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Lamicall’s First Try of Plastic Stands

We launched our first plastic phone/tablet stands for desk FS01 & FS02 in October and November, and we are amazed […]

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How To Do Self-Study By Using iPad

( Photo by Mike Greer from Pexels ) Nowadays, we are more and more getting used to this digital world. It has changed […]

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Best Wireless Phone Charger Reviews 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

The concept “wireless charging” is getting more and more popular in this 2 years. That is because mobile phone manufacturers […]

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5 Best Airpods Pro Cases For 2020

( image source: ) Apple has launched its new Airpods Pro on 30th, Oct. It’s definately a big news […]

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7 Best Car Phone Holder Reviews 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Safe-driving is becoming a more and more important topic. Cell phone usage while driving is dangerous but also unavoidable. Which […]

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