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Nintendo switch oled

5 Best Nintendo Switch OLED Holders

One thing that surprises me is that Nintendo finally decided to improve the kickstand. I like their attitude, but a kickstand is still not enough for me! Who wants to bear down their heads all the time? I am here to recommend my top 5 Nintendo Switch OLED holders that raise up your device for a better gaming experience.

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height adjustable tablet stand dt04 black-2

How to Choose The Best Tablet Holder?

How to Choose The Best Tablet Holder? Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on telegram Share on pinterest Share on google Skimmer Guide What Are Tablet Holders? Lamicall DP04 Black Lamicall A1 Grey Tablet Holders are gadgets that are used to prop up your tablet. They are designed to sit on

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adjustable cell phone stand for desk dp02 white

Lamicall Introduces Ideal Cellphone Holders for Workspace

One shortcoming of placing your phone on your desk is that you may have a relatively messy set-up for work. DP02 offers you an ideal height for the ergonomic viewing angle of your telephone! With an angle-adjustable function and a charging hole at the bottom, your phone will sit nice and sturdy on your desk without a problem!

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photographed by Coen van de Broek

16 Biking Safety Facts for Adults

You probably think biking is way too easy of a sport to ignore safety, or you think biking safety is just some common sense problem but need to double-check on before teaching your kids how to ride a bike. You see the irony here; an adult should know some bike safety facts. I did all the research, so you don’t need to do it.

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Photo by Kay Liedl

How to Choose the Best Bike Phone Mounts?

Your phone needs somewhere to go other than your pocket or the bottom of your bag while riding a bike/motorcycle. That’s why bike phone mounts exist! It is there to equip your phone on your bike/ motorcycle whether you need to check navigation or shooting videos.

How does this mobile gadget work? Why should you use one? And essentially, how to choose the best Bike phone mount? Take a break from all that texting to learn the facts!

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