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Good News for Designers: Duet Display + Lamicall Stands

Why designers like big monitor&multi-monitor Even if you are not a designer you may have noticed that most designer’s monitor […]

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What is the best location to put the phone ring holder

I believe that many people have tried phone ring holder before, but some people may find it not as good as […]

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How to DIY Your Own Phone Stand

As we all know, there are various kinds of Lamicall stands you could choose for your devices. Here we have […]

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We All Trying to Look Better

Let’s start with a collection of data. According to an online survey with over 27,000 consumers aged 15 or older in […]

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How Does Lamicall Help Prevent Text Neck

According to the survey, people (including you guys) spends three to four hours a day (I think even more) reading mails, sending texts […]

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