Best 5 CD Slot Phone Mount Reviews

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Car Phone Holder

The smartphone you are holding is such a great all-rounder device. However, while driving, operating your smartphone is illegal. And also, it discourages you from running the vehicle well. Fortunately, there are so many gadgets available today that allow you to utilize the GPS or hands-off elements of the smartphone while running a car; and there is no need to operate them with your hands.

So, here in this article, we are talking about how to choose the best Lamicall CD slot phone mounts. These are simple to install, do not damage an aperture, and retain your smartphone within your reach while driving.

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Attributes To Look At While Buying CD Slots For Phones

Magnetic Car Phone Mount

Source: Lamicall

Before making any buying decision, check upon the following aspects. By going through them, you would not feel regret about buying while utilizing the merchandise.

Durable And Safe

The mount must ensure that it ties firmly in the CD aperture of your automobile. It should have a sound cradle with silicone-coated suction that retains your smartphone in a spot.

Limitless Viewing Profile

A mount must possess an adjustable ball connection that entitles you to modify the vehicle mount effortlessly to an unspecified position.

Extensively Compatible

It must possess a variable-length coated rubber clasp. That provides it a precise fit within nearly any automobile CD slot. Fix your smartphone securely without bothering about relinquishing grip.

Gets Installed Hassle-Free

Its hassle-free installation creates the system foolproof. The mount should be fixed up, attached to your smartphone, and driven off within sixty seconds.

How Do You Ensure The Best Use Of Disc Slot Mounts?

air vent phone holder with adjustable clip cv01-3

Source: Lamicall

Everyone knows how to affix a CD Slot Mount inside every CD player. But there are some essential things that you require to ensure while using it. Let us know further what these necessary things are.

Tips To Locate The Best Spot For CD Slot Mounts

  • Check whether the CD aperture is vacant or not before placing it.
  • Then, install it far from the crucial parts like light switches, gear sticks, speedometer, and parking brakes.
  • Get assured you properly adjust it at the spot.
  • Place it within the range of perch of the driver.
  • Also, ensure the stand does not block by flooding air.
  • Employ cord clips to resist cables from bringing in the path.

Tips Of Discarding It From CD Slot

  • Utilize your hands firmly and steadily while excluding the mount.
  • Slide one edge of the CD aperture gently. And then remove the other edge.
  • If the adhesive is notably wet, you can choose the other mounting spot before sticking it to the dashboard.

So, these are some crucial things that you must concern. Let us know further everything about the five best CD smartphone stands available on trade.

5 Best CD Slot Phone Mounts

Let’s check out the design, merits, and demerits of each product precisely. And at last, find which product provides you the liberty to swivel the smartphone into an accommodating appliance of the automobile.

Magnetic Car Phone Mount CV05-1

This Lamicall phone stand accentuates six strong magnets, a broader aperture clasp, and a 360° customary ball connection. All these enhance its durability and make it adjustable and generate an excellent driving experience for you. Its installation took less time, was simplest to set up, and retained a user-friendly design.

Furthermore, the six magnets can securely grip your phone on the position. And the broad air vent grasp can fit snugly on blades when steering on uneven roads.


  • Simple to adjust because of the universal 360° ball design.
  • You can likewise change the viewing angle easily for examining the GPS.
  • Compatible with the cradle of 4.7- 7 inches like from iPhone 13 to 6 SE, Google Pixel, LG, Moto, etc.


  • Only runs with flat or upright air vents of an SUV, car, or pickup.
  • For phones that have wireless charging, there is a requirement to paste the metal base.

Bestrix Universal CD Slot Smartphone Car Mount Holder

phone mount

Source: Amazon

With a decent design, the Bestrix Universal SmartPhone Holder needs no adjustment. And it is readily accessible as quickly as it gets out of the case. It is available exclusively in black and making it the prime selection for vehicle interiors. It arrives in 3.5 x 6.1 x 3.3 lengths and usually scales at 7.2 ounces.

Its foundation consists of a smooth plastic body that acts as a cushion and would not harm your phone. It is movable up to 3.62 lengths. It goes with several phones because it supports the wholesome design.

Plus, you do not need to switch the phone holder to become fit. Furthermore, the Bestrix slot has one 360° rotation ball and joint accessory that permits you to transform your smartphone in the way you want. Its CD slot embeds clips easily inside the disc player via a tiny plastic accessory. It stays right in place after getting locked from onboard levers, also on uneven roads.


  • Highly versatile
  • It gets mounted easily on the disc aperture of the vehicle.
  • The 360° revolution allows you to move your phone to every angle.
  • Available in three rubber pallets that can drape in several CD apertures of diverse widths.
  • Possess a one-stroke tool that is easily detached when you move out of the car.
  • A movable cradle with simple install makes it fit with any vehicle which has a disc player.


  • Not very effective in shock absorption while driving on gravel roads
  • Very less rigid
  • The material used is a little bit stronger. It can get easily broken from its mount.
  • Requires a sturdier aluminum or carbon texture for overall build

Mpow Car Phone Mount

phone mount

Source: xmpow

The Mpow Smartphone Mount appears in a sturdy design that is difficult to handle for some folks. You can buy it in 5 distinctive shades like yellow, grey, red, black, or blue. Its holder section is spacious enough to carry smartphones between 1.58-3.54 measurements. It possesses rubber padding that is good enough for both the clamps and cradle.

Its clamps can drape the right place by just being pressed. Besides, there are two miniature supports on the cradle’s base that enhance its support system. It holds a one-stroke release key for easy removal of smartphones and is instantly movable to a 360°. Plus, it can slightly tilt for a further optimized viewing position.

Its ball and joint connection deliver several adjustabilities, but you can stiffen it to attain a fixed location. Along with this, its blade amasses two pieces that hold a little knob for a proper fit inside the disc aperture.


  • Highly versatile.
  • The knob possesses the stiffness of the slot blades.
  • Edges can open widely to 4.1 lengths.
  • Highly Usable with the iPhone 7+, Galaxy S8, and so on.
  • Possess a remarkably easily viewable GPS


  • Bulky design
  • Requires much time in fixing it up as it takes excess time in attaching the smartphone slot to the whole CD system
  • It obstructs your vision a little while driving.

Koomus Pro CD-M Phone Mount

phone mount


Koomus Pro Disc Slot is a cradleless mount. Its small, grey magnet attaches to a tiny sticky metal plate that adheres to the smartphone’s rear. Moreover, the powerful magnet is sufficiently large to carry a tablet and provides the navigation ability with a big screen.

It contains a little button that you can use to PUSH for effective connection. The mount attaches to the disc player through a mounting clip via a switch that addresses it impressively from the all-around build.


  • Greatly versatile stand
  • Retain the irresistible springless layout
  • Modifiable to 360° rotation
  • It includes a prompt-snap mounting structure that was a significant addition to disc players and air ventilators.


  • The electromagnet does not possess much strength, so you could not assess its actual ability against uneven roads.
  • Sticky alloy plates are not very reliable and need heavy modifications to support smart devices.

iOttie Easy One Touch 4 CD Slot Mount

phone mount


It will put your outdated disc player to enough use. Its one-stroke CD aperture is very portable. Along with that, its installation is exceptionally comfortable. Slide the suction where a CD goes, drag a clip that widens the support to replenish the slot, and it is over.

Once everything gets set up, your smartphone is not moving anywhere. And the CD slot will be sufficient for creating magic for you.


  • Rotation into landscape and portrait mode
  • Its structure is very robust.
  • Non-movable when the phone rotates


  • Not suitable for cars without CD players
  • People who have large size CD players may feel pain during installation and usage.
  • Does not possess charging capacity

The Bottomline

Notwithstanding flaws, we declare that the Lamicall Mechanic Phone Mount CV05 is reliable out of all products. Depending on the type of phone you and your personal preferences you are now equipped to make the educated choice about the right type of CD slot phone mount for you.

So, what do you think about this verdict; share it with us in the comments section below? Do not forget to share this article with your friends and family to help them with their buying decisions.

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