Best Phone Holders for Bed in 2022

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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What’s better than spending your day in bed, holding your phone, and binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix? That’s enjoying it hands-free. There is a specific type of phone holder that’s meant to be used in bed. They’re called gooseneck phone holders, and they can either be attached to your headboard or hanging by your neck. Find out the best ones you can buy in this review!

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Benefits of Phone Holders for Bed

Aside from freeing your hand, there are other benefits that you can enjoy with a phone holder for a bed. These may involve your health, convenience, and more. Here are some of the most observable advantages of using a phone holder for bed.

Comfortable usage of your phone

Let’s accept the truth — your wrists feel sore when you hold your phone all day long. Plus, you may also not get to view your screen comfortably when lying on your bed because you either have to raise your hand or bend down. Phone holders for beds can solve that problem. Especially with an adjustable phone stand or holder, you can simply adjust your device to the position you’ll be comfy with.

Helps preserve your eyesight

Some of us have bad phone usage habits. For instance, a person may hold their device too close to their face. The next thing that person should expect is deteriorating eyesight (of course, it develops over time). A phone holder for beds may help in preserving your 20/20 vision if you can use it properly. For example, you can position your phone hands-free at an optimal distance of at least 16 inches.

Right posture

One of the best experiences you could have in using your phone in bed is to use it while lying. However, some people like to use theirs sitting on their mattress. While it does not pose much of a problem should you do the same while sitting upright and in a good posture, it would be detrimental to your bone health and spine if you turn your head downwards just to get a clear view of your screen.

The thing is, it’s tiring for your arm to raise your phone to a position that meets your eye level. Phone holders for beds can do the job for you. You can just attach your device to them, adjust their height to a comfortable (and healthy!) viewing position, and you’re all set! Not only are such products convenient but they also help keep your posture in a good state.

Keeps your phone in one place

Leaving your phone on the bed when you’re about to sleep can lead to a scene where you can’t get a hold of it quickly. This situation could be annoying, especially when someone is calling you through the phone and you want to shut it off immediately. You can use a bed phone holder as a mounting station for your device. You can just get it where you left it.

How We Selected

We picked the following featured bed phone holders based on their overall design and performance. Plus, we carefully considered their brands and quality as we reviewed their specifications and whether they can perform as advertised. Take a look below for our comments!

Best Phone Holder for Watching Movies

If you’re having a movie night weekend, you should definitely invest in a bed phone holder. You don’t want to hold your phone all night for long hours just to finish your watch list, right? We checked out some of the best phone holders you can use for watching your favorite films and series.

We essentially reviewed two kinds of products in this section: one that works by hanging on your neck or by attaching to a surface. From these four bed phone holders, we think that Lamicall’s Gooseneck Phone Holder GP03 and the Magnetic Tablet & Phone Holder from GoWith come out as the better options in terms of overall design and features. See them below!


  • Has a long metal alloy gooseneck arm covered in leather
  • Rotatable phone mounting head
  • Compatible with phones sized up to 7”
  • Desk clamps to structures with a maximum thickness of 2.7”
  • Comes with rubber to prevent scratching phone

This Lamicall Gooseneck Cell Phone Holder is one of those affordable but premium-quality phone mounts that you can buy. Let’s not focus on the price and see more about its technical details. We have to say that the best thing about this product is that it has a really sturdy quality, especially the metal alloy cord (the one you bend to adjust).

This metal cord is covered in leather, which makes it very pleasing to the eye and comfortable to touch. It is 98cm long, which equates to 38.6”, long enough to ensure that you can get a good view of your screen. Another striking feature of this product is its mounting head. This component accommodates phones of up to 7”. The head is rotatable 360°, so you can freely control the tilt of your device.

There’s also this rubber component that attaches to the insides of each side of the clamp — apparently, for stabilizing its hold on your phone. We think that this part is really good because it decreases the risk of phone damage due to falling and you can relax your mind from such worry. An even better part of it is the clipping handle, which makes mounting your phone pretty easier than other products.

Talking about the clamp — the part you attach to either a bedside table or your headboard, it can hold to structures up to 2.7” thick. This clamp compatibility in terms of size isn’t far off from the average sizes that go from 2.5” to 3.5”, and we think it’s not bad. From the overall design and price, we think that this would be good for those looking for something that will last long at an affordable price.


  • Long and sturdy gooseneck arm
  • Rotatable
  • Good phone size compatibility
  • Clamps to a good range of desk thicknesses
  • Lined with rubber for scratch prevention and stable hold


  • None

B-Land Cell Phone Holder


  • Rotatable holder
  • Used by wearing on the neck
  • Compatible with up to 3.3”-wide phones
  • Detachable magnetic phone mount from metal cord

If you’re thinking to get something that you can use without clamping it to any surface, you may want to check out this cell phone holder from B-Land. This one is meant to be used while hanging on your neck, wherein each end of the metal cord meets at the center conjoined by a rotatable mounting head for your phone.

One of the best aspects of this product is that it can stretch outward to a position where your phone is at a healthy distance from your face. Another striking feature that captured our eye is that its mounting head is magnetically detachable from the metal cord, which makes this product easy to store and bring around. Plus, it caters to phones that are at most as wide as 3.3”.

Now, let’s talk about the disadvantages that we noticed. One of the areas that this phone holder can improve on is its mounting mechanism. It would be better if the user can easily set their device in place without much difficulty. Another aspect that we think could be enhanced is its weak magnets. While magnetism is a pretty cool and practical feature in its design, ensuring that it actually works stably would do the job.


  • Good range of size compatibility
  • Easy to use by wearing on the neck
  • Good length


  • Weak magnets
  • Phone may be difficult to mount

MAGIPEA Cell Phone Clip-on Stand Holder


  • Compatible with phones up to 3”
  • Made of steel
  • Attaches to up to 3.15”-thick surfaces

So far, we’ve reviewed two different types of bed phone holders — one with a clamping mechanism and one that works like a medal. This one from MAGIPEA belongs to the first category, one that attaches to surfaces. It is made of steel, which is a good indication of how long it will last.

Focusing on its components, let’s start with the main part of this phone holder. One thing that we noticed is that its clip goes over the screen of a phone by a small margin. This is probably to make its grip stable and protect your device from falling easily. However, if used for phones with smaller proportions, this could pose a problem as it will impede the usage or viewing of those parts of the screen. Plus, its wide design may also block the volume and power buttons on the side.

Also, another thing that you may want to consider, though, is that its mounting head is not rotatable. On the other hand, the clamping part can attach to surfaces up to 3.15” in terms of thickness, size compatibility that does not stray from the standard range. Overall, we think that this phone holder isn’t that bad, especially with its sturdy material.


  • Made of sturdy material
  • Standard size compatibility


  • May block volume and power buttons
  • May impede screen usage and viewing by a small margin
  • Non-rotatable mounting head

GoWith Magnetic Tablet & Cell Phone Holder


  • Magnetic phone holder
  • Comes with foam
  • Rotatable mounting station
  • Compatible with almost all phones

This product from GoWith is one of our favorites when considering that it uses magnetism as its mounting mechanism. Such a type of mounting system makes it very versatile and supports almost universal compatibility with various devices. Of course, it does not support gadgets that are too heavy to bear as its magnets may not be able to accommodate them.

It comes with a metal plate that needs to be attached to your phone, something that will make your device compatible with the magnetic parts of the phone holder. The magnetic head is rotatable for 360°, which is something to expect from such a product. Perhaps the best thing about this one is that it accommodates tablets too aside from phones.

Now, looking at its metal cords, what we liked about this component of the product is that it comes with foam at the part that hangs on your neck. This feature highly makes it more comfortable to use. However, this may also make it awkward to use for others. Other than that, this product has no other major flaws, and we think that it may be a good buy.


  • Good compatibility range
  • Rotatable
  • Magnetic mounting system
  • With foam lining


  • May be awkward to use with its foams

Phone Holders for Bed in the UK

It’s an established thing to always look at the options offered from brands you are already familiar with. However, at this age, almost every product from any brand is accessible to the global community. Hence, in this section, we chose to review some of the worthwhile phone holders for beds available in the United Kingdom through various commerce channels. Read on to know more about them.

Among these products, we think that the most decent one and will be really worth the buck is this Gooseneck Arm Cell Phone Holder LS04 from Lamicall. However, we think that the one from SHAWE is also a good contender of our pick, and it may just be a matter of preference in deciding which one to buy. Know why we think so in the following sections.


  • Fits 6.8” phones
  • Unique gooseneck arm design
  • Rubber-padded phone clamps
  • Easy to use handle

After a long search, a bed phone holder that fits this category we found is this Lamicall Gooseneck Arm Cell Phone Holder LS04. We found out that Lamicall delivers its products to a long list of countries including the United Kingdom. This matter aside, we decided to include this product because of its unique gooseneck arm design.

Most metal cords of gooseneck phone holders just stretch straight from the table or headboard clamp. What makes this one’s arm different is that not only is it thick than most others but there are also two checkpoints (as we termed it) when it comes to the bending of the cord. For a better explanation, it works like two bendable metal cords that are joined in the middle (but this one consists of only one cord, of course).

Such a feature makes up for an easier adjustment of the phone holder. One way to use it is to use the lower one for adjusting the mounting height, while the other is for adjusting the viewing angle and position of your phone. We think that this is a cool and convenient feature that rarely appears in most gooseneck phone mounts.

Another striking feature of this product is its rubber-integrated phone clamp, one that comes with a convenient handle. Its size compatibility is fairly good as it caters to up to 6.8” phones. Plus, the clamp that goes to your bedside table or headboard can attach to structures that are at most 2.75”. Overall, we found no major downside for this product, and it even has a unique trait.


  • Good size compatibility
  • Both clamps are lined or integrated with rubber
  • Sturdy quality
  • Convenient handle and mounting method


  • None

TRYONE Gooseneck Phone Holder for Bed


  • Fits up to 3”-wide phones
  • Attaches to up to 3”-thick structures
  • Good length of gooseneck arm
  • Lined with rubber

This TRYONE Gooseneck Phone Holder for Bed may also be a good option if you have a phone that’s not too big and heavy. It can only accommodate devices that are at most 0.5” thick and 3” wide. While most phone models do not come as thick as the given size, phone cases may add up to the total dimensions of your device, so consider carefully.

Looking at the main phone holder, this one uses a spring grip. Such a mechanism is pretty hard to use since you need to either push the phone to make it fit or use your fingers to adjust the width. The good thing about this part, though, is that it’s lined with rubber that prevents your phone from falling or scratching. Plus, it’s also rotatable.

The gooseneck cord is also pretty long and is easy to adjust. Its clamps can also attach to at most 3”-thick headboards or tables. Overall, we can say that this product is pretty decent, but would only be best to categorize it as an entry-level phone holder.


  • With rubber-lining
  • Pretty long metal cord
  • Rotatable
  • Good size compatibility


  • May be hard to use
  • Limited size compatibility

SHAWE Gooseneck Phone Holder


  • Lined with foam pads
  • Compatible with up to 10.6” devices — phone or tablet
  • Attaches to most mounting positions

For this one, we think that it would be a more appropriate and fitting option for those who have big phones and tablets because unsurprisingly, this works as both a tablet and phone holder. As such, we won’t dabble much about its size compatibility and similar stuff, but we’ll do discuss the other important aspects of this product from SHAWE.

Talking about the clamps, this one works like that of the previous product that we reviewed from TRYONE. Both of the clamps are fitted with foam pads that help stabilize the holder and prevent scratching on your phone. The table or headboard clamp is also mostly compatible with different thicknesses.

One of the disadvantages of this product that we noticed is that its gooseneck arm may not be able to hold heavier tablets as advertised. However, as we are doing a review of phone holders, we think that this SHAWE Gooseneck Tablet & Phone Holder is decent enough to support most phone sizes and weights. It does not have any other major con aside from being a little hard to adjust.


  • Wide size compatibility
  • Attachable to most surfaces
  • Lined with foam pads


  • May be hard to adjust

Phone Holders for Bed in NZ

Another category that many people search for are bed phone holders that are available in New Zealand. We checked many phone holder brands that do distribute their products in New Zealand and reviewed two of the most popular ones in the said country. You can check them out below!

We think that the Otaku Life Rotary Adjustment Lazy Holder from Baseus is certainly much better than the one from UGREEN. This product is perhaps one of the most unique bed phone holders that we reviewed in this whole blog, and it does live up to its uniqueness in terms of the overall design. Learn about them by continuing below.

Baseus Otaku Life Rotary Adjustment Lazy Holder


  • Dual-use for both tablets and phones
  • Unique metal bracket adjustment mechanism
  • Lined with rubber pads
  • Easy to adjust

Aside from one aforecited Lamicall product, this Baseus Otaku Life Rotary Adjustment Lazy Holder is another uniquely designed bed phone holder in this roundup review. It differs from the other products as it features two straight metal rods connected in the middle, which make up the main adjustment mechanism of the product. Plus, a gooseneck arm also extends from one of the metal rods for further angle and tilting configuration.  

Note that this product is essentially a dual-purpose solution because it is usable for both tablets and smartphones. That’s why it can accommodate devices from 4.7” to 12.9”. The rotatable clamp can be adjusted from the center on both sides as well. Plus, this component is also lined with rubber for scratch prevention and a stable grip.

This product is also very convenient to set in place as you only have to pull the metal bracket down and up to configure the height. It also has good size proportions, making up for the suitable viewing distance you might want. Overall, we see no significant disadvantage in its design and it may be one of your best options.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Unique design
  • Stable grip
  • Easy adjustments


  • None

UGREEN LP113 Universal Tablet/Mobile Holder


  • Compatible with devices of up to 10.5”
  • Lined with rubber pads
  • Rotatable head
  • Good gooseneck arm design

This UGREEN LP113 Universal Tablet/Mobile Holder is another gooseneck phone holder available in New Zealand. Similar to the product from Baseus, this one also fits both tablets and mobile phones with its size compatibility of up to 10.5”. However, unlike the other one, this product follows a similar design found in most gooseneck bed phone holders.

We’ll keep our review of this one a bit shorter than the other since their features are hardly any different from one another. But, one distinguishable characteristic of this phone holder is that it adapted a pretty similar gooseneck mechanism as that of the Lamicall Gooseneck Arm Cell Phone Holder LS04. The metal cord is, again, as if divided into two segments that can be adjusted independently of each other.

Note that this product may not be able to hold heavy tablets stably under specific circumstances. But, other than this issue, this UGREEN product will certainly do for most mid-sized smartphones.


  • Dual-purpose product
  • With rubber pads
  • Rotatable


  • Unstable for bigger tablets but will be alright for most mid-sized mobile phones

How to Make a Phone Holder for Bed

The question of how to make a phone holder for bed will certainly pop up in your mind at one point depending on your needs and budget. If you are a DIYer yourself, you might be more interested in making one for your use instead of the various phone holders available on the market.

While DIY bed phone holders are not as sturdy or as versatile as the different products that we have reviewed above, they certainly are more personalized and may even save you money from a particular perspective. Here are some ideas that you may find helpful and doable when it comes to making bed phone holders.

DIY Idea #1: Turning old lamps into gooseneck phone holders

If you’ve got a gooseneck lamp at some point in your life, then you’re in luck! Well, it also counts as your luck if there are thrift shops selling such products near you. One of the best DIY phone holders for beds ideas is to transform an old gooseneck lamp into a gooseneck phone holder. Here’s one DIY idea that we have found.

What you’ll need

  • An old gooseneck lamp
  • Pliers
  • A super-strong adhesive like contact cement
  • A pair of scissors
  • A suction cup
  • Adhesive felt

What you need to do

  1. Take everything — wiring, bulb, lamp head, etc. —  apart from the lamp aside from the base up to the gooseneck. Use the corresponding appropriate tools listed above to take specific parts (e.g., pliers for wiring).
  2. Attach the suction cup to the top of the gooseneck with your heavy-duty adhesive.It’d be best to use a medium-size suction cup for a more stable hold.
  3. Cut your adhesive felt and attach it to the back of your phone that will make contact with the suction cup. This part would attach to the suction cup to provide your phone a good hold.
  4. You’re all set! Just remember that you may opt to use glossy rubber-based phone cases to ensure that the suction cup works well. You can also think of future enhancements to your DIY phone holder!

DIY Idea #2: Sewing a phone pillow

If you’re ready to take on a more difficult challenge (well, at least for those who do not know how to sew), you can try sewing a phone pillow stand you can use on your bed. Unlike the previous DIY idea we discussed, which could perhaps be only usable on a bedside table, this one is really suitable to put atop a mattress. Here’s how you can try it at home!

What you’ll need

What you need to do

  1. Get the pattern and apply it to your fabric. There are many resources for a sewing pattern online or you can make one yourself! Just mark your fabric according to it and you can move forward to the next step.
  2. Set the fabric with pins and clips.Fold the fabric according to your pattern and make them stay in place with clips or pins.
  3. Start sewing. Just follow the lines you have marked.
  4. Iron your fabric. This will help remove the folds and marks you have added previously.
  5. Fill your sewn fabric with the rice grains. These will be what makes your phone pillow hold your device upright.
  6. Now, stitch all the open sides. Once you’re done, you can use it right away!


Phone holders and mounts can be used for a variety of purposes, and we specifically reviewed ones that are suitable to use while lying on a bed. Note that bed phone holders can provide you not only the convenience of your phone usage but also health and organization benefits. You’ve found out some of the best products to consider concerning this in our blog!

Our overall pick in this roundup review is Lamicall’s Gooseneck Cell Phone Holder LS04 for its unique gooseneck arm design and outstanding performance. Another product that you may want to consider is the Baseus Otaku Life Rotary Adjustment Lazy Holder. Whatever you choose, always remember that it’s your convenience and benefits that matter.

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