Car Phone Holders

Being able to check on navigation is the fundamental need of a phone stands for car in modern days. In addition, have you ever experience waiting for your kid or loved ones in the car for a straight 30 min+? Quite frustrating, right? In Lamicall, we offer three solutions, car cup phone stand, high quality(only) vent phone holder, and our revolutionary product: headrest phone mount (clamped on the back of your seat)

Say goodbye to your phone stand falling from the vent in the middle of the highway! Get a nice quality vent phone holder, quality over price is always a sustainable choice. Support innovation by purchase a well-designed product. Never hold your phone for 30min straight while waiting for your loved one in the car.

We recommend you to name your Lamicall products, just like how you name your 3000 sq. ft Stretch-title. Because no doubt they are going to be with you for the next couple of years without breaking. You are probably disappointed with the wabbly phone stand for a car manufactured by another brand, but at the same time, you need a pragmatic one desperately. Still skeptical? Just try it, and if you are not happy with your purchase, feel free to return it anytime you want. Yes, lifetime warranty guaranteed!

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