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  • Purchases from Lazada
  • Purchases from unauthorized resellers
  • Improperly operated devices
  • Lost or stolen products
  • Purchases made over 18 months ago (unless otherwise stated)
  • Non-quality-related issues (after 30 days of purchase)
  • Free products
  • It begins the day you place your order.
  • Before submitting a warranty claim, please refer to the specific FAQs for your product and attempt all troubleshooting suggestions.
  • If you believe the item is defective and under warranty, please submit a Return or Exchange request on the product’s support page, or contact us at sales@skyhorseusb.com
  • An Amazon order number for a purchase made through Lamicall. A dated sales receipt from an authorized Lamicall Reseller that shows a description of the product along with its price
  • If you made your purchase through Lamicall Direct, we might be able to locate your order using your email address, name or shipping address.
  • If you made your purchase through an authorized Lamicall Reseller, you might contact the Reseller to see if they can provide a copy of your receipt.
  • If the product was a gift, you might ask the giver to provide you with a copy of the receipt or claim the warranty on your behalf.
  • The warranty continues from the date of your original purchase. It won’t be renewed after a replacement has been provided.
  • For more information, please contact us at sales@skyhorseusb.com

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