 17 to 27 inch Pneumatic 1WALI Monitor Arm Mount for Desk Single Extra Tall VESA Computer Desk 1 1
Positive review/ Negative review91% / 4%89% / 5%93% / 3%
Overall score4.6 / 54.5 / 54.7 / 5
Release time2019-07-262019-07-052016-07-22
Dimension 16×12×4inches16.54×12.44×5.59inches 17.5×3.8×5.9inches
Weight (lb)6.329.798.6
Specialty Amazon’s
Support dual monitorGift Ideas
See detailSee detailSee detail

Extra large mouse pad

Gaming Desk Setup

You may ask, do I really need a mouse pad that takes up an average desktop area? The answer is of course you do, if you are after the comfort and beauty of a gaming desk. An extra large mouse pad can be both a mouse pad and a high quality desk pad that can help you create a neat and tidy gaming environment. Mouse pad has a more comfortable texture than the desktop surface. It can adapt to different temperature and humidity changes. Ensure that when you move the mouse significantly, the mouse pad remains motionless, refusing meaningless mouse manipulation.

The design and manufacture of the mouse pad have been very mature, so you can choose almost any pattern and price at will. Material, probably divided into artificial fiber, leather, and so on.

The choice of patterns and colors is very large, just buy as needed. Choose a product that has a lot of good reviews. For gaming extra large mouse pads, I have the following three product suggestions.

Product3XL Huge Mouse Pads Oversized Gallaway Leather Desk PadGaming Mouse Pad
Image3XL Huge Mouse Pads OversizedGallaway Leather Desk PadGaming Mouse Pad
BrandXL Mouse PadGALLAWAYCanjoy
Monthly sale1,0995,0875,080
Positive review/ Negative review97% / 1%95% / 2%96% / 2%
Overall score4.8 / 54.7 / 54.8 / 5
Release time2019-07-082019-05-272020-11-23
Dimension 48×24×0.2inches17.83×3.58×3.03inches16.06×4.96×2.28inches
Weight (lb)
Specialty All-blackBest Sellers,Gift Ideas,Most Wished ForAmazon’s
See detailSee detailSee detail

Vertical laptop stand

As the name suggests, a vertical laptop stand is an accessory which prop up your laptop vertically. When we often need to switch between monitor and laptop, this tool offers us the possibility to make the desktop neater. When you don’t choose to use a laptop, it looks very cool to simply put the laptop on the vertical stand.

Headset stand

Gaming Desk Setup
From a pragmatic point of view, a headset stand isn’t as necessary as a laptop stand or monitor arm. But for gamers, if you have a great headset, you’ll want a place to put it, not only to show it off, but also to protect it from damage.
There are actually a lot of headset holders on the market, and the features are becoming more and more comprehensive. Faced with the headset stand you have a very large number of options. You can find simply only for the headset stand, can be fixed on the edge of the desktop, or placed on the desktop. When I went to research this little gadget, I found that there are many carpenters who sell their handmade works, but the price is very high. As for what kind of product to buy, the benevolent sees benevolence, the wise sees wisdom.
Four different products are shown here for your reference.
ProductLamicall Headphone Stand, Headset HangerHeadphone Stand, Desktop Headset Holder RGB Headphone Stand with USB Hub KAFRI DeskHeadphone Stand Wood
Imageheadphone hook desk dh03 black-1lamicall headset stand black H1-1wireless charging headset holderwood-headset stand
Positive review/ Negative review91% / 5%97% / 1%88% / 5%96% / —
Overall score4.6 / 54.8 / 54.5 / 54.8 / 5
Release time2020-11-102019-11-032019-08-06 2018-10-29
Dimension 3.11×2.91×3.5inches5.1×5.1×12.48inches9.45×3.94×1.57inches11.54×7.64×5.12inches
Weight (lb)0.2120.6190.6561.32
Specialty Amazon’s
Gift Ideas, chargingwood headphone stand
See detailSee detailSee detailSee detail

USB hub

Gaming Desk Setup
Although many devices are now becoming type-c interfaces, many people’s computers are still stuck in the usb era. Changing computers can be a very big investment, and if it’s just for the type-c interface, it seems very unnecessary. This is when we need usb hub to solve our problems. usb hub can not only provide us with type-c, and a variety of interfaces, but also increase the number of interfaces. It is a very useful tool!
Based on different needs, there are so many variations of USB ports that you can find almost any conversion port that meets your needs. I will not recommend more specific products here. But if you see this text you can think about whether you need a usb hub, I hope I remind and help you to build a more beautiful gaming desk setup.

Cable management

Gaming Desk Setup
We are entering the wireless era, but in a short time we stiil stuck with cable, and tangled wires trust me I know that struggle. Seeing a mess of wires can make us upset while seriously affecting the aesthetics of the gaming desk. For such a problem, we have three solutions . They can stand alone, but can also be used at the same time as needed.
  1. use cable ties to shorten cables that are extremely long
  2. use cable management box to hide the cables
  3. use a cable management clip to separate the cables by type for easy access
Here are three recommended products for these three solutions.
ProductLamicall Cable ClipsD-Line Cable Management BoxHmrope 60PCS Fastening Cable
Imageadhesive cable clips cm01-1cable-boxcable-wire
Positive review/ Negative review95% / 2%89% / 4%96% / 1%
Overall score4.8 / 54.5 / 54.8 / 5
Release time2021-10-252012-05-172020-03-03
Dimension 1.1×3.54×2.68inches12.8×4.92×4.53inches5.9×3.15×0.74inches
Weight (lb)0.1810.9190.09
Specialty Stable and neatAestheticAmazon’s
See detailSee detailSee detail

Ambient light

Gaming Desk Setup
No gamer will resist the charm of ambient light! When you are building your own gaming zone setup, ambient light is almost a must-have option. After all, who doesn’t like to decorate their gaming desk with their favorite colors? Turn off the main light source in the room while playing, leaving the colored ambient light, dud, what better gaming experience?
In fact, there are very many types of ambient light alone . Here I will introduce four types: RGB strip light, monitor lamp, smart light bars, wall light panels. These four types are different types of ambient light, you can adapt different products according to your imaginary gaming desk setup.
ProductGovee LED Strip LightsQuntis Computer Monitor LampGovee Flow Pro LED Smart Light Bars with CameraGovee Glide RGBIC Smart Wall Light, Multicolor
Positive review/ Negative review89% / 6%90% / 5%88% / 5%93% / 3%
Overall score4.6 / 54.6 / 54.5 / 54.7 / 5
Release time2019-05-022020-07-242020-10-092021-05-27
Dimension 7×7×2.5inches15.7×0.78×0.78inches11.54×7.05×4.65inches14.49×8.5×2.99inches
Weight (lb)11.010.9632.71
Specialty Amazon’s
For monitorAestheticBest Sellers
See detailSee detailSee detailSee detail

Cellphone stand

Gaming Desk Setup
Cellphone holder is a type of gadget that you will realize you need one after getting one. Phone holder is also an indispensable element in gaming desk setup,since you can often see it on various gaming desks. If you are a multitasker, then you must acquire one. If you like to play video, play some podcasts, etc.
While playing games or browsing the web, it’s a go-to gadget. Phone stand is a simple tool that hold up your smartphone so you don’t need to hold your phone by hand all the time. It also helps you to lift your phone up to your eye level so you don’t need to look down at your phone so often. But what kind of cellphone stand do you need? It depends a lot on your requirements for form and function . Here is a showcase of different types of cellphone stands that you can filter according to your needs:
ProductAdjustable Cell Phone StandFoldable Cell Phone StandPortable Cell Phone Stand Desk Cellphone StandPhone Stand for MagSafe Charger
Lamicall foldable phone stand dp01
aluminum foldable phone stand dp10 black-1
Lamicall DP03 adjustable Phone stand
Adjustable Phone Stand for MagSafe Charger DP09 Silver 1
Positive review/ Negative review95% / 2%96% / 2%90% / 10%93% / 1%91% / 4%
Overall score4.8 / 54.8 / 54.5 / 54.8 / 54.7 / 5
Release time2016-10-242020-11-072021-10-262021-10-182021-04-06
Dimension 3×3×4inches4.76×3.78×1.22inches3.54×2.36×0.75inches4.96×4.21×4.09inches5.67×3.58×3.5inches
Weight (lb)0.2630.20.20.6750.55
Specialty Best Sellers, ClassicFoldableReally tiny Amazon’s
See detailSee detailSee detailSee detailSee detail

Tablet stand

Gaming Desk Setup
If you think a cellphone stand is an optional gadget, you sort of got a point here. But if you own a tablet, then I’m surprised you haven’t bought a tablet stand, especially if you need to write and draw on the iPad all the time.
So in order to ergonomically use your iPad and to keep your gaming desk looking good, you need to get a tablet stand! It will help you keep your iPad in the position you want and provide you with the best experience when operating it. The following are some of the various styles of iPad stand for your reference.
ProductSZYAN Computer Arm Rest for DeskHONJIE Computer arm Support BracketMount-It! Adjustable Arm Rest for Desk | Ergonomic
Imagearm restszyan armrestarm-support
Positive review/ Negative review74% / 15%77% / 13%95% / 3%
Overall score4.1 / 54.2 / 54.2 / 5
Release time2019-10-212021-04-202019-05-21
Dimension 12.2×6.3×2.36inches13.74×8.07×3.66inches11.19×5.63×5.44inches
Weight (lb)0.7943.142.88
Specialty Best SellersMost Wished ForThe type that editor bought
See detailSee detailSee detail

Ergonomic gaming chair

Gaming Desk Setup
A good ergonomic chair is well worth the investment. Most ergonomic chairs may seem very expensive, but if you are not a big fan of the brand, you can absolutely find a more affordable alternative. So how exactly to choose, what factors do you need to pay attention to?
  1. Lumbar support: in the selection of lumbar support, it is best to choose a flexible, adjustable lumbar support, so that the lumbar support can make us either in ambulatory writing, or relaxed state can play a perfect support role for the lumbar spine.
  2. Armrests: observe whether the back of the chair is connected together, which will enhance the overall comfort of the whole ergonomic chair. Backward leaning armrests can maintain the same angle with the human back, so that the arms get comfortable support. For people who often type, the structural design of the armrests is a must.
  3. Headrest: the role of the headrest is to support the head when we rest backward leaning. Whether the headrest adjustable mainly according to individual needs to decide, usually divided into adjustable and non-adjustable, adjustable headrest can achieve the headrest height, angle, front and rear adjustment, to meet the needs of different people and different working conditions of individuals.
  4. Height: Please choose an ergonomic chair according to your height and body shape. Some chairs look very cool, but can be extremely uncomfortable to sit on!
It is vital to choose the right product for you, just forget the price at the first point. Speaking from personal experience, as a short Asian woman, almost all the gaming chairs on the market are not suitable for me. Some gaming chair lumbar support are at my spine, or I simply can not lean on the headrest part. Some gaming chairs are too high, my feet can not touch the ground. Here I will not be making recommendations.
I suggest that if you have the need to purchase, first go to the offline store to try the seat on different chairs. Do not rush to impulse orders in the store, search the brand’s chair online to see if it’s cheaper online. Anyway, good luck!

Adjustable gaming desk

Gaming Desk Setup
The greatest gaming desk is one that is well-designed, has adequate seating, is comfortable, and promotes good posture. It should be adjusted to the chair’s height in order to provide a comfortable position and reduce the signs of health problems in the long term. In terms of what key elements to look for in a adjustable gaming desk:
  1. Size: You need to make sure the size of the gaming desk fits your gaming space.
  2. Adjustability& flexibility: Make sure the desk fits your need for adjustability. And make sure if you need to move the desk around, you won’t break your wrist or waist while moving it.
  3. Shape: Gaming tables come in different shapes and types, choose the exact shape that makes the best use of your space.
  4. Material: Make sure the material matches the vibe.
  5. Storage: You might not need any storage in your gaming desk, but if you do, don’t forget to pay attention to the storage.
Again, I wouldn’t recommend any adjustable gaming desk on the market because there are so many to choose from. When you go shopping for a chair, don’t forget to buy a gaming desk that suits you.

Bluelight reduction glasses

blue light reduction glasses
We are on the computer at least 8 hours a day, our eyes are always sore, dry and covered with redness. You may have tried various brands of eye drops, but they are either too irritating for the eyes and develop a dependency or too mild to be effective. I have also worn steam eye masks, which have a soothing effect on the eyes but still don’t solve the problem. Seriously, you need a pair of anti-blue light glasses, to isolate the harmful light that causes various eye problems.

Monitor fan

Gaming Desk Setup
I wonder if your hands often sweat, resulting in your keyboard and mouse often needing to be cleaned? Sometimes the game can get so sweaty when you get excited, seriously the Alien: Isolation scares the shxt out of me! So have you ever seen a fan mounted on the screen? This little accessory is a great space saver, and importantly, it’s very cool!
There are not very many sellers of these products on sale, here to provide you with one reference.

Arm rest

Gaming Desk Setup
If your chair is not equipped with an armrest, then you definitely need to consider purchasing two armrests. It will give you arm support and help you avoid a lot of health problems. I bought two armrests about three months ago, and I love them so much! If you don’t have one yet, trust me, be sure to get one for your arms.
ProductSZYAN Computer Arm Rest for DeskHONJIE Computer arm Support BracketMount-It! Adjustable Arm Rest for Desk | Ergonomic
Imagearm restszyan armrestarm-support
Positive review/ Negative review74% / 15%77% / 13%95% / 3%
Overall score4.1 / 54.2 / 54.2 / 5
Release time2019-10-212021-04-202019-05-21
Dimension 12.2×6.3×2.36inches13.74×8.07×3.66inches11.19×5.63×5.44inches
Weight (lb)0.7943.142.88
Specialty Best SellersMost Wished ForThe type that editor bought
See detailSee detailSee detail



Remember to jot down the gadget you want and if you can, do in-depth research before investing. After all, creating an aesthetic, unique gaming setup that is suitable for your needs is not a one-day job. Never spend impulsively, always buy on demand.

I hope this article has helped you upgrade gaming desk setup . I believe you already have your own new setup ideas, happy shopping .

In addition, any questions or ideas please leave a comment below to discuss with me . If you have a recommended gadget, you are more than welcome to share with everyone!

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