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the best location for phone ring holder

What is the best location to put the phone ring holder

I believe that many people have tried using a phone ring holder before, but some people may find it not […]

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nintendo stand lamicall

T-Stand, A Better Choice for Nintendo Enthusiast

Unsatisfactory original stand Nintendo officially unveiled a stand for its Nintendo Switch in May 2018.  It looked cool in the official […]

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lamicall design contest

Lamicall Strap Ring Holder Design Contest

Hi   there, Lamicall Fans! We know that you love our products and we also know that you are so creative. So […]

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Its sales volume go from 0 to 80,000 in 6 month, you should know it

C2 – Car Phone Holder Go & Get Datum Without Bragging I do want to give you a specific data […]

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lamicall-Valentine blog caver

Meet Your Other Half on Valentine’s Day, Like Lamicall Do

Valentine is coming soon, on the most romantic day of the year, millions of pounce of chocolate are sold, hundreds […]

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