10 DIY Tablet Stands You Can Make at Home

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4 samples of diy tablet stands

Tired of holding your tablet while browsing the web? These DIY guides will boost your creativity to produce instant tablet stands with less or nothing to spend at all.

4 samples of diy tablet stands

Image Source: Canva

Tablets, compared to your mobile phones, are a bit huge to hold in your hands. Imagine if you will use it for an hour or more, do you think you can carry it in one hand for a long time? Of course, you can’t! Another situation is when you sit or lie comfortably on your bed, your neck surely experiences pain or fatigue as you keep the same position staring at the tablet. Hence, using a tablet stand is what you need.

The introduction of good quality tablet stands in the market made remarkable sales for years. People learned, experienced, and recommended using them to make life convenient. Technology has evolved, mobile phones keep on upgrading, and so are the accessories that support gadgets. Are you on a tight budget? We listed DIY tablet stands you can make in this blog to avoid spending much on this necessity.

List of DIY Tablet Stands

10 DIY Samples to Make Your Own Tablet Stand

There is no perfect solution in conveniently handling your tablet other than having a tablet stand. Besides the comfort, having the tablet far away from your eyes than you used to helps keep your vision safe from its radiation. However, if you still don’t have one, you may try to make your tablet stand with this DIY guide we prepared for you. With just a few materials, you’re good to start the project right away.

DIY Book Tablet Stand

This book tablet stand underwent good crafting and involved some skills. You need to paste each page to the next page with epoxy until there are no left pages unattached. Clamp them up to keep them stable as they harden. The next thing to do is to smoothen the edges as well as the surface with a sander. Finally, you need to dig in to make the tablet slot with a blade. Once done, put on some enamel gloss, and you’ve got yourself a smooth finish of this gorgeous book tablet stand!

tablet stand using a book

Image Source: Instructables

DIY Cardboard Tablet Stand

This cardboard tablet stand is easy to make. All you need is some cardboard from an old box, scissors, and a pen. There is no need for hard-to-follow instructions before you can produce the final product. Its tutorial is straightforward, so you’d have the outcome in an instant. Just cut out the cardboard after drawing the shapes, cut the centers each, and finally join them together.

cardboard tablet stand

Image Source: Youtube

DIY Wooden Tablet Stand

You may visit your backyard or some old stuff where you could find a piece of wood or plywood. They are great items to build a DIY tablet stand that gives a different vibe when displayed at home. The steps are easy to follow and only require preparing a few materials – plywood, flexible saw, and sandpaper. If you wish to make it look pretty, you may paint it with colors you love or simply put some glossy finish.

wooden tablet stand

Image Source: Merrythought

DIY Egg Carton Tablet Stand

Do not throw away your old egg cartons, as they are suitable materials to make a tablet stand. If you happen to work on a recipe inside your kitchen and there are no materials available, you may try to use them. A little reminder, though, the specific shape of the egg carton needed for the tablet stand is the one with the spiked-up middle.

egg carton tablet stand with a keyboard at front

Image Source: Lifehacker

DIY Fabric-Covered Tablet Stand & Case in One

Get that creative side of yours out of the box and try this gorgeous DIY tablet stand and case in one! Functionality at its best, you could have the protective case and at the same time use it as a stand while using your tablet for longer hours. Choose stunning yet sturdy fabric as the cover, needle & thread, cardboard, glue gun, and some velcro to execute the easy steps of this tutorial.

a tablet case & stand in one

Image Source: Wrapped Up In Rainbows

DIY Pillow Tablet Stand

Try this unique design for your DIY tablet stand. The cute pillow project sits perfectly in your bedroom or on your lap while sitting comfortably on your couch. Get your materials ready such as the needle, thread, fabric, and cotton for stuffing the insides. Put your personal touch by adding embellishments to adorn this pretty pillow stand.

pillow tablet stand

Image Source: Sewing Barefoot

DIY Bookend Tablet Stand

Essential bookends are often seen in the office. Why not use them as a tablet stand when in urgent need? You won’t even sweat doing it because all you need to do is tilt it at an angle you want to view your tablet. Of course, you need something to stop the tablet from slipping. Look for some binder clips and attach them at the bottom of the bookend. It’s all set!

bookends tablet stand

Image Source: Bob Vila

DIY Paper Towel Roll Tablet Stand

Empty paper towel rolls are promising materials for repurposing. It could be a good sample for a DIY tablet stand. Don’t put them into the trash and keep them for future use. This tablet stand only need two rolls, glue, and your preferred cover, also, scissors for cutting. Put a slit at the center of the first paper roll and a hole at the side where the end of the paper roll will fit. Cover them with the art paper using glue, and you’re done! You may now insert your tablet into the DIY tablet stand.

tablet stand out of empty paper towel roll

Image Source: Repurpose and Upcycle

DIY Upcycled Fork Tablet Stand

Look at how gorgeous this upcycled fork tablet stand is. You don’t need special tools or other materials other than the fork itself to come up with this project. Just bend the fork teeth creatively, and you’ll get that cute, tiny, little piece in a few minutes. Put it on your table while browsing, and your guests will indeed commend you for the skill you got there.

diy tablet stand using a fork

Image Source: Diys.com

DIY Hardbound Cover Tablet Stand

You might find a hardbound book out of your old collection. If you no longer see it helpful, you may still use the cover for this project. It’s perfect to use as the cover is sturdy enough to stand while holding the tablet in place. Prepare your DIY kits such as scissors, some short string, glue, cutter, and your favorite material like fabric to cover your stand.

hardbound cover turned into a tablet stand

Image Source: Diys.com

Lamicall Tablet Stands

Lamicall is one of the leading brands when it comes to high-quality gadget accessories. It is now the top brand on the Amazon platform and has helped millions of people get that convenience they deserve when handling their devices. Its network has reached more than 80 countries, thus, proves its good standing in the industry.

Lamicall tablet stands aim to provide comfortable handling of gadgets. A tablet is quite big to hold, giving your hand or arm fatigue most of the time as you use it for longer hours. Hence, Lamicall designed and built tablet stands that will conveniently improve your lifestyle. Say goodbye to hand numbness and enjoy browsing without distraction.

Why Choose Lamicall?

Lamicall has been producing gadget holders and stands for more than ten years and guarantees high-quality tablet stands worth buying. The flexibility it offers and the durable build of each tablet stand is reliable enough; you won’t regret buying one from its line of products. Besides, the customers’ reviews state the proven worth of Lamicall’s innovative designs in the market.

Here are some of the advantages that the Lamicall phone stands offer.

  • It keeps a well-organized space.
  • It offers compatibility with most tablet brands.
  • It secures your phone from damage and dirt.
  • It saves you from arm fatigue and neck sore while browsing the web for longer hours.
  • It is durable and flexible, and you can find one that will suit your needs over its vast collection.
  • It keeps your eyes a little farther from what you used to, saving your vision from the tablet’s UV.
  • It offers a lifetime warranty.

List of Lamicall’s Tablet Stands

Choose Lamicall’s best tablet stand that fits your space – inside your bedroom, office, kitchen, and even bring them to your travels. Its flexibility went beyond expectation as you can assemble some of its products to stand like a floor lamp to give you extreme comfort. Listed below are the tablet stand products you may opt to buy.

Gooseneck Tablet Stands

Gooseneck tablet stands have flexible U-shaped metal pipes that you can curve or bend to the angle you want for better viewing. They are flexible as you just need to clamp them up to your desk, table, chair, or headboard, all the while maintaining stability. Find out the one that you need from the categories below.

lamicall tablet stand products

Image Source: Lamicall

  • It protects your vision from UV as you clamp them a little far from your eyesight.
  • It keeps your neck from strains and pain that affect your posture upon looking at your tablet.
  • It improves viewing better when you need to multi-task, such as cooking while looking at the recipe on your tablet online.
  • It is compatible with most tablet and phone sizes ranging from 4.7 to 10.15 inches.
  • It comes with the colors black and gray general.
  • Its easy-to-mount feature makes it suitable to clamp on desks, headboards, and other furniture leveled to any height that you want.
  • It comes with the colors black and gray general.
  • Its holder can be rotated up to 360 degrees, giving you a view in both portrait and landscape.
  • NOTE: This tablet stand is for viewing only as tapping on the screen makes it wobble and bounce.
  • It is easy to install. You can mount it to your bed frame, nightstand, table, desk, headboard, and chair that allows you to raise the tablet’s position to your eye level.
  • It provides convenience when reading and watching movies or browsing through the web while doing something else such as cooking.
  • It prevents forming neck sores, for you can adjust the angle to your liking.
  • It protects your eyes from UV while maintaining a safe distance from your eye level.
  • It is compatible with tablet and phone sizes ranging from 4.7 – 11 inches.
  • It comes with colors white and black general.
  • Its holder can be rotated up to 360 degrees, giving you a view in both portrait and landscape.
  • NOTE: This tablet stand is for viewing only as tapping on the screen makes it wobble and bounce.
  • Its arm is flexible enough it can exceed 360 degrees rotation to your desired angle.
  • Its height is adjustable from 51.2 inches to 62 inches, perfect for watching videos and reading at a suitable height you prefer.’
  • Its base and arm come in solid aluminum alloy, providing more stability and safety for your device.
  • It has a soft rubber clamp that prevents scratches on your device.
  • It is compatible with device sizes ranging from 4.7 inches to 12.9 inches.
  • It doesn’t need support as it can stand independently, providing more ways to use it, such as picture taking, during classes, or video recording.
  • It comes in colors black and silver general.

Adjustable Tablet Stands

You might find various designs of adjustable tablet stands in the market, such as angle adjustable and height adjustable or both, but Lamicall offers more than 50 you can opt for. Strategically designed for modern life, it boosts your viewing experience as it suits your need for durability and functionality. Make that experience into reality when you purchase one of these tablet stands.

3 of lamicall tablet stand products

Image Source: Lamicall

  • It is compatible with tablet sizes ranging from 4 to 13 inches. For better stability of a 12-inch tablet, set it horizontally on the stand.
  • It supports tablet thickness not more than 18mm with adjustable viewing, either vertical or horizontal way.
  • It is protected with rubber pads and both the holder and the feet to prevent scratching and sliding.
  • It allows tapping on your tablet without the worry of wobbling so you can enjoy browsing, watching videos, playing games, and typing.
  • It is made of spaceflight Alt-Ti alloy and durable alloy steel.
  • It comes in colors black, gray, silver, and rose gold general.
  • Its gear comes in sturdy stainless steel gear, giving you access to rotating the stand to your desired angle.
  • It provides a lifetime warranty
  • It is compatible with iPad and tablets from 5 to 13 inches.
  • It allows tapping on your tablet without the worry of wobbling so you can enjoy browsing, watching videos, playing games, and typing.
  • Its hinges are tough not to lose stability and support the tablet with horizontal and vertical watching.
  • It has rubber cushions that protect the device from scratches and sliding.
  • Its height is adjustable to the right level while you charge it, keeping the cable safe.
  • It is made of lightweight spaceflight Al-Ti alloy and steel material.
  • It comes in colors black and silver.
  • Its adjustable feature keeps better viewing, either horizontal or vertical.
  • It is built of spaceflight Al-Ti alloy with durable alloy steel material yet lightweight.
  • It is compatible with phones and tablets that are size 5 to 13 inches.
  • It has rubber cushions that protect the iPad from sliding and scratches.
  • It comes in colors black, gray, and silver general.
  • Its height is adjustable to the right level while you charge it, keeping the cable safe.
  • Its gear comes in sturdy stainless steel gear, giving you access to rotating the stand to your desired angle.
adjustable tablet stands of lamicall

Image Source: Lamicall

  • It’s a perfect gift choice.
  • It has a flexible 360-degree swivel ball head and gooseneck arm that allows typing, reading, watching videos, and playing games at your desired viewing angle.
  • It is made of a high-quality aluminum alloy base and ABS plastic clamp that secures the iPad from falling as you turn the tablet upside down.
  • It has anti-slip silicone pads in its clamp that prevents scratches and sliding of your tablet.
  • It is compatible with phones and tablets in sizes 4.7 to 12.9 inches.
  • You can assemble it by twisting each joint, and no tools are needed to do this.
  • It comes in colors black and white general.
  • Its base weighs 2.37 lb for a more stable stand.
  • It has an ergonomic and minimalist design that saves you from neck sores as it provides better viewing at your desired angle.
  • Its base comes in heavy aluminum metal and a non-slip silicone pad that prevents the tablet from falling.
  • It has a round opening at the back, so you put your cable there.
  • It has two strings that make it easy to remove your tablet.
  • It is compatible with phones and tablets with sizes 4 to 13 inches.
  • It comes in colors black and silver general.
  • Its height is adjustable from 7.1 inches to 9.6 inches through its button on the back for better viewing most comfortable level videos or Facetime.
  • It has a heavy base that prevents the tablet from slipping, equipped with rubber pads.
  • It uses silicone pads to protect your device from scratches.
  • It accommodates tablets up to 0.7 thick.
  • It is compatible with phones and tablets between 4 to 13 inches wide.
  • Its ergonomic design provides flexibility that allows you to rotate at the best angle you desire.
  • It comes in colors white and black general.

Foldable Tablet Stands

Foldable tablet stands are flexible and can even fit your backpack or pocket when you’re on the go. Of course, bringing them to other places would be quite flattering if you got the best brand there is. Lamicall will provide you with that. With its sleek design and functionality, you’ll surely get a convenient experience using your device.

samples of foldable tablet stands

Image Source: Lamicall

  • It’s a product of careful research, designed to meet the customer’s need for convenient use of electronic devices.
  • Its heavy base and build are made of high-quality aluminum alloy, keeping your device stable without slipping from the hook.
  • It uses tight hinges that are rotation-tested 6000 times to ensure durability.
  • You can fold and carry this tablet stand everywhere you go.
  • It suits tablets with sizes 4 to 13 inches wide.
  • Its rubber pads and feet prevent sliding and scratches on your device.
  • It comes in colors black and silver.
  • Its design adapts to the modern life of every individual, keeping a hands-free experience while maintaining stability.
  • Its components as a whole are of high-quality aluminum alloy, providing solid support to avoid your device from slipping.
  • It uses dual-hinge adjustment that allows changing angles for better viewing.
  • It is foldable, and it fits your bag or your pocket. You can bring it with you on your travels.
  • It is compatible with tablet sizes ranging from 4 to 13 inches.
  • The rubber cushions and the iPad dock feet prevent sliding and scratching on your device.
  • It comes in colors black and silver general.
  • It is compatible with phones and tablets 4 to 13 inches wide.
  • It has an option when raising it to two heights (up and down). Just press the center button to do so.
  • It has a port design that allows charging while viewing.
  • Its ergonomic design can bend from 54 to 70 degrees.
  • It is foldable; you can carry it in your pocket and lightweight, unlike other iPad docks.
  • It comprises Abs material and rubber pads to protect from scratches and falling.
  • It comes in colors white and black general.
  • NOTE: Set the device horizontally if its size is bigger than 12 inches.
  • It is compatible with most tablets and smartphones that have sizes 4 to 10 inches.
  • Its height is adjustable depending on the level that is most comfortable with you, allowing you to charge the tablet while browsing.
  • It’s portable, and you can store the stand inside your pocket.
  • Its sleek design is a great accessory to fit your desk or nightstand and display during your travel.
  • It has rubber pads to protect your device from scratches, and the build comes with sturdy premium aluminum alloy, keeping the stand’s stability.
  • It comes in colors black, silver, gray, and red.
  • NOTE: Set the device in the landscape if it is more than 8 inches wide. Its hook is 14mm wide so ensure your device’s thickness doesn’t exceed that.

Where to buy Lamicall Phone Stands?

Lamicall’s network has spread for its undeniably excellent performance in quality and durability. You may find its products available on almost all online shopping platforms globally. The most prominent online platform you can find them in is Amazon. It is now the top 1 brand under the gadget accessories category.

Furthermore, it is still best to purchase your chosen stand on Lamicall’s online shop. You’ll find out the products suited for you while discovering the perks it offers. Some of these perks are the warranty, refund, and a great team that will assist you with your inquiries and concerns.


Learning how to make your own DIY tablet stands improves your creativity and capability to be wise and productive. It doesn’t need much to spend to come up with beautiful designs that actually help our daily living. On the other hand, seeking a stylish and sturdy tablet stand is a wise choice, too, as they are readily available in the market. Hence, the birth of Lamicall, aiming to deliver quality gadget stands to improve your lifestyle. Visit Lamicall today and talk to us about your chosen product.

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