5 Best Smartphone Mount For Tripod

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You’ll need a sturdy tripod attachment if you want to use your smartphone for photography, filming, or live streaming.

You may use a tripod mount to create fantastic selfies, group shots, wildlife photography, and video recordings. A sturdy tripod enables you to select the proper angle for a flawless snap, and you may attach the smartphone to the phone handle. With the aid of a tripod, you can adjust at weird angles, capture photographs from challenging locations, or even from a height. As a result, you may be more flexible in your content development.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Smartphone Mount For Tripod


It’s critical that your smartphone is compatible. Examine the specifications carefully to see whether it will suit your smartphone completely. Also, iPhone users should seek a tripod that is designed exclusively for iPhones. Needless to say, a secure fit is critical for your smartphone’s stability and security.

Some tripod mounts include detachable clamps that may be used to modify the other clamps. These flexible tripod mounts may be used to easily attach your DSLR cameras.

Type of Tripod Mounts

Flexible Skeleton Tripods:

These tripods may be shaped to fit around branches, pipes, or anything else solid enough to support your phone or camera. These are ideal for shooting in the open air.

Gimbal Heads:

Gimbal heads are used to hang the smartphone or camera beside the head instead of attaching it to the top. These tripods are well-balanced and provide crisp, focused images. These tripods are pricey, but they provide outstanding stability.

Fluid Heads:

These are moveable tripods that are ideal for video capture. Scenes are recorded with this. To record the scene, someone continues moving the camera or smartphone.

Sturdy Build

This is important because of the following reasons. For starters, mobile phones are expensive, and you don’t want to leave them somewhere where they won’t be secure.

Second, if you use a very light tripod, it may only work in vertical mode. The light tripod may not be able to hold the phone if you flip it horizontally, and it will tumble over. As a consequence, the tripod should be able to hold the weight of your large phone while staying stable.

Finally, a heavy-duty metal tripod will last longer, reducing the frequency with which you must repair broken tripod mounts.


The tripod should be versatile enough to keep the phone steady in a variety of settings. With more freedom, you can shoot from unusual angles and record photographs and movies from a variety of settings.

Some tripod mounts are adjustable, like Height Adjustable Phone Holder DP03, allowing you to utilize them in a variety of settings. They may be used as a monopod, selfie stick, or a variety of other things.

In the list, there are a few choices that enable you to suspend the tripod from anything like a tree limb to capture the perfect moment from the perfect perspective. If you’re a wildlife photographer looking for unique locations to take your finest images, these are ideal.


A small and difficult-to-use tripod is not necessarily a portable tripod. You can carry the tripod mounts with you without losing size or reach. If you like, you may have one with folding legs. A portable smartphone tripod is perfect to carry with you if you’re traveling on vacation. They’re tiny enough to carry about in your handbag.

Phone Clamp

The importance of the phone clamp cannot be overstated. It must be the appropriate size for your phone. It’s preferable if the phone clamp has a rubber covering to prevent scratches on your pricey smartphone

Cold Shoe Adapter

This aids in the creation of high-quality material. The cold shoe adapter lets you attach accessories to your phone or camera at the same time. External lighting or microphones, for example, may be mounted to improve the audio or visual quality of your images or movies. Cold shoe adapters aren’t often included with tripod mounts, particularly if you’re buying a cheap tripod. If you’re a pro, though, we suggest investing in a high-quality tripod with a cold shoe adaptor. The cold shoe adaptor is available separately.

List of 5 Best Smartphone Mount For Tripod

Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand TP01

Tripod Stand TP01 Pink-1
Tripod Stand TP01 Pink-7

Image Source: Lamicall

This Lamicall’s Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand TP01 circle light can be readily modified to give varied fill lights while eliminating shadows in the camera, with three lighting types and ten degrees of brightness in each (Color Temperature 3300-6000K). Selfies, cosmetics, live streaming, photography, Youtube video recording, photography, vlogging, and more can all be done with this equipment.

Lamicall revised the circuit, added over-voltage protection, changed the material of the power cord, and developed a more trustworthy shutter remote, among other changes, to guarantee that our ring light stand offers you a better experience. Additionally, with a wider height range (22″ to 67″), this selfie tripod can better serve the demands of persons of various heights when standing and sitting.

Placing the phone holder in the middle of the Lamicall beauty filming light, rather than below it, will ensure that your whole face is illuminated. *For storage and traveling, the tripod folds down to 20″ and is compatible with all iPhones and Android phones with a screen size of 4-6.5″.

The USB connection that powers this halo light is 6.23 feet long. Make sure you’re using a power source that outputs 5V/2A. It is not advisable to connect the light to the USB connection on your laptop (especially when the other USB ports are also occupied). Because of the limited power, the ring light may not function correctly. Overvoltage protection is included in the ring light. The light will not turn on if it is connected to a power source that is greater than 6.5V. After switching to a 5V/2A power source, it may be utilized on a regular basis.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Face recognition
  • With remote control


  • Little bit shaky sometimes

Joby JB01507 GorillaPod 3K Kit

joby jb01507 gorillapod 3k kit banner
joby jb01507 gorillapod 3k kit banner

Image Source: Amazon

This is a comprehensive content development device. It’s a versatile tripod that can be utilized in a variety of ways to get the perfect shot. For the best view, it may be held in hand, connected to the stand, or simply wrapped around a limb of a tree or any stand.

The tripod can support your DSLR camera or practically any recording equipment weighing less than 3kg, in addition to your smartphone.

To point your camera or smartphone in the appropriate direction, the tripod mount has a 360-degree panning base and a 90-degree bubble tilt. The built-in bubble levels assist you in getting the greatest photos possible.

Because the stand is collapsible, it’s ideal for carrying with you while you’re on the road. The simple-to-assemble tripod can easily fit into any purse or backpack.

Rubberized rings and feet provide additional stability to the stand. In general, it’s a solid choice for professionals. The metal and plastic combination construction will survive for many years.


  • Can support devices weighing less than 3kg
  • Stand that can be folded
  • Stability is provided by rubber feet.
  • It may be utilized in three different ways.


  • Out of warranty claim

Arkon Phone Tripod Mount

arkon phone tripod mount banner
arkon phone tripod mount banner

Image Source: Amazon

This is a great choice for iPhone users. The tripod is ideal for live streaming and video production. It’s a tripod phone holder with a variety of beneficial functions for your convenience. The phone holder is spring-loaded and extends to 4′′. It has a specific bubble level that keeps the phone steady and avoids crooked shots or live video.

The phone holder is detachable, allowing you to use the tripod to attach a digital camera as well. The tripod is completely adjustable, with robust legs that flex and stretch to ensure a precise click. The tripod attachment may be used as a selfie stick as well. Overall, it’s a solid tripod mount that keeps your valuable phone safe on the stand. A two-year guarantee is also included with the budget-friendly tripod.


  • Apple iPhone Tripod
  • Legs that can be adjusted
  • Tripod with a low price tag


  • Won’t do landscape view (without great effort)

UBeesize Ring Light with Stand: Tripod Mount with LED Ring

ubeesize ring light with stand tripod mount with led ring banner
ubeesize ring light with stand tripod mount with led ring banner

Image Source: Amazon

This is a cutting-edge phone tripod mount designed for Vlogging and live to broadcast. The greatest part is that it comes with an LED light ring that provides enough illumination. While live streaming, bi-color lighting may be utilized to create effects.

It has a simple and fast setup. It can stand up to 50 inches tall, allowing you to take great photos with your smartphone. It is also a very tiny alternative that you can simply bring with you on your travels.


  • Lighting ring
  • Easy setup
  • Compact tripod


  • Pricey

Square Jellyfish: Metal Spring Tripod Mount

square jellyfish metal spring tripod mount banner
square jellyfish metal spring tripod mount banner

Image Source: Amazon

A strong metal tripod is available from Square Jellyfish. The smartphone tripod is made of metal. It’s also compatible with iPhones.

The tripod mount provides a comfortable and stable hold, ensuring that your smartphone is safe even when used at a height. With the aid of four springs, it firmly holds the phone.

The compact tripod is a tiny tripod with a small footprint. It’s light and simple to transport. It is a particularly portable alternative due to its low weight and tiny size.

The quality and construction of this tripod mount are its greatest features. The heavy-duty clamp is composed entirely of metal. The phone cradle, on the other hand, is constructed of rubber to avoid scratches on the phone’s sides.

The phone cradle can also hold the phone in portrait or landscape mode. You may use it to FaceTime with friends and family, go live, or just watch movies by placing it on your work desk. Any smartphone may be used with the tripod mount.


  • Construction is entirely made of metal.
  • The size is compact
  • The phone cradle is covered with rubber.


  • Flimsy legs


A smartphone tripod is a valuable tool that aids in the creation of high-quality material. These are not costly at all, and a professional tripod can be purchased for a moderate amount.

All of the solutions in our best smartphone tripod mounts list were picked for their performance, build quality, and longevity. Lamicall was the best choice for us.

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