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How To Use Mobile Phone in Bed Comfortably

Do you have the same experience with me? I like to play with my phone in bed before going to sleep, […]

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These accessories for phone and tablet could save your life on wheel

Traffic accidents caused by the use of the mobile phone in the car are becoming more frequent. In fact, did […]

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What the bad effects of sleeping with your phone in bed

According to the Pew Internet Project, 44% people who have mobile phone will keep their phone next to their bed […]

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How Does Lamicall Help Prevent Text Neck

According to the survey, people (including you guys) spends three to four hours a day (I think even more) reading mails, sending texts […]

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LS02-LAZY HOLDER:There’s no Phone-to-Face Anymore

Just admit it.This happened more than once that when you lie down on your bed and looked at your phone…Accidentally, […]

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