12 Best DIY Laptop Stands

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Different types of DIY laptop stands made from wood, PVC, and cardboard

Have you found the best laptop stand that matches your budget? You don’t need to go further to find one! Try these DIY laptop stands today and pour your creativity into action.

While doing your work on your laptop, do you experience neck soreness? Are you comfortable having it on your lap while sitting on the bed or your couch for long? It’s not easy to maintain your posture while your neck is a little bent while using your laptop. Furthermore, it’s pretty inconvenient to look down all the time when viewing as it doesn’t reach your eye level.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to endure the difficulty of going through that often. We gathered here the 12 best DIY laptop stands you must try to make. They are not just witty ideas but, more so, the ones that will help you elevate your laptop to your advantage. Find out more below.

List of DIY Laptop Stands

12 Best DIY Laptop Stands

A dependable laptop stand will help you maintain your good posture while using your laptop for a long time. Aside from that, the distance of your vision from it protects your eyesight in the long run. However, if you are on a tight budget or you need it urgently, being creative will help you come up with affordable stands or just nothing to spend at all. The following DIY laptop stands will provide you with the ideas to make one for yourself.

DIY Shoebox Laptop Stand

See this shoebox? You probably will throw this away after you buy that pair of shoes. But with a few materials, you can use it for your DIY project! In this sample, a DIY laptop stand is beautifully made. Hence, aside from saving money in buying a costly stand, you also save time and effort in going out to purchase one. You can do it quickly and use it right away, and such convenience is priceless, right?

Laptop Stand Out of Shoebox

Image Source: Youtube

DIY Wood & PVC Pipe Laptop Stand

Find some materials around your home. For sure, there are pieces of wood that are just kept somewhere. If you must, you may ask for help to find out these two materials needed for this pretty DIY project – PVC and wood. Just imagine how comfortable it is to sit and use your laptop next to your line of vision. No more neck sores for sure!

DIY Laptop Stand Out of Wood & PVC

Image Source: Youtube

DIY Cardboard Laptop Stand

Look at this gorgeous laptop stand made from cardboard. Who would’ve thought it came from that stiff paper? Besides being a stand, there’s an additional space for your stuff such as pens and paper. The holes at the side keep the cable wire in place and prevent cluttering. It’s a perfect DIY project you must try. You may improve the original idea by changing the color or putting adornments.

Laptop Stand Out of Cardboard

Image Source: Youtube

DIY Wooden Laptop Stand

If you want a sturdy DIY laptop stand, then using wood is an excellent choice. You may need assistance if you can’t cut the wood according to the desired shape. What’s good with this design is that your laptop can breathe while you use it, thus, prevents your device from heating. The monitor level is just right when placed over your desk, giving you a clear and comfortable view of your laptop.

Wooden Laptop Stand

Image Source: Youtube

DIY Hanger Laptop Stand

Hangers can be pretty handy at times when you need them the most. Just like this DIY hanger laptop stand that only required proper bending to produce an instant stand. Go over your wardrobe and see what hanger could best fit your computer. Of course, you must choose a hanger made of steel and bigger enough to bend so it can carry your device.

Laptop Stand Using Hanger

Image Source: Pinterest

DIY PVC Laptop Stand

These colorful PVCs make excellent samples of laptop stands. You just need to connect each end with the other, and you will surely get your project ready in a few minutes. Fast, reliable, and prettily designed DIY laptop stands. What more can you ask for?

Laptop Stand Using PVC

Image Source: DiyBunker

DIY Shelf Bracket Laptop Stand

You think brackets only serve as support to materials placed on top of it? Well, think again. This sample simply helped produce a practical laptop stand that only used some crews to finish off the whole process. Use foam pads too to cover the screw heads to protect the laptop from scratches.

Laptop Stand Using Shelf Bracket

Image Source: Iris Classon

DIY Cork Laptop Stand

Do you love to collect corks? Great news! They can be excellent materials to start whatever DIY project you have in mind. For this blog, the corks made up a laptop stand. A cork’s form and color exude a native-like vibe, giving you a good display on top of your desk. All you need is just hot glue to stick the corks together, and you’re good to start.

Laptop Stand Using Cork

Image Source: Youtube

DIY Bed Laptop Stand

Some people are most comfortable doing late-night work on the bed. However, it is quite uncomfortable to have the laptop sit on bare legs alone. It would be better if you had something that would elevate the lappy’s height. Make this awesome DIY bed laptop stand that only has a few materials to start without sewing! The foam underneath the wood gives comfort upon carrying it. Look for a beautiful fabric to seal them together with hot glue.

Laptop Stand Using Fabric, Foam, and Top of a Desk

Image Source: A Beautiful Mess

DIY Foldable Wooden Ruler Laptop Stand

This DIY project is a brilliant idea. It is foldable and adjustable at the same time. With all the screws present on the lower rulers at the side, you can adjust the height of the stand. Its foldable feature allows you to fold it after using through the screws at the center part of the stand.

Laptop Stand Using Wooden Rulers

Image Source: Instructables

DIY Pizza Box Laptop Stand

A box of pizza turned into a laptop stand? Yes, this idea is possible with the proper cut and folding. After careful cleaning of the box, proceed with the measurement and do the cut & fold process. The hole at the back lets your charging cable be kept well, thus, prevents unwanted cluttering of wires on the table.

Laptop Stand Using Pizza Box

Image Source: Behance

DIY Ring Binder Laptop Stand

Any ring binder left in your cartridge? It is an excellent sample to use since most of the valuable parts needed in a laptop stand are present on it. Elevate your laptop by adding another binder on top of the other, bring out those rings to stop the device from slipping, and you’re done!

Laptop Stand Out of Ring Binder

Image Source: Lars Kleinschmidt

Lamicall Laptop Stands

Lamicall has been in the industry for over ten years and manufactures trusted laptop stands and other products that specifically help improve your lifestyle for gadget use. Its team of experts carefully searched the critical points needed to design revolutionary stands to change your viewing experience into a blast.

Lamicall aims to produce versatile, durable, and sleek-finished products, using only premium materials such as aluminum alloy. You can trust its products to last for years, genuinely dependable with each use.

A laptop over a laptop stand on the desk with a tablet on the side

Image Source: Lamicall

Why Choose Lamicall?

Why not? Lamicall’s collection of laptop stands provide a sleek design, durable built and stability, and protect you from unwanted pain while viewing. The following are some of the advantages that speak about Lamicall.

  • It offers a variety of laptop stands that will ease your work or your studies. 
  • It provides comfort. Whether you use a separate keyboard or your laptop’s keyboard, you must consider how comfortable you are while looking at the monitor. 
  • It maintains your proper posture. If you keep on bending your neck lower than your eye level for a long time, your posture may be at risk. 
  • It ensures high quality and guarantees a lifetime warranty. 
  • It is now the top brand on the Amazon platform under the category of gadget accessories. 
  • Its laptop stands provide flexibility. You can even bring them to your travel as they are foldable and adjustable.

List of Lamicall Laptop Stands

Lamicall created numerous designs to cater to your needs. Depending on which type suits you best, each of them offers a wide array of flexibility and dependability. Below is the list of Lamicall’s laptop stands you may opt to choose from.

Adjustable Laptop Stands

Adjustable laptop stands help you adjust the height depending on your preference. With this feature, you can enjoy browsing while looking at the monitor within your eye level. The base protects the device from slipping, and with its weight, you can trust that it won’t wobble while you use it.

Two Lamicall Adjustable Laptop Stands

Image Source: Lamicall

1. Adjustable Laptop Stand for Desk LN02

  • Its hinges are rotation-tested 6000 times to ensure stability.
  • It is foldable, allowing you to carry it everywhere.
  • Its base is heavier and more extensive, made from aluminum alloy, providing stable support to keep the laptop from falling.
  • It is carefully developed to meet the needs of the customers for comfortable viewing.
  • It is compatible with laptop sizes ranging from 10 to 17 inches.
  • It helps you relieve pain in the neck, spinal, and shoulder.
  • Its rubber pads protect your laptop from scratches.
  • It comes in colors gray and silver.

2. Height Adjustable Laptop Stand LB

  • You can adjust the height to your desire from 5.7 to 8.1 inches.
  • The view is rotatable to 360 degrees and the angle from 45 to 180 degrees, giving you your desired viewing position.
  • Its stability is superb; it won’t shake when you use it.
  • It has silicone pads that avoid daily scratches.
    It suits tablets and laptops with sizes 10 inches to 17 inches.
  • Its upper base is made of mesh, protecting the laptop from overheating.
  • It improves your posture as you don’t need to bow when viewing.
  • It comes in colors black, gray, and silver.

Foldable Laptop Stands

Foldable laptop stands give you the option to bring them everywhere or during travels. Fold it back, put it inside your bag, and you’re ready to carry it with you! Its high quality gives an aura of sophistication when you let it out publicly. Indeed, it won’t let you feel ashamed displaying it out.

Lamicall Foldable Laptop Stand

Image Source: Lamicall

Foldable Portable Laptop Stand LN03

  • It is lightweight and is easily folded into a compact size that fits in your bag.
  • You can adjust up to three height desired positions.
  • It fixes your posture by letting you view without bowing for longer hours.
  • It relieves neck and back pain.
  • It is compatible with laptops and tablet sizes 10 to 15.6 inches.
  • It has tight hinges, anti-slip silicone pads, and smooth edges for optimal experience while viewing.
  • Since it has no upper base, there is enough ventilation that prevents the laptop from overheating.
  • Its colors come in white and black general.

Portable Laptop Stands

Portable laptop stands of Lamicall provide you with the convenience that no other flimsy brand can offer. Aside from the features, it boasts a high quality that guarantees durability for a more extended period. Thus, trust Lamicall to be a part of your life for the years to come.

Lamicall Portable Laptop Stands

Image Source: Lamicall

1. Portable Laptop Stand LN09

  • It is compatible with laptop sizes 10 to 17 inches.
  • Its height can rise to the size suitable for your needs as well as the angle.
  • It is easy to carry on travels as it can be folded easily and put inside your bag after use.
  • Its base comprises high-quality aluminum alloy, providing more stability so it won’t shake when used.
  • It corrects your posture, relieves neck and shoulder pain, and raises the monitor to your eye level.
  • Its upper base has multiple holes for better ventilation, thus, preventing your laptop from overheating.
  • It has anti-skid silicone pads that prevent sliding and smooth edges to avoid scratches.
  • It comes in colors gray, silver, and black.

2. Portable Adjustable Laptop Stand LN10

  • It is suitable for laptop sizes from 10 to 17 inches.
  • It has a riser part you can adjust to elevate your device depending on how high you prefer.
  • You can fold it so you can carry it in your bag during your travels.
  • Its built comes in high-quality aluminum alloy with a heavier base, so the stand won’t wobble when you use it while typing.
  • It keeps your proper posture by avoiding neck, back, and shoulder pains.
  • The ventilation holes of the upper base keep the laptop from overheating.
  • It comes with anti-slip silicone and smooth edges to prevent scratches.
  • It comes in the colors silver, black, and gray.

3. Foldable Portable Laptop Stand LN03

  • It is lightweight and easy to fold into a compact size; thus, it fits your bag or backpack in an instant.
  • Its height is adjustable up to your desired position.
  • It relieves pain on your neck, shoulder, and spinal, providing you comfort while keeping your posture in shape.
  • It is compatible with tablets and laptops with sizes 10 to 15.6 inches.
  • The triangular shape design keeps your laptop stable and prevents scratches through its silicone pads.
  • It has good ventilation at the back, preventing your laptop from overheating.
  • It comes in colors black and white general.

Where to Buy Lamicall Products?

Almost everything is available now and can be purchased online, including products and services. Lamicall has an online shop you can visit anytime, so you get a glimpse of its superb series of stands. You can also find Lamicall on every platform that sells products in most of the countries globally. Some of the popular ones are Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Alibaba.

Lamicall has gone a long way, giving it more access to the international market industry. Such recognition from the customers only proves its worth as a highly reliable product. Aside from its guaranteed sturdiness, it offers a warranty to assist you when you encounter defects. It also provides a full refund for specific valid reasons regarding the product or if you’re not satisfied with it.


DIY laptop stands are good options if we still can’t afford an expensive one. Besides being money-saving, it diverts your mind and enhances your skill to create something innovative that can help you. Should you decide to purchase a better laptop stand that lasts a lifetime, consider Lamicall laptop stand on top of your list. Call us today for your inquiries!

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