A Guide to Buying DJ Laptop Stands

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Back view of a female DJ and equipment setup

Having the correct configuration for your computer set-up is crucial to making success in the DJ world. Buying your laptop a sturdy stand will give you flexible space and convenience.

After so many years, laptops have become essential in making a career as a disc jockey. It’s much easier to pull music online with a computer in your computer setup. Using a DJ laptop stand provides you with a more accessible operating view and isolates such a piece of fragile equipment.
This blog gathered the details that could be significant in your quest for a dependable laptop stand for DJs. Also, the features and the brands offer the most benefits you can take advantage of. Keep reading to find out more.

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What is a DJ Laptop Stand?

Being a DJ requires multitasking in operating the mixer, the audio controller, and professional equipment to make the crowd go wild with the perfect music and beats. If you think that getting any kind of laptop stand is enough for your DJ equipment, then you’re getting the wrong idea.

Foldable DJ laptop stand made of metal

Image Source: Amazon

A DJ laptop stand specializes in professional use. They have the right components, like non-slip features that make your laptop safe and sound. With all the things you must note when playing your music, a DJ laptop stand can help you provide easy reach and view to operate a successful gig.

How Does a DJ Laptop Stand Work?

DJ laptop stands are pretty simple when it comes to their working principle. Depending on how you use them, they can work in various ways. The typical DJ stands when mixing his music and even dances to the beat. A DJ laptop stand gives an excellent view to the DJ because it is adjustable in height. So, how you want to work with your laptop will be up to you.
It also holds your laptop in place, preventing unforeseen accidents from happening and ruining the crowd’s mood. The correct DJ laptop stand provides you space when positioned suitably. As it elevates your laptop, it cools down your laptop, reducing the chances of overheating.

Features of a DJ Laptop Stand

Such a product naturally packs many features that contribute to its general working principle. Thus, watching out for the aspects you must look for when purchasing a DJ laptop stand is necessary. How it is made can provide you with some excellent features that can help you navigate your music equipment more efficiently.

Laptop mounted on a stand with DJ equipment setup

Image Source: AnySoftwareTools


You would want something that you can quickly bring with you when you go to your gigs. Though you can opt to fix them in one place, portable DJ laptop stands are more suitable for those who go places. Most kinds of these products are created with portability in mind, making it possible for you to have your laptop stand wherever you go.


Although DJ laptop stands are indeed portable, they also have enough strength to elevate your computer. This is necessary because gigs must never stop out of nowhere just because your laptop fell from its place. Being sturdy is another feature that sets DJ laptop stands apart from the typical stands you can buy.


As said before, you do not only operate your laptop when you’re a DJ. Instead, you need also to handle the equalizer, jukebox, and other equipment necessary to produce the music you want. What DJ laptop stands can provide you is adjustability. By positioning your laptop in the most suitable way you want, you can have the comfort you need when performing your job.


Maximizing your space is essential due to the number of equipment you use. If your tools are professional-grade and have a complete setup, a DJ laptop stand can help you maximize space by removing your laptop from the table. As your computer is elevated, you can place other things you need in your gig.

Ergonomic configuration

What’s excellent about DJ laptop stands is that they come in different ergonomic designs. For example, some laptop stands can be desk-based while others are whole stands – as in the laptop stand extends to the floor up to your operating view. Depending on your needs, choosing whichever is up to you.

Benefits of Using a DJ Laptop Stand

Looking back at the features of DJ laptop stands, it is pretty easy to guess what benefits they can bring you. However, let’s still take a brief look at the advantages of DJ laptop stands for a more comprehensive outlook.

Man DJing

Image Source: Aulart

Comfortable experience

As mentioned above, you can have more space in your position with a DJ laptop stand. With such a more expansive operating space, you can be more comfortable when moving around and pressing the keys to give your crowd a satisfactory performance. You also don’t have to worry too much that your laptop will fall because your DJ laptop stand is sturdy enough.

Avoiding accidents

An excellent DJ laptop stand can ensure that your computer will not fall and ruin the fun. In comparison, opting for an ordinary laptop stand may not be able to provide you with this kind of security.

Improved performance

Overall, with a comfortable experience and avoidance of accidents, you can say that you have improved your performance. With every successful gig, the more your experience grows and the better your performance becomes. Thus, choosing a suitable DJ laptop stand is necessary to achieve these benefits.

Types of DJ Laptop Stands

DJ laptop stands also come in different types. As briefly mentioned above, they can be desk-mounted, free-standing, and many more. Here are some common types of DJ laptop stands you can find.

DJ laptop stand types

Image Source: Mens Gear


Desk-mounted ones are DJ laptop stands that you place on top of a desk or table. Most desk-mounted stands come with clamps that grip onto the table, ensuring equipment security when it comes to positioning. Desk-mounted ones also have variants adjustable in height to position it into a more comfy elevation.


A two-tiered DJ laptop stand can elevate not only your laptop but also your other equipment, such as your drum machine, audio controller, and others. This way, you can also have an easier reach to your other tools aside from your laptop. Two-tiered stands are perfect for those who have a complete setup in a relatively small space.


Laptop stands with a tripod count as free-standing DJ laptop stands. As the name implies, free-standing ones can stand on any surface with their adjustable legs. They’re also much easier to set up than other options.

How to Use a DJ Laptop Stand

‘How’ text in different colors

Image Source: Eurodiaconia

Using a DJ laptop stand is pretty intuitive. It takes less than a minute to figure out how it works. Mostly, DJ laptop stands are foldable. All you have to do is unfold and place them on a stable surface. This is the case for two-tiered and desk-mounted laptop stands. On the other hand, free-standing ones need you to adjust their legs and let them stand, literally.
Then, once you have set up your DJ laptop stand in place, you can now put your laptop atop it. Adjust the stand to a comfortable angle and distance. If necessary, you can relocate it to make space for your other machines further. Using DJ laptop stands indeed just needs your intuition to operate, right?

Things to Consider When Purchasing a DJ Laptop Stand

There are some things you need to consider to purchase the correct DJ laptop stand for your use. These may include the product’s compatibility with your device, your budget, suitability for your gigs, and more. Here are a few considerations you must take when buying your DJ laptop stand.

Man operating DJ equipment

Image Source: Digital DJ Tips


Which type of DJ laptop stand are you most comfortable with? If you prefer putting one on a table, you may consider getting a desk-mounted one. How you want to use your laptop stand is one essential factor you must never forget when shopping for this product. This would affect the brand that you can buy and your expense.


After determining the type of laptop stand you require, you may want to check its compatibility with your laptop, of course. For instance, you can see if a desk-mounted DJ laptop stand can handle the weight of your device and if it is stable enough to ensure that no mishap can happen during your performance.


Of course, learning about the correct laptop stand would be useless if you don’t have the capital to buy it. If you can’t afford the most suitable one for your use, you may opt for other alternatives that you know can serve as a substitute. DJ laptop stands are a necessary expense if you want a more stable and successful gig.


If your chosen type of laptop stand is applicable for your usage and compatible with your device, plus you have determined how much money you can take out, selecting the correct brand is your next step. Most of the time, the brand serves as an indicator of the quality of the product. This is why most high-end laptop stands are made with standard, if not excellent, quality.
It goes without saying that picking a reputable brand of DJ laptop stand is necessary. However, some brands may not have deals that can cater to your budget. In this case, it is recommended to weigh your options carefully before making the purchase. Are you having trouble with picking your DJ laptop stand? Here are some of our top picks when it comes to quality and pricing.

Best DJ Laptop Stands

You can find different brands and styles of laptop stands intended for DJs in a wide array of collections on different shopping platforms. Depending on how you want your laptop stand would be, particular features will surely match your needs for playing music.

Lamicall’s height adjustable laptop stand is a flexible laptop stand you can use wherever, whenever you need. This brand’s name in the industry is known for its quality over the past years since its release. Bring it to your gigs and simply fold. Use this highly durable laptop stand for your gigs and experience its stability while performing your music jamming.

A height adjustable laptop stand from Lamicall

Image Source: Lamicall

  • Its height is adjustable from 5.7 inches to 8.1 inches.
  • It is adjustable; you can rotate the holder to 360 degrees and change the viewing angles from 45 degrees to 180 degrees.
  • It is sturdy and stable; it won’t wobble when you type on the device.
  • It has silicone pads that protect your laptop from falling and also from scratches.
  • It fits tablet and laptop sizes from 10 inches to 17 inches.
  • Its upper base is made of mesh to prevent your device from overheating.

Pyle Pro DJ Laptop Stand

Pyle is one of the top brands in the DJ industry. It introduces this DJ laptop stand at an affordable price. It is durable and has a simple design that works in any given situation. It suits the free-standing performance of music playing. Its stability provides security for your laptop from falling.

Pyle Tripod DJ Laptop Stand

Image Source: Amazon

  • It is made of sturdy metal that won’t let your laptop fall during performances on stage or studio.
  • It has excellent specs of height adjustment.
  • It is lightweight, making it easy to bring anywhere you go.
  • You can fold it, so it’s easy to install and remove during your engagements.
  • It is versatile and stable; you can put on projectors aside from laptops.

Fat Toad Double DJ Laptop Stand

Fat Toad released this laptop stand specifically for those who use more than one gadget for mixing music. These gadgets include your laptop and a DJ controller. The holders of this stand carry both.

Fat Toad Double DJ Laptop Stand

Image Source: DJ Tech Reviews

  • It can hold two techs or two computers at the same time.
  • The mounts are adjustable to your desired position through the metal slider.
  • Its arm mounts can be customized according to your need.
  • It is versatile and sturdy; it won’t easily break due to its cutting-edge welding process.
  • It has cushion arm pads to avoid scratches on your laptop.
  • Its tiers are removable, so it’s easy to pack up after the performance.

Where to Buy a DJ Laptop Stand

The question you must be having now is where you can buy yours. At this age, eCommerce has penetrated almost all kinds of industries. You can find online shops and flagship stores of various brands on the web. Alternatively, you can look for physical shops to see the products in person. Here are some options you can take when buying your laptop stand and their pros and cons.

eCommerce abstract vector

Image Source: imageconcepts

Official online stores

Most brands of DJ laptop stands have websites easily searchable on the web. There, you can have a look at their comprehensive list of products. One advantage of online stores is that they have detailed information concerning product specifications, frequently asked questions, and similar ones. However, a downside of using these online stores is that you can’t talk with a sales representative.

Physical stores

Another way to buy your laptop stand is to go to the nearest physical stores of your chosen brand. This way, you can take a look at the actual product and inspect it with your own eyes. Moreover, you can talk with the salespeople in the shop for recommendations and other stuff. One disadvantage, though, is that they tend to have limited stocks and variations available.

Online shopping

Your chosen brand may also have its online store on other online shopping platforms. This may be due to heavy user traffic. What’s great about this kind of buying method is that you can see customer ratings and reviews whether a specific brand lives up to its claims. Moreover, some shops may also allow you to talk with the seller for more info about the product. However, some shops may have limited variations as well, depending on how well-stocked the sellers are.


Although you can perform your DJing skills without laptop stands, there’s still a vast difference that you can gain with one. Buying a DJ laptop stand is a necessary expense for those who want a comfortable performance and more flexibility in moving around their performing space. What you gain is efficiency and convenience by finding the correct DJ laptop stand for your usage. Look for quality and sturdy DJ laptop stands to enhance your DJ career in 2021.

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