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bike phone mount

What to bring on bike touring

– Free and interesting way to travel It’s almost peak season for bike touring again. Bike touring could bring so much […]

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How to remove the phone ring holder by  using toothpicks

How To Remove The Phone Ring Holder By  Using Toothpicks

Maybe you want to move your phone ring holder to another phone or you just feel that style ring is […]

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duetdisplay and amicall

Good News for Designers: Duet Display + Lamicall Stands

Why designers like big monitor&multi-monitor Even if you are not a designer you may have noticed that most designer’s monitor […]

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the best location for phone ring holder

What is the best location to put the phone ring holder

I believe that many people have tried using a phone ring holder before, but some people may find it not […]

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How to DIY Your Own Phone Stand

As we all know, there are various kinds of Lamicall stands you could choose for your devices. Here we have […]

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