9 Best Car Mounts for iPhone 11

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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A phone car holder is an essential accessory for vehicles. It’s small and compact, but it provides extra benefits when it comes to managing and protecting your mobile devices while you are driving.

Interestingly, there are different types of car mounts that you can pick. There are cup holder phone mounts that you attach to your car dash or windshield. Regardless of what you choose, make sure that the one you get offers stability and protection to your smartphones. At the same time, it should not be intrusive to your entire setup.

We have listed all your options for the best car phone mount for iPhone 11 in this blog. Check them out and see which one should work for your car’s interior.

Why Use Car Phone Mounts?

Smartphones have become an integral aspect of today’s world. They are no longer just optional accessories. They are already essential, as they provide convenience, connectivity, and efficiency to their users.

Using smartphones has become a habit of most of us. Even inside our cars, we still use these devices. Of course, there are risks in doing so, and several state laws that prohibit the use of these electronics while driving. To be on the safe side, you need a reliable mechanism to ensure the security of your phone. And that’s where phone mounts come in.

Here are some of the benefits of using a car phone mount.

Hands-Free Call

Calls can happen anytime, even while you are driving. And some of these calls are urgent; hence, you need to answer them immediately. It is quite inconvenient to stop your drive to take up the call. It delays your trip and could cause traffic to other drivers and commuters.

To avoid this, you need to activate the hands-free mechanisms of your smartphone. At the same time, the phone should be mounted in a secure stand so that you no longer have to hold it while answering the call. In return, your hands are exclusively for driving.

Efficient Navigation

Smartphones are being used as navigational devices. Apps like Waze and Google Maps can be used to point our current location to our destination. It is quite convenient to have these apps, especially if you are trying to avoid traffic or going to unfamiliar areas.

However, you can’t just hold your phone every single time to search for directions. Your hands should remain on the steering wheel, not on your phone. Here, you would benefit from a car phone mount. The latter will hold your devices steadily so that you can take a glimpse at them from time to time. You don’t need to reach it at all.

Charging Purposes

Most cars are equipped with a center console or a slot where you can plug in your phone. However, you need to twist it around every time you want to charge your phone. A phone mount is equipped with cable managers so that you can plug your phone right in, regardless of its position.

Interestingly, some of these car phone mounts have wireless charging capabilities. This feature works by using a special pad at the bottom of the mount. The pad is attached to your phone’s case. It uses magnetic induction to charge your phone. Or in some cases, some may accommodate external wireless chargers for charging purposes.

How We Picked The Best Car Mount For iPhone 11?

A car phone mount is a useful tool for people who frequently use their phones while driving. You need one if you want to keep your hands firmly on the wheel and be able to use an app for navigation. Additionally, you need one if you are trying to charge your phone, but you cannot do so because of the twisted cable in your vehicle.

Here are some guidelines for choosing a car phone mount.

Mounting Type

There are several places where you can attach the car phone mount. You have numerous options to try. But before you pick one, make sure that the following considerations should be taken into account:

  • Accessibility; the car phone mount should be within the driver’s reach
  • Compatibility; the car phone mount should be able to hold your smartphones securely
  • Non-obtrusiveness; it should not block your view at all

Now, here are the primary types of car phone stands based on their mounting type:

  • Air vent – These phone holders are attached to the blades of the air vents for a secure and stable hold. From the driver’s point of view, this placement is functional because it is within their reach. At the same time, it doesn’t hinder their road visibility. The disadvantage of these vent-type car phone holders is their size. Some of them are so big that they actually block the entire vent. Hence, you should pick an option that isn’t that bulky.
  • Dashboard – A car phone holder installed in a car’s dash is quite intuitive, too. It doesn’t block the console and remains within the driver’s reach. It helps in hassle-free viewing of the phone without experiencing distractions. If you want to get this type of phone holder, prefer those that have extendable or long arms. However, longer or bigger dash phone holders can also cause distractions.
  • Cup holder – Another option that you can try is a cup phone holder. As its name suggests, this type of phone holder is exclusively designed to be mounted in your car’s cup holder. Depending on the design of the phone holder, this one could give your phone a stable and secure platform. It is also accessible, as cup holders are always located to be near the car’s passengers. The main problem with this setup is that it can block the gear shifter.
  • Windshield – Windshield car phone holders are preferable because they are within the driver’s view. You don’t need to stretch or incline your body just to attend to phone calls and other notifications. Just be careful in using this car phone holder in landscape view. It could cause blockage in your view.


Another feature that we take into account is the stability of the car phone holder. This factor is very important because your phone will be in your sight while you are driving. Therefore, it should be stable enough to withstand the force of the car’s movement while on the road.

If the car phone holder is unstable, it will cause your phone to fall out of place. And that could cause potential damages to your devices.

Furthermore, stability is important because it lets you use your phone conveniently. You don’t have to deal with shakes and wobbles while you are driving.

Best Car Mount For iPhone 11

The following are your top options when it comes for phone mounts for your mobile devices, such as your iPhone 11. If you are planning to do an extensive search for the ideal phone mount for your vehicle, you better start with the selections below:

One of the best car phone holders in the market today is the CV01 from Lamicall.  Lamicall 2022 Upgraded car vent phone mount adopts stable Strong Elastic Hook. Compared with clip and plastic hook, this metal hook can catch strip blade of air vents ( don’t fits round vents and non-striped blades) more firmly, ensuring the phone keeping steady even on bumpy roads, making your driving safer.  This item features a Durable Elastic Spring Metal Hook so that it can clutch the vent’s blades steadily. Such a design assures that your device remains stable even on bumpy paths. Different from other products complex assembly ( takes several minutes), It adopts an Integrated Assembly Free Design, which makes it be installed and removed easily & quickly ( only 1 Second)!  It has a 360-Degree Rotating Ball Joint, as well. This particular feature allows multiple viewing angles to your smartphone.   It will ensure your driving safety and comfort whether you are navigating ( using GPS), charging, calling, talking, or listening to music.

With this air vent phone holder, a single-hand operation is not a problem. The designs of this universal cell phone mount for car vent allow you to operate with one hand, and will give you a safer and more comfortable trip and travel. After all, it keeps your phone in a steady hold all the time. By the way, there are anti-scratch rubbers on its clamps and cradle. These extra amenities offer added protection to your device against scratches.

What are the benefits of a motorcycle phone mount with wireless charger?

Another car phone holder that you should consider installing inside your vehicle is the Lamicall C2. It is a versatile accessory that can accommodate up to 4.7-inch to 6.5-inch smartphones, which includes your iPhone 11. This item comes with a Unique Two-Grips Clip on its back, allowing it to hold the vent blades as tightly as possible. It is not impervious to loosening while you are driving. Such a mechanism improves the overall stability and security of your device. It’s great for long trips if using GPS. You can easily carry this pocket-sized car cradle around. The adjustable angles allow you to set your phone vertically or horizontally.

Needless to say, the vent phone holder is easy to install. It doesn’t require tools or scrupulous assembly procedures. You can already install it fresh from the box. Of course, this item also prevents your phone from sustaining scuffs and dents due to the presence of rubber cushions on the holders. You’ll have the peace of mind that your device here is safe and sound.

3. Miracase Car Phone Mount

Miracase car phone mount features a fall-proof locking mechanism that ensures that your phone won’t fall off from the vent. It has a stable clip hook, as well; you can directly attach it to one of your vent’s blades. It comes with a tightening nut and a spring clip plate for guaranteed fixation. But the disadvantage is that this hook is made of plastic material which is easy to break.

Meanwhile, its trapezoid-shaped clamps can keep your phone from shaking while you are driving. Each of the clamps also includes a thickened rubber and sponge to protect your devices from scratches. Compatibility-wise, this phone holder can grip 4-inch to 7-inch smartphones such as iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Best Wireless Car Charger For iPhone 11

Are you looking for a wireless car charger for your iPhone? If that’s the case, the following selections should be able to satisfy your needs.

1. CHGeek Wireless Car Charger

One fantastic wireless charger that you can install in your car is this unit from CHGeek. It features an intelligent chip that automatically identifies your device for more efficient and safer charging. It can support up to 15-watt, 10-watt, and 7.5-watt fast charging modes. It doesn’t only accommodate Apple phones, but it also accommodates a variety of Android phones.

This car mount also clamps your phone automatically, ensuring that you can drive safely and conveniently. If you want to remove the phone, gently touch the buttons on its sides, and the clamps will open automatically. Interestingly, this device shuts off on its own once your phone is fully charged. In this way, you can ensure that the battery of your smartphone will not suffer from damage.

2. Nalwort Wireless Car Charger

The Nalwort Wireless Car Charger is an efficient accessory for modern vehicles. It has a 2-in-1 design, as you can affix it to either the air vent or dashboard of your car. It gives you the ideal setup that you want, ensuring that it doesn’t block your view. With its auto clamping, you simply need to press the button on either of its sides to insert your phone. You only need to do the same if you want to remove the device.

Of course, this wireless charger is also capable of fast-charging your phones. It is one of the capabilities that made this item essential when it comes to long drives. Meanwhile, it can intelligently identify the type of smartphone that you have with its smart chip. Because of this feature, it can adjust its output to ensure that the battery of your device won’t be compromised.

3. MANKIW Wireless Car Charger

You should also check out the MANKIW Wireless Car Charger. Similar to the previous wireless charger we featured, this one is also compatible with both vent and dashboard attachments. It lets you charge your phone while you are in your vehicle without the need for messy cables. It includes a super spring construction that lets you remove your phone directly; it prevents your smartphone or the wireless from being damaged.

Furthermore, this phone charger can grip your device automatically. Just put it on the mount, and your device will be held firmly. With its responsive smart chip, this wireless charger can optimize its performance by quickly identifying the type of phone that you have. It can generate up to 15-watt output for quick-charging capabilities.

Best Cup Phone Holder For iPhone 11

Cup holders can also serve as the ideal placement for a phone holder.  But before you decide to go this route, you have to make sure that the phone holder has a durable base and rugged arm for maximum stability. The following are some of the notable phone mounts for cup holders.

1. TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Holder

This cup holder is remarkable because of the secure hold that it can provide. It fits cup holders up to 4-inch in diameter, ensuring that it doesn’t wobble while you are driving. It has a single-button release on its clamp, ensuring that it is not susceptible to tripping over. Meanwhile, its extendable arm can reach up to 8 inches long for better accessibility to your phone. Since the arm is a gooseneck, adjusting its position and angle is not a problem.

Installation isn’t really an issue when it comes to this phone holder. If your cup holder is too wide or narrow, you can simply adjust the size of its base. By the way, its clamps have silicone padding on them. They protect your device from scuffs and scratches. Interestingly, the clamp can also hold phones covered in cases.

2. Miracase Long Neck Cup Holder Phone Mount

The quality of the Miracase Cup Holder Phone Mount is something that you cannot whittle. It has been equipped with a universal base that can be adjusted from 2.3 inches to 4.2 inches and vice-versa. Hence fitting this cup holder isn’t a problem. But just to be on the safe side, make sure that you know the dimensions of your cup holder. This unit features a fixed arm rather than a gooseneck. But at the same, you can extend it up to 9 inches.

You don’t need extra tools for the installation or assembly of this accessory. You can mount it in your cup holder by simply inserting its base. Since the constitution of this phone holder is weighted and durable, it is not surprising anymore that it provides impeccable stability. It also has a swivel ball underneath its phone cradle so that the latter can rotate 360 degrees.


Overall, using car phone holders can optimize your driving convenience. These accessories ensure that you can use your smartphones safely and ergonomically. Furthermore, they guarantee that you won’t misplace or damage your phone while you are on a road trip.

Among all the products listed here, we deem that the Lamicall Air Vent Phone Holder with Adjustable Clip CV01 as the best car mount for iPhone 11. This simple yet effective vent holder exudes stability on its construction. It fits most car air vents and provides a non-obtrusive hold over your devices. It’s easy to install and elevate the security and stability of your precious device.

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