Top 5 Best Dirt Bike Phone Holders

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bike phone mount BM02 yellow-3
bike phone holder mount bp05

Source: Lamicall

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It might be frustrating to stop riding whenever you need to browse your mobile phone for notifications, maps, or other things. In order to view your phone without pausing anywhere, you have to use a cell phone holder for bikes. Due to that, we have created this guide and incorporated the best dirt bike phone holders, which are currently available in the marketplace.

Things To Look At While Buying Dirt Bike Phone Holders (Buying Guide)

bike phone mount BM02 black-2

Source: Lamicall

If you find it hard to choose the best phone holder, then here is a brief buying guide that shows some factors which help you buy the best dirt bike phone mount.

1. Phone Compatibility

As the phone mounts are accessible in various shapes, you have to know whether your smartphone will fit them or not. If you want, check the specifications of the phone holder to know what smartphone models it is compatible with.

2. Material

It is best to acquire dirt bike mobile phone holders which are made of durable and better quality materials. As of now, you can find cell phone mounts made of various substances such as metal, silicon, rubber, and more.

3. Durability

Another factor to consider while buying a phone holder is its durability and lifespan. Only buy the model which is durable and can resist long-term usage.Another factor to consider while buying a phone holder is its durability and lifespan. Only buy the model which is durable and can resist long-term usage.

4. Rotation And Flexible Functions

In the present marketplace, almost all mobile phone holders come with a rotation feature that allows you to turn it into every angle. In addition to that, you can use your phone either on a horizontal or vertical display.

5. Convenience

If the phone holder is not convenient to use, you will often face difficulty while using and installing it. Due to that, it is vital to choose dirt bike phone mounts that are easy to use.

How To Install A Dirt Bike Phone Holder?


Source: Lamicall

In this section, we will instruct you about how to install the dirt bike phone holder into the handlebar.

Step 1:
Firstly, unscrew the nut and put the joint ball into the socket of your mobile mount using the nut. After that, make sure to fasten the nut.

Step 2:
Now, loosen the fixed clamp, which is present on the phone holder, and attach it to the bike’s handlebar. Later, fasten the fixed clamp.

Step 3:
Keep in mind to check whether the red switch located on the back is at the “Unlock” side. After that, shove the upper arm of the mobile mount using your smartphone and insert your cell phone in.

Step 4:
Make sure not to pull the lower arms. Now, change the red switch, which is at the back surface in order to lock it.

Step 5:
Lastly, check if the phone holder is mounted correctly or not by riding your bicycle lightly. If it does not shake or fall down, you can continue riding.

Quick Reviews Of The Best Dirt Bike Phone Holder With Pros And Cons

bike phone holder mount bp05

The Lamicall Bike Phone Holder Mount BP05 is a universal bike mobile phone mount that shows wide compatibility. It is compatible with all smartphones, which are between 4.7 to 6.8 inches. Besides that, it can fit mobiles with thickness up to 0.59 inches (15mm). This phone holder’s fixed clamp can fit handlebars whose diameter is between 0.55 to 1.34 inches (14-34mm).

The entire phone is made of different materials such as metal, plastic, and silicone. This phone holder’s dimensions include 8.8 x 3.7 x 1.8 inches, and it weighs about 232g. It is an upgraded dirt bike phone mount that is easy to install on the handlebar without using any tool. The phone mount encourages one-hand operation, and the silicone pads will keep your mobile free from scrapes and vibration. There is a fixed clamp, phone holder, and user manual in the package.

Bike Phone Holder Mount BP05 Product Configuration

Product Dimensions8.8 x 3.7 x 1.8 inches
Product Weight 232g
Model No.BP05
Operating System Android, iOS


  • Features a special shape to ensure durable grip of the smartphone
  • Matches well with different bicycles, motorbikes, baby strollers, treadmills, and more
  • It provides shockproof protection
  • Easy to alter the cell phone mount’s angle
  • It retains a minimalist design and wonderful finish
  • It is convenient to use while riding the dirt bike
  • You can rotate it to the horizontal and vertical screen as well
  • It comes with a 12-month warranty


  • No color options are available

2. Mongoora Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount

phone holder

Source: Amazon

With 3 x 3 x 2 inches dimensions and 3.2 ounces of total weight, the Mongoora Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount is one of the flexible and lightweight phone holders in this list. There are two metal bolts that help to grip the phone holder in its place. It is made of high-quality metal and plastic substances.

The phone mount is equipped with three reliable elastic silicone bands, which clasps your phone and does not block the screen. It is compatible with mobile phones and other navigational appliances which have broadness up to 3.7 inches. This phone holder can easily fit handlebars whose diameter is up to 1.3 inches, and there is a soft rubber grip for handles.


  • 360-degree rotation feature allows you to adjust it at any angle
  • It gives access to the home buttons while securing the corners
  • Comes with three different colored silicone butterfly bands
  • It is easy to install the phone mount on the handlebars
  • Two reliable metal bolts to lock the phone mount in its position
  • It provides impact-resistant grip


  • A few users said that the clamping hits the smartphone during bumpy road

3. Lamicall Phone Holder Mount For Bike

lamicall bike phone mount BM02 yellow-1

Source: Lamicall

Here is another Lamicall phone mount that has a special shape, and it helps to grip all four corners of your mobile device firmly. Even while riding on a rocky path on the dirt bike, this phone mount which is attached to the handlebar ensures high-end safety. There are silicone pads that protect the mobile phone from scratches and tremors.

It is a universal bike smartphone holder that can accommodate phones between 4.7 to 6.8 inches which have a thickness of up to 15mm. The mount will attach to the handlebars with a diameter between 0.6 to 1.18 inches (15 to 30mm). You can easily turn your phone to get a vertical or horizontal display.


  • It has one key lock switch feature
  • Allows you to use the phone easily while riding the dirt bike
  • It has a sturdy and secure design which gives entire protection for the mobile phone
  • Comes with a detachable silicone pad
  • It supports easy installation without the use of any professional tools
  • You can make simple and quick angle related adjustments


  • It does not have a portable foldable design.

4. VUP Bike Phone Mount

phone holder

Source: Amazon

The VUP Bike Phone Mount is the most affordable dirt bike phone mount on this list. It is created with durable and elastic silicone bands, which are known to extend flexibly to accommodate all 4.0 to 6.7″ smartphones. It is also compatible with a few phones that have specific brand cases like Lifeproof, Otterbox, and others.

You can attach the phone mount to handlebars between 18 to 35mm, and it comes with flexible elastic silicone straps. All you have to do is pull the silicone belt on the handlebar, and it will tightly grip the surface. This phone mount features a one-piece design, which ensures functional resilience.


  • It comes with a built-in shock-absorbing silicone pad
  • Latest advanced humanized design
  • It can be rotated 360° into every angle
  • Soft silicone material would not cause any damage to your mobile
  • It has curved silicone bands suitable for all displays
  • Easy to use and features quick installation
  • It can be installed on dirt bikes, mountain bikes, treadmills, strollers, moving carts, and more


  • The stand is a little heavy

5. Grefay Bike Phone Mount

phone holder

Source: Amazon

Here comes our last model, which is durable and has a unique shape. The phone holder possesses four stainless steel clamp arms, which help in firmly gripping all the corners of the smartphone. It can tightly clutch all the cell phones between 4.0 to 7.0 inches and those with thickness up to 12mm.

The dirt bike phone holder comes with a 360° rotation feature, and it is easy to adjust the smartphone to horizontal and vertical display. You can install it easily because all you have to do is fix and lock the nut. The phone mount can fit any handlebar that has a base diameter of 0.86 to 1.25 inches (22 to 32mm).


  • Easy to install without any tools
  • It maintains compatibility with different types of handlebars
  • There is a security lock at the back
  • It has three additional silicone pads to ensure a perfect fit
  • You can use or remove the silicone pad as per the diameter of the handlebar
  • Long-lasting stainless steel holder arms
  • There are 12mm eagle claws made of premium quality materials


  • You can not machine wash the pillow tablet stand.


We have thought of creating this post to help people choose the perfect dirt bike phone mount as many of them do not know which is the best and how to choose it. There are several models of phone holders, so it is vital to select the one which can firmly hold your smartphone.

After thorough observation and research, we have included different models of phone mounts. However, our best pick is Lamicall Bike Phone Holder Mount BP05, which is a high-end, durable phone mount made of the best quality materials and is available at a reasonable price. You can choose any of the five products as per your requirements.

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