Best Setup For Working From Home During Pandemic

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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It’s been nearly six months since many companies told employees to go home and start working remotely because of the pandemic. It has a great impact not only on the companies, but also on employees who working from home.


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The Impact Of Working From Home On Employees


1. Protect employees from COVID-19

2. Saved commuting time

3. Self improvement – Working from home can lead to improvements in health and study.


1. Offline workers are unemployed

2. Communication problems

3. Lack of office equipment

During the Pandemic, Lamicall stands has lots more sales than usual. That is because when people staying home they need to use their phone/tablet/laptop more than usual for working or entertaining. And today we will talking about why would people love to use Lamicall products during the pandemic and how does Lamicall stands help them work and live better during the lock down.

How Does Lamicall Help People Working From Home

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Many of employees working with their small laptop without a big display. Which will cause neck pain or back pain after long use. But when you have a Lamicall laptop riser, it could rise your laptop and hold it up to your eye level. That could relieve your neck stress and shoulder stress. Let’s have a look how did true customer say about this product.

“For the past 4 months working from home I have been hunched over working on my laptop, putting pressure on my lower back, this has completely made it go comfortable to work. It’s sturdy, great quality and its adjustable. Fits my laptop perfectly with no issues. Can not believe I did not get this sooner!”– M. Robes From Amazon

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Lamicall tablet stand would make you a mini setup if you don’t even have a laptop. When you are going to participate in a video conference, Lamicall tablet stand could also hold your tablet, all you need to do is to suit your upper body well and sit in front of your desk.

Besides, you could also use the tablet stand to hold your iPad for entertaining or studying when you finish your work.

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During the pandemic, the employees in many offline industries has been greatly affected. But there were a lot of people started their online business on the online platform such as Tiktok influencers, live streamer, Youtubers, etc. They work at home and not affected by the lock down. All these content creators need to use camera or their phones to make videos. And to make video with better quality, there are many equipment needed. It not likely for all these content creators be well equipped like a professional studio, so a Lamicall selfie ring will help them do the most work. It could work as the camera/phone holder as well as the light. With the Lamicall selfie ring, you could make better photo and better video so that your online business will get more and more successful.

Working From Home May Become Future Trends

It seems that working from home is temporary unemployment solution during the pandemic. But there are a lot of signs which indicate it would become the future way of work.

Working from home, research has found, can boost employee productivity, improve work&life balance and foster better mental health, it can even reduce pollution from commuters. Cali Williams Yost, a flexwork expert says that as a result of COVID-19: “Work is forever changed” because “flexible work was made for times like these.”

If it’s true, everyone who is going to keep this working style need to improve their desk setup. And Lamicall stands are always the best choice to do this.

Taking Online Courses Has Replaced The Traditional Way Of School

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The pandemic not only affected the way people working, but also changed how student taking classes. In order to avoid students gathering in school, online teaching has become the main method of school education during last few months. For students, one of the biggest disadvantage of online classes is that it is easy to damage eyesight. However, Lamicall stands could help student maintain a good sitting posture and keep the distance between their eyes and the screen.

So no matter you are an employee or a student, you may both need to have a Lamicall stand to help you work and study better. We are always here to make your work and life easier.

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