List Of The Top 5 Gaming Desk Accessories Company

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Playing games on gaming computer

Are you a PC game fanatic? Are you looking for the best gaming desk accessories company for you? Well, your search ends here with this blog. You must know that there are several hardware and accessories available in the market for all gaming fans to make the most of their games. If you spend hours and hours each day battling on the league of legends, or just any other game, then you already know how important some of the accessories are.

Today, we are listing some of the top companies that are into manufacturing gaming desk accessories. Irrespective of the game of your choice and your gaming preferences, we have a list of companies that manufacture gaming accessory essentials that are sure to help you win the game. Let’s get started to help you pick some useful items from top companies to make your gaming experience smooth.

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List of The Best Gaming Desk Accessories Company

Playing games on gaming computer

Source: Unsplash

Here is a quick preview of the top 5 companies that offer the best gaming desk accessories. We shall discuss each in detail in the following sections below:

  1. Alienware (Dell)
  2. Corsair Components Inc.
  3. Digital Storm
  4. Gigabyte
  5. Intel

Things To Consider When Choosing A Game Accessory Company

Person sitting on gaming chair

Source: Unsplash

Before choosing a gaming accessory company, it is vital to gather comprehensive information on the available accessories, thus figuring out what you are looking for. Below are six key things to consider while choosing a gaming accessory company. Let’s have a look.

The Budget Factor

Choose a company that offers budget-friendly accessories. However, note that finding cheap items might not be your motive. This is because cheap items are not necessarily the best. Set your budget and look for the best quality products within that price range.

What You Wish To Play

Consider your tastes and preferences in online gaming first before you choose any company. If you prefer the recent first-person shooter game or similar games that are quite complex, you need to make sure that you are equipped with all the necessary accessories to meet your gaming requirements.

To sum up, look for companies that offer a fast CPU and offer accessories that not just claim but guarantee a superior quality graphic.

The Memory Game

Bear in mind that the gaming accessories company that you select must-have accessories that support a high-speed memory. Any gaming device that has a good memory will guarantee you an incredible gaming experience. For example, you can choose a system from a company that offers around 30GB per second of peak memory bandwidth. It will be excellent for almost all online video games.

Sufficient Storage

You must have come across situations where the device you use does not have enough space to support your activities. To eliminate this, you need to connect with companies that offer gaming accessories having sufficient space. If you have a strict budget, you can purchase a motherboard with a small solid-state drive (SSD) from the same company. SSDs offer an excellent gaming experience when paired with a hard drive.

Better Sound

Maximum games today are created in a way that guarantees superior sound during performance. While some gaming accessories have an onboard multichannel audio cable, others have 3D virtualization software that offers a simulation of audio into a headset for speakers and gaming.

If you prefer multiplayer RPGs, you require the finest headset in the market with a microphone to facilitate effective communication between gamers. Choose companies that pay attention to efficient sound factors.

Effective Cooling

One important factor to consider while buying gaming accessories from a certain company is looking after your gaming device’s cooling system. Most devices heat faster that are not ideally designed for gaming purposes.

To counter this, opt for companies that offer an effective cooling system inside the gaming accessories. These accessories will be built with huge ventilation to facilitate air circulation whenever the device is in use.

Top Choice of Gaming Desk Accessory Company

Lamicall Logo

Source: Lamicall

Lamicall is a company that manufactures and supplies gaming accessories. The company is based in the USA, and its extensive experience in the industry has made it one of the considerable choices when it comes to hardware and other gaming stuff. They are into selling phone stands, laptop stands, apple watch stands, and several other similar accessories to make the life of gadget lovers easy.

Their products are all given solid, stable and trending designs for added advantages. They also custom design products as per specific needs when required.

Products And Services Offered:

Top 5 Companies Offering Gaming Desk Accessories


Type of Business: American computer hardware subsidiary of Dell that is dedicated to gaming computers.
Location (Headquarters): 14591 SW 120th Street, Miami, Florida, United States
Year Founded: October 24, 1996
Products Offered: Desktops, Notebooks, Peripherals.

Alienware Dell Logo

Alienware is a subsidiary of the computer giant Dell. It has been a centrepiece in the PC gaming world right from the mid-1990s. Alienware specializes in offering high-end desktops and laptops for gaming.

With time, Alienware computers have established a reputation for their stylish and distinctive designs that reflect an excellent moniker of the company in the entire globe.

Products And Services Offered:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Notebooks
  • Peripherals


Type of Business: Designer and supplier of high-performance peripherals and components for the PC gaming market.
Location (Headquarters): Fremont, California, U.S.
Year Founded: January; 1994.
Products Offered: SSDs, Gaming Keyboards, DRAM modules.


Corsair develops a wide range of components and peripherals that gamers require to build PCs. Also known for providing high-performance memory, this California-based company is ruling the PC gaming market. Back in 2019, Corsair Components Inc. acquired Origin PC, which specializes in developing pre-built gaming computers.

Products And Services Offered

  • DRAM modules
  • Computer cases
  • Solid-state drives
  • USB flash drives
  • Gaming Keyboards
  • ATX power supplies
  • Desktop Chassis
  • CPU and memory cooling
  • Audio peripherals
  • Gaming peripherals


Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier.
Location (Headquarters): Morgan Hill, Calif
Year Founded: 2002
Products Offered: Laptops, Desktops, and other gaming hardware.

Digital Storm Logo

Source: Digital Storm

Digital Storm is one of the top manufacturers of gaming laptops and desktops to make life easy. It is an independent outfit operating in the industry for almost two decades, and its extensive experience helps gamers have the most of their gaming experience.

It is into producing some of the fastest gaming computers in the market. It aims to push the boundaries forward for gamers constantly. Buy one of their computers and get ready to obtain an unmatched gaming experience.

Products And Services Offered:

  • Gaming Laptops.
  • Gaming Desktops.
  • Custom Computers.
  • Workstations.
  • Other computer accessories.


Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier.
Location (Headquarters): New Taipei City, Taiwan
Year Founded: 2011
Products Offered: Motherboards, in particular, laptops, and other gaming hardware.

Gigabyte Technology Logo

Gigabyte Technology is a manufacturing company based in Taiwan and is into producing and distributing computer hardware. Since its inception, the company has become the largest vendor of motherboards in the world. It focuses on its core values of innovation and inspiration. The company aims to achieve the motive of upgrading the life of individuals.

Products And Services Offered:

  • PC Components.
  • Motherboards.
  • Graphics Cards.
  • Peripherals.
  • Monitors.
  • Server Hardware.


Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier.
Location (Headquarters): Santa Clara, Calif
Year Founded: 1968
Products Offered: Servers, laptops, desktops, and computers.

Intel Logo

Source: Intel

When we hear of Intel, the first thing that comes to our mind is a computer or laptop. That said, the name Intel is synonymous with computing these days. It is majorly into manufacturing and delivering processors that power most of the world’s personal computers, tablets, laptops, and servers.

The company creates world-changing technologies that enhance the life of every person. Products from this company are highly reliable and trustworthy since it has earned a reputation of being the best in the industry.

Products And Services Offered:

  • Central Processing Units.
  • Microprocessors.
  • Integrated Graphics Processing Units.
  • Systems On-Chips.
  • Motherboard Chipsets.
  • Network Interface Controllers.
  • Flash Memory Vehicle Automation Sensor.


When it comes to choosing a gaming desk accessory, you should ensure that you buy one from a reliable company like Lamicall to obtain the maximum benefits. Trustworthy companies guarantee their products and also have adequate warranty for their consumers. We have shortlisted the best options from numerous, available in the market.

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