Best Tablet Pillow Stands to Get in 2022

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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Many people stay in bed or on the sofa all day long holding their devices, such as their phones and tablets. Getting tablet and iPad pillow holders may bring you a lot of positive benefits concerning your health and productivity. If you’re thinking of buying one, you might want to know the best tablet stands you should consider. Learn about them here!

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Are Tablet Pillow Stands Worth It?

You might be hesitant in getting your tablet pillow. Well, your hesitation is not unfounded because it is true that they are optional expenses (and you can even learn how to make a DIY tablet pillow holder!). Being afraid to waste money is a good trait, but you may also want to learn first what such products have got to offer. Here are some good pieces of info that might help.


The biggest gain you can get from tablet pillow stands is an enhancement in your posture. You might not realize it, but you probably slouch or hunch on your bed while using your tablet. Over a long time, this might backfire on your health. Fixing the way you view your device and having a more comfortable usage of it is essential.

A tablet pillow stand can provide more elevation for your device with its usually thick base. As such, your screen gets closer to your eye level. This will help relieve your neck and back strain. You can also relieve your eye strain since you would typically use a tablet pillow holder away from your head. There are also other benefits you can discover yourself!


How often you would use your tablet pillow stand also matters in deciding whether you need it. For instance, it may be really a need for you if you always stay on your sofa or in bed to work on your tablet. The opposite applies if you have a workspace of your own, like a study room or desk.

A little fact check: tablet pillow holders and tablet stands are two different products. Of course, they offer different benefits and functions. Note that tablet pillow holders are designed and engineered to be used on uneven surfaces like your sofa, mattress, bed, and more. This factor would highly depend on you.


Some disadvantages of tablet pillow holders include not being very portable and adjustable and being unsuitable for typing with a keyboard (which isn’t much of a disadvantage because tablets mainly use touch screens). The main issue with its portability is its size, which is, obviously, big, and it being non-foldable.

Compared to a standard tablet stand, most pillow holders do not offer adjustable viewing angles. But, they do provide a limited number of such a feature. That’s about all when it comes to the general disadvantages of tablet pillow holders. As for the rest, you may learn about them when you got yours.


The value of tablet pillow holders is very subjective. It varies from person to person. But, we recommend getting one because of the undeniable health benefits it can bring about. Know about the best pillow stands you should consider getting this year 2022 by continuing to read more.

Our Criteria

We reviewed the most promising products from various well-reputed brands. How we selected involves looking at the products’ ratings, reviews, popularity, quality, and similar relevant factors. These cool tablet pillow holders have garnered positive feedback from many, so we put them to the test.

Wedge Pillow Tablet Holders

Wedge pillow tablet holders are the ones to opt for when looking for a tilted tablet stand that can lie flatly on a surface. Their triangular design allows their users to have a more comfortable viewing of their tablet or iPad. Especially when in bed, such products would be convenient if you want to watch movies!

When comparing these three different tablet pillow holders, we determined that the Pillow Pad Tablet Stand PL04 sold by Lamicall is better in terms of overall functionality. It features three different tilting angles, and has several features that would truly provide you with convenience. It also has wide size compatibility and is made with good materials.


This Lamicall tablet stand is just right when it comes to functionality, quality, and compatibility. Featuring a simple but elegant design, the Lamicall Tablet Pillow Stand PL01 offers six different viewing angles, which makes it somewhat flexible in terms of usage. This product would be suitable for those looking for something that’s not too flashy but does the work.

There are three grooves at the bottom part of this soft pillow tablet holder responsible for the angles you can use. We used the term soft to refer to its good foam material as well as the fabrics used. By far, it holds tablets well even though there are no specific non-slip mechanisms included apart from the grooves mentioned.

By the way, the grooves can also be used to store styluses and touch pens that you use in tandem with your device. It is compatible with most 13″ tablets and smaller-sized devices. Of course, this is just the optimal range and nothing’s stopping you from using it for devices with bigger dimensions.

Looking at its specifications summary, its fabric is made of polyester and a bit of spandex. This helps achieve its soft but firm appearance. Overall, this product remains one of the simple-but-does-well tablet pillow holders to consider.


  • With three viewing angles
  • Soft and comfortable to use with quality materials
  • Does not cover the bottom of your tablet screen
  • Compatible with most tablets


  • None

Moko Tablet Pillow Stand


  • Provides two viewing angles
  • Suitable for use while sitting, lying, and more
  • Compatible with devices sized up to 12.9 inches
  • With pockets as miscellaneous storage compartments

This Moko Tablet Pillow Stand is one of our best picks when talking about multi-functional tablet pillow holders. Made with linen and cotton for the outer appearance and sponge on the inside, this product may amaze you with the many functions it can bring about. This may be a good choice for those who wish to make the most out of their money.

This product can be unfolded to use its 90-degree viewing angle. It is set to 60 degrees by default when folded. It comes with some pockets where you can place your phone, headset, charger, and other things that are similar in size, which makes it a bit more useful than most tablet pillow holders.

It is also quite portable and may be suitable to bring around. This product can accommodate tablets smaller than or equal to 12.9 inches. Overall, this Moko Tablet Pillow Stand offers optimal viewing perspective and storage for you. Its only downside may be the holding mechanism (the little fabric on the lower part), as it may block some portion of your tablet screen.


  • Foldable and adjustable
  • Light in weight
  • Come with extra storage


  • The lower part may impede screen viewing


  • Large pocket storage on the back for storing cell phones, chargers, batteries.
  • Comes with a stylus holder at the back
  • Allows three adjustable viewing angles
  • Upgraded grooves with increased depth and width
  • Elegant design

Another product from Lamicall that we included in this review is this Pillow Pad Tablet Stand PL04. At a glance, it is noticeable that it bears a resemblance with the previous Lamicall product that we discussed. However, this one features upgraded designs in terms of the depth of its grooves and their width.

Unlike the other one, it is more compatible with tablets with thicker cases. The grooves also do not hinder standard tablet screen viewing, and it allows you to easily navigate your device. As with the deeper grooves, it also improves its anti-slip properties, ensuring that your device gets propped up properly.

It also allows three viewing angles for you to use. On the other hand, other notable features you should check out is its large pocket on its back. It even has a designated stylus holder too. With regards to its quality, this Pillow Pad Tablet Stand PL04 uses the same high-quality materials from its product series.


  • With three viewing angles
  • High-quality materials
  • Comes with a huge pocket
  • Comes with a stylus holder
  • Upgraded design
  • Does not cover the bottom of your tablet screen
  • Compatible with most tablets


  • None

iPad Pillow Holders

Getting a pillow holder suitable for your iPad is a great idea, especially for those who like to use their gadgets in bed. People admittedly spend their day lying on a mattress with their tablets and devices propped in their hands. Staring downward for extended periods can cause neck strain, so pillow holders that can provide easier viewing are essential.

In this category, we have determined that Lamicall’s iPad Pillow Stand PL02 is the best option among the three. Although the Prop ‘n Go Slim from Padded Spaces offers good adjustability for your device, it is a bit unstable and may be slippery. On the other hand, the one from Ideas in Life offers limited features to its user.


  • Compatible with most iPad models and 12.9” tablets
  • With pockets for phone and stylus storage
  • With four adjustable angles
  • Good for use in sofa and bed

This Lamicall iPad Pillow Stand PL02 is an upgraded version of the abovementioned variant of pillow holder from the same brand. It is still made with the same materials, but what makes it different from the other is that it is designed to especially cater to iPad models. Of course, it is still fairly universally compatible with tablets of 12.9” at most.

Its design includes compartments that you can use to store your phone or stylus. A somewhat cool feature is that the pen can be stored horizontally in a smaller pocket on the side, or you may also use it for storing your cell phone. The bigger pocket can be used for other things. Another noticeable change to its style is the number of viewing angles it has. It only features two different ones on each side of the product.

One thing to emphasize here is that each side of the product is designed to hold your tablet at a different angle. One side holds your device more uprightly, while the other is tilted more. This tablet pillow holder is not adjustable, which is kind of a downside to its design. It does compensate for that by providing at least four different angles to view your tablet screen.


  • With pockets for extra compartment
  • Almost universally compatible
  • Wider and deeper groove suitable for devices with wider cases
  • Secure hold with deeper grooves
  • With four different viewing angles


  • None

Padded Spaces Prop 'n Go Slim


  • Universally compatible with most iPad-sized devices
  • Provides 14 different multi-angle viewing
  • Has a base made of memory foam
  • With quality fabric and anti-slip surface for protection

You might be looking for something that sits well on your lap but offers you a stable surface you can place your tablet on. This Padded Spaces Prop ‘n Go Slim would be one of your good options concerning that need as it is mainly made with memory foam (for the cushion component) and plastic (for the surface).

One of the downsides that this product has is its slippery surface. Well, that’s to be expected due to its material. It is given, though, that there are accompanying non-slip strips on the top that are supposed to prevent your device from falling. However, it may be noticeable that the strips seem to have no practical value when the tablet is raised at a particular angle.

Speaking of viewing angles, this Prop ‘n Go Slim compensated its other disadvantages by providing its user with a large number of tilting options. There are 14 viewing angles brought about by the grooves on its surface as well as the supporting mechanism for the tablet. It being slippery aside, this one is a good option in terms of versatility.

It is fairly wide, making it compatible with almost all tablet models there are. Actually, it can also accommodate laptops with similar proportions, though there might be slight discomfort. Plus, you can see the 14 different angles between 5 to 75 degrees in the photo below.


  • Compact and comfortable to use
  • Comes with many viewing angles for more adjustability
  • Compatible with most tablets


  • Non-slip strips may peel off and also non-functional when the tablet raiser component is used
  • Slippery due to plastic material

Ideas in Life iPad Tablet Holder Stand for Lap


  • Features a big front stopper
  • Compatible with most tablets and iPads
  • Can be used in sofa, bed, and more places

This Ideas in Life iPad Tablet Holder Stand for Lap is just a simple product. It provides a one-angle hold for your tablet using a wedge-like part and a big foam stopper at the front. Its material is somewhat velvety and there shouldn’t be too many problems with its appearance design.

It should have no big issues in holding any size of tablet and iPad. However, there are quite a few noticeable disadvantages with its design. One of these downsides is the size of the front stopper. With that part being that large, a good portion of your iPad or tablet screen gets impeded. Of course, it may have been designed that way for a stable grip on your device.

Another reason why people might not choose this product is that it only provides one viewing angle to its user. Especially for those looking for versatile products, this one probably wouldn’t be picked. Nonetheless, it does perform its job as an iPad holder.


  • Good grip on iPad or tablet
  • Good size compatibility


  • Front stopper impedes proper screen viewing
  • Only gives one viewing angle

Flippy Tablet Pillow Holders

A pretty well-renowned brand of tablet pillow stands is Flippy. Featuring simple multi-angular designs, they have received a good amount of appreciation from the customers. They’re somewhat expensive, so let’s examine whether their values are really worth their corresponding price.

As you may have noticed from the comparison table, there’s nothing different between the two in terms of general product specifications. However, our pick for a Flippy tablet pillow holder is the variant with accompanying cubby storage. Well, it’s actually quite easy to tell which one’s better!

Flippy Original Tablet Pillow


  • Provides three different viewing angles
  • Fits most tablets around the size of iPads, Kindle e-readers, and more
  • Has a soft surface but firm foam
  • Lightweight

There’s always the pricey option amongst products, and this Flippy Original Tablet Pillow is definitely it. Well, it’s actually not very expensive objectively, but it may count as one when it comes to overall usage. This product offers three different viewing angles for your tablet, a soft and comfortable usage of your laptop, and nothing else.

The thing is, its usage may be too limited. For people with a greater height, its angles may not be suitable for them at all, which may cause them to slouch and strain their necks — things we are supposed to avoid with a tablet pillow holder. Of course, it’s not all about the downsides. Its good aspects mostly lie in its material.

It is made from lightweight foam. The covering is made with polyester and ultra-suede, which makes it have that soft feel for you. It is universally compatible with almost all tablet models and that’s a plus point for this Flippy tablet pillow holder.

As mentioned earlier, this product offers different viewing angles, which are illustrated in the following photo. Such angles are good when using it to watch movies in your bed and do some reading. However, it may not be that useful for people with taller height.


  • Easy to carry due to being lightweight
  • With three different angles to choose from
  • Good fabric


  • Inconsistent quality with seams
  • Pricey
  • Viewing angles not suitable for many

Flippy Tablet Stand with Cubby Storage


  • Allows three different viewing angles for the user
  • Almost universally compatible
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with an extra compartment in the middle part

This product is almost similar to the other variant from Flippy as well, which is the one we reviewed before this one, so we’ll keep our assessment short. What makes this stand different from the other is its storage compartment in the middle, and we think that it’s ingeniously designed.

It didn’t change the whole appearance and mechanism of the product, but it did utilize free space to add another feature. The space inside is pretty big, and it can fit your phone and other essentials. Plus, the things inside can also be secured by tightening the stretchable component at the side.


  • Portable
  • Multi-angle viewing
  • Good quality
  • With storage compartment


  • The tilt of the different viewing angles may not be suitable for some customers
  • Expensive

Soft Tablet Stands

Almost all tablet pillow holders are made from soft materials. Whether they are made from memory foam, suede, or any other kind, they are generally soft to the touch. Of course, there are also some models that come with hard plastic, such as the one from Padded Spaces above. Here are some of the other soft tablet stands that you may want to check out.

Based on our judgment, UGREEN’s Soft Tablet Holder seems to be much better than that of Ontel’s. What we focused on was the overall usability the product offers, and our pick features a more versatile viewing angle range than the multi-angle pillow holder of the latter brand. It also provides more storage on its back. Plus, it’s also more convenient!

Ontel Pillow Pad Ultra Multi-Angle Soft Tablet Stand


  • Provides three viewing angles
  • Compact design
  • Has a small pocket on the side

Multi-angle pillow holders are sought-after by many because they can provide different versatile viewing positions for them. This soft tablet stand from Ontel features such an attribute with its wedge-like design. Each side of its triangular shape provides a specific tilting angle for your tablet.

Its optimal size compatibility is up to 12.4”, but can be used universally by most tablet models. The fabric used is suede, which is a plus point as it ensures more comfortable usage of the product. It also has an extra small pocket on its side, usable for storing the other things that you may need in close proximity.

However, the size of the pocket is limited, which is a bit of a downside. Another disadvantage that may be present is that its soft material causes the product to easily deform. Plus, the suede fabric easily wrinkles and is hard to flatten. Nonetheless, it is quite a good option for a soft tablet stand.


  • Multi-angle tablet pillow holder
  • Good size compatibility
  • With small pocket storage


  • Easily deformed and wrinkled
  • Small storage

UGREEN Soft Tablet Holder


  • Provides multiple viewing angles
  • With storage pockets at the back
  • Widely compatible with most tablet models
  • Convertible pillow to tablet holder

This product from UGREEN is one of our highlights in this roundup review. It can function as a pillow and can be converted to a multi-angle tablet pillow holder, making this product essentially 2-in-1. Of course, let’s focus on it being a soft tablet stand instead of just being a pillow, and we think that it has a good design.

The bottom portion of the tablet holder is lined with three grooves, which corresponds to its three viewing angles. When placed on this product, your tablet receives pretty good support on its rear part with the high foam formed from the convertible flap of foam. Plus, the grooves can also be used to hold a stylus when not in use.

Moving on to the rear portion of this UGREEN Soft Tablet Holder, you will find two pockets that can accommodate your charger, phone, and other things. Although there’s plenty of storage provided, we think that the pockets are a bit shallow and may not hold your things properly.


  • Convertible from pillow to tablet pillow holder
  • Multi-angle viewing
  • Comes with pockets at the back


  • Pockets may be a bit shallow to hold your things properly

Tablet Holder Neck Pillows

There are many products that let you hold your tablet hands-free by wearing a holder on your neck. The cord of the tablet holder goes around your nape and extends to your front where your device is located. However, tablet holders that are also neck pillows are rare. Here’s one of them that caught our attention.

Moko Neck Pillow Phone/Tablet Holder


  • Can be used as a pillow when folded
  • 360° rotatable tablet holder
  • Suitable for travel

This tablet holder neck pillow from Moko features a well-designed appearance and idea. It is essentially made up of a neck pillow and two gooseneck cords that meet in the middle, which is where your phone or tablet can be mounted. It only fits tablets that are at most 11” in size, a downside that can be foregone as most tablet models feature small and compact designs.

The gooseneck holders can be folded to turn this product into a pillow usable for sleeping or lying on a bed. When in use, they may be a bit unstable due to movement. A good thing, though is that the neck pillow can be tightened to fit your neck and reduce movement with the connecting tie.

One concern, though, is that the product is a bit bulky and may be awkward to use. Well, that is to be expected given its unusual design. Overall, we think that it should be able to do its job well as a tablet holder neck pillow.


  • Can be converted to a pillow
  • Portable
  • Rotatable tablet holder
  • Convenient to use


  • Bulky

Convertible Travel Pillows to Tablet Holders

Travel pillows are some essentials when going on a long trip, and there are actually ones that can be converted into cozy tablet pillow holders. Such products are multi-functional and are really worth the money. Check out the two convertible travel pillows to tablet holders that caught our eye.

We think that the convertible tablet pillow holder from AMC is much better than the one produced by GOGO. It gained its advantage with the ergonomic benefits that it can provide to its user. Admittedly, GOGO’s product is better in terms of the number of functions it can do, but it fell short in terms of viewing efficiency.

AMC Convertible Travel Pillow/Bed Stand Holder for iPad Tablet


  • 2-in-1 design from a travel neck pillow to tablet holder
  • With elastic component on all four corners for a stable grip on your device
  • Transforms into a wedge-like and tilted tablet pillow stand

With good size proportions of 17” x 10.8” x 7”, this AMC Convertible Travel Pillow/Bed Stand Holder for iPad Tablet is appropriately designed as a 2-in-1 multi-functional product. Although it seems to be huge, its actual size dimensions when it’s a tablet holder are ‎11.8” x 10.2” x 6”, which is pretty limited.

From a neck pillow, this product transforms into a somewhat triangular tablet holder, which provides a good tilt for your tablet.  Such an attribute is a plus point for this AMC product as it gives you ergonomic benefits.

Your device can be secured in place with four elastic parts on each corner. Although this feature enhances the security of your tablet from falling, it impedes your view of your screen by a good portion in turn. Another downside of this plush convertible travel tablet pillow holder is that its size compatibility is limited. It can only cater to tablets of at most 10” in terms of size.


  • Convertible and portable
  • Tilted viewing angle
  • Lightweight


  • Elastic bands impede screen-viewing
  • Limited size compatibility

GOGO 3-in-1 Travel Pillow, Neck Pillow, Tablet Holder


  • 3-in-1 product from a standard pillow, neck pillow, and tablet pillow holder
  • Compatible with most iPad models

This GOGO 3-in-1 Travel Pillow, Neck Pillow, Tablet Holder is one to pick if looking for a truly multi-functional product. Not only does it turn from a travel neck pillow to a tablet holder but it also transforms into a standard pillow that can be used when lying on a bed or cushion. It even fits most models of iPads and similarly sized devices.

One of the key differences between this product from GOGO from the one we reviewed from AMC is that this one does not provide a tilted viewing angle for its user. Instead, it just secures your tablet on a pillow that will bring you comfort when placed on your lap. The four corners are made from elastic material to stably hold your device in place.

Its disadvantages include impeded screen operations and the non-ergonomic hold of your tablet. Overall, this product put more emphasis on the multiple functions that it can offer instead of its usability as a tablet holder.


  • 3-in-1 multi-functional product
  • Lightweight


  • Limited size compatibility
  • Impeded screen view

Kids Pillow Tablet Holder

It’s pretty common for a kid to have a tablet or iPad to play with at this age. In fact, such devices are essential for their studies, especially when the virus hit and children had to do their lessons online from home. They may spend long periods on their gadgets, and you don’t want them to develop posture and eyesight problems. Tablet pillow holders can help you with that.

We think that the Cuddly Reader Children iPad Stand from Gifts for Readers & Writers is the better option. It features a wedge-like design that may help your kid view their device ergonomically. Although both products possess remarkable features, the one from Planet Buddies may be a bit unstable to use.

Planet Buddies Cushion Tablet Holder


  • Comes with a handle for portability
  • Lightweight
  • Good prints
  • Caters to tablets sized up to 12.9”
  • With pockets for extra storage

This Cushion Tablet Holder from Planet Buddies resembles a bean bag, but for tablets and iPads. The best thing about its design is that it’s up to the user to settle their device on the cushion. It only means that, with a little adjustment, it can fit any tablet as long as it’s within 12.9”.

There are two pockets at the side of the product, which is pretty good for holding the other necessities of children. Though it looks bulky, this product is actually lightweight and will not be a burden for the posture of your kid. Moreover, it also features a handle for easier transportation.

Of course, another good thing about this tablet holder is its cute appearance, something that kids give more importance than quality. It’s fortunate that it is quite durable. Overall, there are no major downsides to its design aside from being a little unstable when used for larger iPad models.


  • Portable
  • Good appearance
  • Lightweight
  • Good size compatibility
  • With pockets


  • Unstable usage

Gifts for Readers & Writers Cuddly Reader Children iPad Stand


  • Wedge-type tablet pillow holder
  • Comes with pockets on its rear side
  • Good viewing angle
  • Universal compatibility

This Cuddly Reader Children iPad stand is a wedge-type of tablet pillow holder. So, it is to be expected that it can stably stand on any surface. Moreover, this tablet holder even provides a good and comfortable viewing to your kid with its triangular shape at a particular angle. It is universally compatible with most tablet models as well.

On the front part, a thick foam supports your device from the bottom coupled with a front stop. What’s good about its stopper is that it doesn’t impede your screen viewing and usage by any margin. On the other hand, the rear part of this product has pockets for storing headsets, chargers, and similar accessories that your child may need.  

Another remarkable thing about this product is that it is multi-functional. As it features a flat surface, children can actually use it for reading books as well. In general, there seems to be no problematic attribute in its overall design.


  • Ergonomic viewing angle
  • Multi-functional for reading books and using tablets
  • Has pockets at the back
  • Wide size compatibility


  • None

Bed Tablet Holder Pillows

One of the main reasons why people buy tablet pillow holders is to use them in bed. Many of the products that we have reviewed prior to this category can be used for such purposes. However, we chose to review at least two products below that we think are designed mainly to be bed tablet holder pillows.

Our pick from the two products is the Lamicall Tablet Pillow Holder PL03. We picked this one for its overall functionality in terms of viewing angle. It also has a more compact design than the other one from OMOTON.


  • With three front stoppers corresponding to three viewing angles
  • Compact design
  • With storage compartment at the rear part
  • Made with memory foam

This tablet pillow holder from Lamicall is a good suit for tablets of up to 13”. It is made with memory foam and other quality materials, so it does not easily deform. To be specific, its surface is made of nylon fabric with rubber anti-slip strips at the bottom. It has an overall compact design that features three viewing angles for its user.

Perhaps its most striking features are its stoppers made from plastic. As they are hard, your tablet is sure to stay in place at a particular angle, which is unlike other tablet pillow holders that have foam as the front stopper. The other ones that are not in use can be used to hold your pen or stylus.

It also has a compartment at its back. The space inside is pretty large and can fit your phone, power banks, chargers, and other essentials. What’s great about its storage compartment is that the items can be secured inside with a zipper. This ensures that your things do not fall out of the blue and keeps them safe.

As it has a wedge-type design, it can stand without problems on any surface. That’s why, although it is counted under the bed tablet pillow holder category, it can be used in other places in your home like your desk as well.


  • Simple but elegant finish
  • Wider and deeper recess, accommodating thicker devices
  • Multi-angle viewing
  • With storage compartment


  • None

OMOTON Tablet Pillow Holder


  • Three directional multi-angle viewing
  • Compatible with tablets up to 12.9”

This Tablet Pillow Holder from OMOTON features a bizarre pyramid shape. Each side of the pyramid is configured to be at a specific angle. There are two front stoppers per direction as well. That’s why the number of viewing angles it can provide to its user totals to six different values.

That aside, this product claims to be usable for 12.9” tablets. However, it may face some trouble in giving stable support to devices of such sizes, as they may slip off the holder. This product can lie flatly on surfaces but may not be able to perform properly when propped up on one’s legs as well.

One of its major downsides is the triangular support it gives to the back of a tablet. Since it only covers a small portion, the device may tilt to one side when in use. Plus, the front stoppers are also a bit narrow. Overall, it has an ingenious idea but is not very practical.


  • Good size compatibility
  • Multi-angle


  • Narrow stoppers
  • Unstable for large tablets
  • Tablets may tilt to one side when in use

Chill Pillow Tablet Holders

Chilling is something that we all hope to do. Imagine being able to just lie down on your sofa or bed all day and watch something on your tablet. You can level that up by getting a tablet pillow holder. It’s a bit surprising that many people search for chill pillow tablet holders. Almost all kinds of the said product will qualify, but we found something that took its game to the next level.

Collective Goods Chill Pillow Tablet Holder and Built-in Bluetooth Speaker


  • With integrated Bluetooth speaker
  • Universal compatibility
  • With suction cups for securing your tablet

This Chill Pillow Tablet Holder from Collective Goods is one of the rare tablet pillow holders that come with an integrated wireless Bluetooth speaker. Such an ingenious design definitely makes it perfect for those who want to watch movies or listen to some music on their tablet while browsing stuff.

Looking at its other aspects, such as its tablet supporting component, there are suction cups at the part that contacts your device. This helps in stabilizing your tablet so that it doesn’t fall all of a sudden. The groove where your device gets placed is also pretty deep, ensuring that it is firmly set in place.

This product also doesn’t have edges. Instead, the sides are curved which enhanced its appearance. Overall, we think that this 2-in-1 product will be a great buy with the general attributes that it offers.


  • Stable grip
  • 2-in-1 product
  • Good size compatibility


  • None

Orange Pillow Tablet Holders

Among the many kinds of tablet pillow holders, orange-colored ones can be one of the types that you may look for. Whether it’s because of preference or something else, we tried to look for good products under this category. A surprising thing is that we found one remarkable and unique orange tablet pillow holder.

Gifts for Readers & Writers Lapwedge iPad Tablet Stand


  • Orange slice appearance
  • Compatible with tablets and laptops
  • Ergonomically beneficial

This orange tablet pillow holder, as in, literally, orange, features a universally and multi-functionally compatible design. It caters not only to tablets but also laptops, as long as their sizes are within the 15” threshold. It provides a tilted viewing angle to its user, but not by a huge measure.

Looking at its front part, the stopper features two separate rod-like foam components. The space in between the stoppers can be used to hold your cables and wires in place to keep your things organized. They also act as wrist rests aside from their main function.

The most unique characteristic of this product is its novel orange design. It’s a slice of the fruit, which makes it attention-getting. Its shape is also very different from the usual tablet pillow holders. Perhaps its only downside is that its viewing angle is a bit low and that larger devices like laptops will exceed the curved edges.


  • Wide size compatibility
  • Lightweight
  • With wrist rest
  • Unique and novel appearance


  • Low viewing angle

DIY Tablet Pillow Holders

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In summary

This article tackled the specs, pros, and cons of various tablet pillow holders from different popular brands. Our overall top pick is Lamicall’s Tablet Pillow Stand PL01 when talking about every essential thing you should get in such a kind of product. Such products are worth getting in 2022, given how long people use their devices in unhealthy postures.  We hope this article helped you in knowing about the specific tablet pillow holders to consider when buying one.

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