Top 5 Best Phone Mount For Harley Reviews

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Harley Phone Mount

You need your phone to navigate, listen to music, or take pictures of the beautiful scenery. What would you do if your hands were on the handlebars of your bike? How would your phone work, or how would you look up navigation information? To solve this issue, let’s find the best Lamicall phone mount.

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Different Types Of Harley Phone Mounts

Phone Holder

Source: Lamicall


The most well-known kind of phone mount for motorcycles is a clamp mount. The phone mounts use a soft grip that protects your phone completely. The phone grip made of rubber includes an extra security net to increase protection for your smartphone. A phone mount is often attached to your bicycle or bike using rigid metal or any other clamp. People are fond of phone mounts that clamp because they guarantee absolute safety and security to your smartphone.

Additionally, clamp Harley phone mounts are not obstructed by your phone’s screen and offer you full access to the features that your smartphone offers.

Silicon Strap

The main difference from silicon strap phone mounts to clamp mounts is that strap mounts connect with handlebars by using straps. Silicon straps do not require clamps to secure handles. Silicone phone mounts are favored because they are constructed from a material that provides phone protection across all trails and climate states.

The silicon material used in the construction of straps is washable and durable, and flexible. Additionally, silicon straps for phone mounts are easy to install and have an affordable cost. However, the grip they provide isn’t as strong as phone clamp mounts.


Windscreen mounts are a third kind that a phone mount can be found on. In contrast to other types, windscreen phone mounts require a secure attachment on the front of your bike, bicycle, or Harley. The most appealing feature of the windscreen mounts is that there is no obstacle to the mobile phone’s screen.

The reason for this is that phones mounted with windscreens are higher, and they allow you to experience the improved view of the screen on your phone. This is why it is possible to say that they are the top phone mount for Harley.

Buyer's Guide To Choose The Best Phone Mount For Harley

Phone Holder

Source: Adobe Stock


The most important factor to consider is compatibility. The item you pick must be compatible with the size of your smartphone. The phone must fit perfectly into the mount, and it should never fail to perform even when you’re on a bumpy road.

A good suggestion for all the buyers is to go with the specific design according to the model of your smartphone. It might be a bit expensive. However, it would be designed specifically for the model of your phone and are more cooperative with the phone’s specifications.


It would help if you now assured the safety of your smartphone, choose the one that can hold your phone securely. Make sure the clasp that secures your phone is durable and first-rate plastic which will not allow your smartphone to slide out of it.

Compatibility with Handle

Every bike has its handlebar design, so be sure that you choose the right item, whether it’s compatible with the handlebar on your motorcycle or not. It’s best if you choose a custom mobile mount, which you could easily adjust to fit your phone’s size and use your motorcycle’s handle to clamp it.


Check that the mount can reduce the jerks and vibrations that occur when driving on rough roads. In this case, you shouldn’t be looking for a device that will hold your smartphone in one place; however, it must be durable and does not break after a couple of days.


When looking to purchase something, we must remember that the most crucial aspect is its material. When it comes to smartphone mount materials, they should be strong and have good durability. For instance, when traveling at high speed, and any objects or insects are smashed into the mount, the material should not lose strength or deform.

Most phone mounts are typically made of high-quality plastics. It is also possible to find mounts that are recommended for high-speed bikes composed of metals. Furthermore, there are a variety of accessible smartphone mounts made of rubber and silicon. However, it’s not enough to protect motorcyclists.

Ease of use

Another aspect to look out for in the Harley phone mount is accessibility. Of course, nobody would want devices that make it difficult to use. Always take note of this. Take note of the process of installation. Are you able to install it easily? Do you require any specific tool needed to install it? Usually, phone mounts require about 3 minutes to install.

Shock Absorbing Capability

On roads with bumps, The most important thing to be aware of is shocks and vibrations. Similar to our phones. A phone mount that can absorb vibrations and shocks efficiently is an ideal option. The mounts for phones are not just great in absorbing shock; however, you’ll also have less trouble using them.

List Of Best Phone Mount For Harley

Lamicall bike phone mount

Thanks to Lamicall products for the great and convenient phone mount accessories; this phone holder is my favorite and always remains top on my review list. It is made up of high-quality plastic and is simple to attach to your bike handlebars without the need for installation tools. Attach to the handlebar of your bike and use a thumbscrew to adjust.

The holder can accommodate phones that range from just 4.7-inches up to 6.8-inch smartphones. However, it is more suited to bigger smartphones. If your phone’s display is less than 4.7-inches, this might not be able to fit; however, a small or medium-sized phone could be sounded out by the bulky outer.

Regardless of its dimensions, it is extremely easy to use. You can put your phone in the mount with just one hand by simply pushing your device into the top of the cradle. The bottom cradle can then automatically expand, supporting you to effortlessly insert your phone in the holder using only one hand. Inside the cradle, Lamicall utilizes silicone to protect your phone from vibration and scratches. The mount for your motorcycle phone will hold your phone securely during a ride.

Bike Phone Handlebar Mount BM02 Product Configuration

Product Dimensions149x91x43.5mm
Product Weight 232g
Model No.BM02
Operating System Android, iOS


  • Strong plastic body
  • 360 degree adjustable
  • Good fit for large smartphones


  • Heavy product
  • Not suitable small smartphones

CAW Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount

CAW bike phone mount

Source: Amazon

This is another great product on my list. I like this product because of its versatility as it can fit differently with handlebars in various sizes and shapes. This motorcycle mount is designed to be fitted to handlebars that range from 0.6 inches up to 1.4 inches wide.

It is important to remember that fitting the mount for your phone is extremely simple, and you will not have to invest in any specific equipment. It not only lets in saving money, but it also allows you to cut down on time when you mount it to your bicycle. Furthermore, this mount can also hold mobile phones as large as 3.7 inches.

The 360-degree rotation is one of the most useful features included in this mount for phones. It’s because it’s equipped with a rubber ball and bracket that allows you to adjust the mount’s tilt to the most comfortable location. You’ll be able to agree that this will make your job simpler as you’ll always be able to reach your phone at any time you require it.

It also consists of a silicone belt that aids in holding your phone in place. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about your phone sliding down, even if you’re traveling on a bumpy road.


  • Provide high-level protection to your smartphone
  • It provides you with high stability.
  • Gives excellent phone angles.
    It’s simple to install.


  • Rubber parts are torn out quickly.

Aduro U-Grip Plus Universal Bike Mount

Aduro phone mount

Source: Amazon

What I like about this particular mount is the angle it is set at. This phone mount is situated perfectly on the handlebar, allowing you to glance at your phone while traveling on the road. It will help you complete certain tasks, like using GPS on your phone and keeping your eyes focused on the road. But, it can shift and lose its stability in damaged areas.

This mount is simple to set up and does not require any skill or equipment to install it onto your bar handle. Its user-friendly design is easy to grasp, even if this is the first time you’ve used this phone mount. You’ll save plenty of time, which can be utilized for other tasks when you put this mount for your phone on your Harley Davidson.

It’s also simple to remove and fit your phone from the mount. Additionally, this Universal bike mount includes silicone bands that keep your smartphone securely regardless of whether you’re cycling on bumpy roads. It’s not even all since they are extremely durable, and their prolonged use will allow you to reduce the cost of replacing them. The phone mount includes a 360-degree rotation function that lets you adjust according to the angle that appeals to you most when you ride. It is crucial to keep in mind that this mount can be used with smartphones between 6 and 8 inches.


  • Long-lasting body
  • You can experience great angle
  • It’s simple to set up.
  • Offers a firm grip on your phone.


  • It is less stable on rough roads.

Vibrelli Motorcycle & Bike Phone Mount

Vibrelli bike phone mount

Source: Amazon

This product I like because of its open face phone mount. The Vibrelli phone mount has an open front, which doesn’t completely cover your phone’s screen. This feature certainly makes it simple to operate your device without any interruption. The only downside with this phone holder is the mount is somewhat slanted.

This phone mount is compatible with handlebars that range from 0.9 up to 1.3 inches across. This enables you to use this mount on Harley bikes with different-sized handlebars effortlessly. Additionally, it is also compatible with all kinds of smartphones with a size of up to 3.7 inches. The mount includes three silicone bands as well as clamps that are easy to customize as you require. One of the best benefits of this mount is the ability to be rotated 360 degrees and be adjusted to different angles based on your choices.


  • It works with larger phones.
  • It’s easy to set up.
  • It provides a great grip for your phone.
  • It has good stability.


  • The mount has a slight slant.

RAM MOUNTS X-Grip Phone Mount with Handlebar U-Bolt Base

RAM phone mount

Source: Amazon

I love the overall classy look of this product. The style of this mount is extremely attractive and pleasing to the eyes. This phone holder is an X-shaped design that not only seems distinctive but also does its function of elevated gripping your phone efficiently.

The phone holder features an X-shaped build with rubber caps at the tips that secure your phone from falling. This means that you don’t need to worry that your phone slides down when driving at fast speeds. The clamp is designed in U-shape and is flexible, allowing it to work with bars that range from 1.25 inches to 5 inches.


  • Antique design.
  • It gives you an incredibly firm grip.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting body.
  • It fits on a variety of handlebars for bikes.


  • The tips of the rubber fall off.

Final Verdict

I believe you understood the basic requirements of a good mobile holder before. If you’re trying to figure out which is the most powerful and convenient of the choices mentioned above, my favorite is the Lamicall Mobile Mount for your phone. It is a product that meets the specifications of the buying guide described above. Lamicall phone mount allows you to multitask when you’re on your bike. However, it would be best to make sure you are safe when you take a trip out for an outing with the Harley Davidson.

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