4 Best Phone Holder For MTB In The Market

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Whenever you are driving or riding a bike, using your phone can be very dangerous for your well-being and for other people around you. Mountain biking is one of the things where your entire focus should be on what is in front of you. Phone holder while mountain biking will help you navigate better and access your phone easily.

Choosing a quality phone holder from a reliable brand is a priority for many buyers, as it should be. Brands like Lamicall ensure that each of their products is of optimal quality and keep the phone safe even when you are driving on rugged terrain. There are numerous aspects that will help you make a good purchase online, and we have mentioned those in our blog.

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Things To Pay Attention To While Buying Phone Holder For MTB In The Market

mountain biking

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Owning a mountain bike is one of the gateways to adventure. Keeping your phone close to you is essential whenever you are going for a ride. However, keeping your phone right in front of your eyes helps make navigation easier. Here are some things you should pay attention to as you look for a durable phone holder for your mountain bike.

Look for Flexibility

The flexibility and adjustability of a phone holder matters because you might need to tilt the screen for a better view when you are riding. Easy adjustability helps you be more comfortable when you are driving and keep your focus on the road instead of on your phone.

How Comfortable will you be?

This is an extension of the point of adjustability. The better the grip of the phone holder, the more comfortable you will feel while riding. A mountain bike phone holder is specially made to hold your phone tightly. A good product will keep your phone safe so that any shocks or bumps in the road do not cause it to go loose.

Is it durable?

The durability of a product is directly related to how long it will remain useful. The functionality of a good product is only important as long as it is durable. Before buying an MTB phone holder, you should look at the specifications and the manufacturing details. If you are investing your money in a quality product, then make the durable choice.

How good is the brand?

There is no shortage of brands that sell quality phone holders. When you go out to compare, choosing an experienced brand is a better bet. The more reliable a brand, the better their products will work. Of course, you can buy from local retail stores, but if you want quality, you should consider a reliable brand and a reliable seller.

Price Concerns

You do not need to spend an arm and a leg on a phone holder. A suitable phone holder will work well for months and even for years. If you are confused about the different pricing structures, you can set a budget for yourself to narrow down your options. A cheaper phone holder does not mean that the product is bad, just like an expensive phone holder does not guarantee durability.

What do others say?

When a product has a review or even returns from other buyers, new customers feel assured of the legitimacy of the product. Look at what other buyers with similar interests say about a particular product and shortlist accordingly. Both positive and negative reviews are equally important to understand the functionality of any product you are buying online.

List of the Best Phone Holder For MTB In The Market


A good quality phone Mount will allow you to adjust the grip of the clamp as per the width of the bike handle. It will keep your phone safe as you hit bumps on the road while on your mountain bike. The just ability is one of the best features, along with device compatibility.

Since Lamicall is one of the best manufacturers of phone mounts, you do not have to worry about the quality and durability of their products. Different designs of mountain bike phone mounts are also available on their website. Choosing a product with the guarantee of a reliable brand will make your mountain rides easier.


  • Shockproof
  • Protection
  • Easy Installation
  • High Adjustability

Roam Universal Bike Phone Mount

roam universal bike phone mount

Source: Amazon

This is a phone holder made of silicone and can withstand any kind of impact, and is made especially for good shock absorbance. It is adjustable, highly compatible with different devices, and holds your phone in a secure grip. The clamp can be adjusted to hold the handlebar of the mountain bike no matter its width.


  • Good adjustability with the clamp
  • Secure grip
  • Universal compatibility

TruActive Premium Bike Phone Mount Holder

truactive premium bike phone mount holder

Source: Amazon

Getting your hands on a Universal phone holder for your mountain bike is a very good deal. You can also adjust the clamp so that the fitting of the holder is secure and tight. The manufacturing ensures a steady grip and high durability. It is extremely easy to install, and you can even attach your phone without wasting a lot of time.


  • Universal fit for all phones
  • Easy and comfortable installation
  • Adjustable clamps

ANVASKTEK Bike Phone Mount

anvasktek bike phone mount

Source: Amazon

There is no shortage of good companies who manufacture quality phone mounts for biking. This product is suitable for, or a wide range of devices and is also adjustable enough for comfortable viewing and navigation. You can easily continue with your hands free use without worrying about whether your phone is secured to your bike or not.


  • All-round degree adjustable
  • Simple installation
  • Has other applications along with being a bike mount


1. Are phone holders for mountain bikes too costly?

Different phone holders have different prices. You can buy an expensive phone holder for your mountain bike, and you can also get quality products under a budget. More than the price of a phone holder, the quality and manufacturing matter.

2. Where is the phone holder attached to a mountain bike?

The phone holder is attached to the handle of the mountain bike. It will have a grip that will be attached to the circular pole in the handle. The grip can be adjusted depending on the circumference of the pole. Depending on the adjustability of the phone holder, you can also choose to keep it in portrait or landscape mode.


A mountain bike goes through several bumps in the road, and each rider needs to factor in the durability of their phone holder. If you would like to keep your phone safe as you ride, you can pick any of your recommendations. Your search will be made easier if you take into account all the factors that will help you make a satisfying online purchase. For getting great products, make sure to visit Lamicall’s product catalog.

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