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$7.99 to Get a Wireless Charging-Free Finger Strap Ring Holder

The mobile phone are getting bigger and bigger,which is good for watching videos, but it’s really hard for small hands to […]

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We All Trying to Look Better

Let’s start with a collection of data. According to an online survey with over 27,000 consumers aged 15 or older in […]

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Phone Stands for Statues

STATUE OF LIBERTY— I’m too tall. I got neck pain for I always look down at my mobile phone. Recommend […]

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How Does Lamicall Help Prevent Text Neck

According to the survey, people (including you guys) spends three to four hours a day (I think even more) reading mails, sending texts […]

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I  know you want to ask what makes Santa a fisherman before Christmas?But let me say something first. We know […]

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