Best 5 Exercise Bike Phone Holders

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lamicall Spinning Bike Tablet Holder BT01-7
exercising on bike with a phone

Source: Pexels

Have you ever wondered how important your phone is while you are using your exercise bike? Since all your attention will be on the exercise that you are doing, you will have to keep your phone aside so that your hands can be used to hold the bike handles for good posture. A suitable phone holder has certain specific qualities that you should look at before buying them. Good Lamicall phone holders will provide you with a seamless experience without interrupting your viewing, even if your viewing angle keeps changing.

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What To Look For In Exercise Bike Phone Holders

Tablet Floor Tripod Stand FT02 Black

Source: Lamicall

There are specific common characteristics that classify what a suitable phone holder should have. If you are serious about finding a good phone holder for your exercise bike, you should look at adjustability, strength, type of material, and the expected life of the holder. Going online and researching search terms is always an excellent approach to have so that you only invest in a good product.

Phone holders should also be able to accommodate the exact width and length of your phone so that it can be securely held in place. If you are manoeuvring an exercise bike, there will be a certain level of movement so keeping your phone safe is also a big priority. Rather than going for cheap alternatives that will become redundant soon after you buy them, invest in a quality product from a reliable brand.

Things To Pay Attention To While Buying Exercise Bike Phone Holders

lamicall Spinning Bike Tablet Holder BT01-7

Source: Lamicall

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Here is a list of all the things you should look for in the ideal phone holder for exercise bikes:

Flexibility or Adjustability

The adjustability of the handle of a phone holder makes a lot of difference depending on the type of activity that you are used to doing while exercising. If you just like listening to music, the adjustability does not matter much because your phone is essentially being held as a speaker.

But suppose you are the type who tries to catch up on reading or to watch the news or some other entertainment-related media. In that case, the viewing angle and just the ability of the phone’s screen will greatly matter to make the experience more comfortable. The better the adjustability, the better the range of functions that can perform even after you stop using it as an exercise bike phone holder.


The whole concept behind using a phone holder is to improve the amount of comfortability in everyday tasks. If a product is more trouble than it’s worth, why would anyone buy it? Choose a phone holder that allows you to use your hands without any hassle in constant adjustment or reattaching.


The durability of the product you are buying is always a concern for anyone making a purchase online or offline. There is no use buying a product that will only last month, and you will eventually have to buy again. Rather than going for cheaper yet unreliable alternatives, go for a product you can invest in and reap the benefits of for a longer time without having to constantly replace it.

Brand Reliability

Numerous brands claim to sell durable and quality products in the market. But only a few choice brands like Lamicall can claim to manufacture and provide reliable products to their customers. The brand value adds to the quality of the product, and people often tend to choose products from a reliable brand as compared to a new one in the market.


You cannot expect to spend big bucks on a phone holder for your exercise bike. Having to spend a little more than what is asked for in the market usually is acceptable but only when the product is highly reputed and reliable. Even then, if the product is overpriced, customers tend to go with comparatively cheaper options because they want to find affordable products.

The reviews and ratings

Buying anything online is a process that is not complete before you look at the customer reviews and the ratings given to the products online. Choose the product with good ratings and reviews, but also make sure that there are negative reviews to be aware of scammers. Look through all the specifications and details to find the right product.

List of the Best Exercise Bike Phone Holder

bike phone holder mount bp05

This is a product that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor biking. Meant to be attached to the handles of the bike, this bike phone mount allows for the grip to be adjusted so that the phone is firmly secured to the bike and can be easily operated even if your hands are occupied with the bike. The design is made to be durable so that no amount of bumps or movement can cause the phone to come to any harm.

The installation is very easy for anyone, and no extra tools are required to attach it to the handle of the exercise bike. If your phone falls anywhere between 4.7 and 6.8 inches, you are easily covered with this phone mount. Both Android and iOS phones are compatible with this phone holder. There are other bike mounts by Lamicall that have varying applications and will appeal to customers looking for something different.

Bike Phone Holder Mount BP05 Product Configuration

Product Dimensions8.8 x 3.7 x 1.8 inches
Product Weight 232g
Model No.BP05
Operating System Android, iOS


  • Shockproof silicone pads
  • Adjustability to horizontal and vertical screen
  • Compatibility with a wide range of devices
  • Comfortable installation
metal bike mount

Source: Amazon

This type of bike mount will be easily used for any type of bike, which also includes exercise bikes. The easy attachment of this holder extends to all tubular handlebars, so even if you try to attach it to some other tubular surface, you can make good use of it. Elastic bands that are durable and will not lose their strength are used to provide extra protection to secure your phone to the holder.

The manufacturing of this phone Mount includes rubber grapes and elastic bands made of silicon. These bands ensure added security to your phone and offer you the utmost comfort as you use your phone while exercising. You can easily adjust the viewing angle without having to remove the holder altogether.


  • Access to the entire body of the phone
  • 360 degrees rotation feasible
  • Shock absorbing manufacturing
vibrelli motorcycle & bike phone mount

Source: Amazon

Another type of phone mount is easily compatible with either Android or iOS phones. This phone mount is easily attached to any cylindrical surface, which can also include exercise bikes as well as shopping carts or your balcony railing. There is the option of easily rotating the screen so that you can do whatever you wish to do as your exercise and are not limited by the phone holder.

This holder might also be a good choice for cyclists as well as everyone who is using an exercise bike because of the secure grip and the shockproof nature of the phone holder. If you are into buying products that also add to the aesthetic value of your exercise schedule, then this holder might come in handy.


  • A warranty for five years
  • Easy screen access
  • Secure design with triple protection
  • Adjustable to any viewing angle without removing the holder
quad lock mount kit

Source: Amazon

If you are selectively looking for phone mounts that cater to iOS models instead of Android phones, then this phone mount might be the right option for you. The benefits of this phone mount include its secure grip as well as its lightweight manufacturing. Many additional features allow you to choose adjustability and comfort.

Even though there are multiple locks that help keep the phone secure, it is very easy to attach and then remove from the bike holder. This phone holder can easily grip any handle or cylindrical surface between 25-49mm in diameter. This phone holder is durable without compromising aesthetics and comfort.


  • Includes a Weather-resistant poncho
  • Shock absorbent
  • Made for iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus
  • Dual-stage lock
abovetek universal handlebar mount

Source: Amazon

This is another option for all Apple product users as this phone mount specially caters to tablets and phones manufactured by the company. This phone mount is made from durable rubber and can provide you with a comfortable experience as you complete your daily workout.

The installation of this phone mount is straightforward, and it can be attached to the handlebar of an exercise bike as well as for any other bike which has a cylindrical handlebar. It is compatible with a variety of products simply because it can hold different sizes of devices without losing the strength of its grip.


  • Secure features
  • Rubber manufacturing with a strap lock
  • 360-degree pivot


1. Why is adjustability important in a phone holder?

The adjustability of the phone holder is important because you can easily rotate your phone as per your viewing choice without detaching and attaching the phone holder.

2. Should I look at reviews before making a purchase online?

You should make it a habit to look at the ratings and reviews online before you make a purchase. This will give you a good idea about the applicability and function of a product.


There are many ways in which we are highly dependent on our phones, especially during exercising. There are many phone holders available in the market that can be easily attached to bikes in general. Looking for factors like adjustability and firm grip is essential. Also, choose a reliable brand with durable products.

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