5 Best Phone Holder For Jeep Wrangler

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car air vent phone holder c2 banner

A phone holder is a wonderful choice if you spend a lot of time on the road. Especially if your car lacks a navigation system of its own. You’ll be able to navigate and make calls securely and efficiently while on the road with a phone mount.

The issue is that there are so many phone mounts on the market these days. What are we meant to do if we don’t know which one to pick? You may easily end up with one that isn’t right for your car or that doesn’t last as long as you’d want.

What to Think About When Purchasing the Best Cell Phone Mount For Jeep Wrangler

Do you want to install a phone holder in your Jeep Wrangler? Don’t settle for anything less than the greatest Jeep Wrangler mobile phone mount. Although there are a variety of mobile phone dashboard mounts available, some are faulty.

As a result, a customer should be aware of how to choose the appropriate phone holder for their Jeep JK Wrangler. This is the next thing you’ll learn. We’re going to go through the most important elements to consider while looking for the best mobile phone holder. These are some of them:


It takes more than simply a tight grasp on the phone to be a cell phone holder.They must be dependable accessories, thus they must be made of high-quality materials with a soft feel that allows them to grip the phone securely without hurting it.

There are a variety of materials used to make these holders. Plastic, metal, aluminum alloy, and other materials are used in certain versions.

Each one performs admirably, keeping the gadgets safe and secure during bumps and preventing them from dropping.


Depending on the manufacturer and kind of mount, the release/lock mechanism differs significantly.There are mounts with magnets, brackets, and extended arms that secure the phone in place, as we discovered throughout our investigation.

The simplest is to utilize magnets since securing the phone is as simple as bringing it near to the mount. However, not every magnet mount is strong enough to keep the phone secure when driving off-road.

We suggest sticking to the items listed here since they have a strong magnetic force that can endure even the most difficult routes.

Single or Multi

While a single holder is sufficient for keeping the phones secure, multi-purpose options allow us to attach additional handy gadgets such as a camera, GPS, or a second smartphone.

Of course, the choice between the two is totally dependent on the driver’s preferences.

The multi-purpose holder is the one for you if you prefer recording your rides for future amusement or as a safety precaution.

Easy Installation

Modern mobile phone holders, like Air Vent Phone Holder with Adjustable Clip CV01,
have a terrific feature that makes them very useful accessories: they don’t need drilling to install. Instead, they come ready to install with no further setup required.

There are several advantages to a simple installation. For example, it implies that everyone, regardless of age or experience, will be able to perform it without difficulty.

Second, there’s no need to drill dashboards or anything like that, so you can maintain the Jeep Wrangler in pristine shape.

Adjustable Angle

A cell phone mount should ideally feature a 360° rotating bracket and extensible arms, allowing users to tailor the phone position as desired.

This is a must-have function, particularly if you’re using a GPS and require a constant view of the screen.

An adjustable angle is beneficial not just to the driver but also to the passenger.

Why is Bulletproof Mounting the Best Brand for Jeep Wrangler Cell Phone Mounts?

Simply told, Bulletproof Mounting is the best because it goes above and above to offer really helpful accessories.

The company isn’t content with only making phone holders. Instead, it concentrates on providing Jeep Wrangler drivers with things that vastly enhance their driving experience.

Bullet Mounting Holders don’t only hold a phone; they keep it secure, accessible, and at a safe distance so the driver’s safety isn’t jeopardized.

List of 5 Best Phone Holder For Jeep Wrangler

Lamicall Car Air Vent Phone Holder C2

car air vent phone holder c2 balck
car air vent phone holder c2 balck

Image Source: Lamicall

This Lamicall Car Air Vent Phone Holder C2 has two vent clamps on the back of this vent phone mount to ensure that it does not come loose while driving. There are many different grip types in use.

The retractable phone clip will keep the phone secure and prevent it from falling off even on bumpy roads. You can quickly insert and remove your phone with one hand.

The phone car clip’s rubber cushions protect both your phone and the air vent from damage.It’s good for long journeys if you use GPS. This car cradle is tiny enough to be carried in your pocket. The adjustable angles allow you to position your phone vertically or horizontally.


  • Easy to use
  • Versatility
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdiness
  • Suction power
  • Adhesion


  • Short Grips

Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions Dash

bulletpoint mounting solutions dash banner
bulletpoint mounting solutions dash banner

Image Source: Amazon

This smartphone holder is the perfect solution for such issues since it enables you to keep your phone in your line of sight without taking your hands off the wheel.

This accessory comes with two 20mm ball mounts that may be used for both the phone and the camera, enabling you to drive with both hands-free.

Even better, there are no buttons or cumbersome procedures to deal with: just slide one side of the holder out to remove your phone.

The phone is kept safe and secure in the holder, which is a carbon fiber and Kevlar blend. This device requires no drilling to install, making it easy for anybody to do.

Another notable feature is the 360° rotating mechanism, which lets users rotate the holder to portrait or landscape mode.

Overall, this holder offers adaptability to the driver’s demands as well as effectiveness in keeping phones safe.


  • A handy phone attachment that lets you use your phone without having to carry it in your hand.
  • Because of the user-friendly design, removing the phone is simple.
  • Ensures that electronic devices are kept safe during bumps.


  • The quality of the tape is poor.

iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Phone Holder

iottie easy one touch 4 phone holder banner
iottie easy one touch 4 phone holder banner

Image Source: Amazon

If checking your phone while driving was risky enough, vintage mobile phone holders made matters much more perilous by having convoluted release mechanisms.

That’s why this attachment is almost perfect: it has a one-touch lock/release mechanism that allows you to open and shut the mount with only one hand – it’s quick and easy.

Because it’s a universal mounting, it’ll fit any phone or case that’s between 2.3 and 3.5 inches in diameter.

The setup is straightforward, and you have the option of customizing the extensible telescopic arm, which pivots on a 225° arc for extra positioning options.

The bottom foot is another customizable feature. It may be adjusted from side to side, raised or lowered, or removed totally if required.

Taking it out enables drivers to use the mount with bigger cell phones and cases.

This holder efficiently stays in place to keep mobile phones at a safe distance thanks to the suction cup’s strong strength.


  • The phone is simple to use.
  • Many elements that may be adjusted for maximum comfort
  • The suction cup is simple to repair.
  • Various angle positions are available


  • Depending on the surface, permanent markings may appear.

Rugged Ridge 1355116 Dash Multi-Mount Kit

rugged ridge 1355116 dash multi-mount kit banner
rugged ridge 1355116 dash multi-mount kit banner

Image Source: Amazon

This is a product, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. When off-roading, the Rugged Ridge 1355116 is a dash mount phone holder with a cradle that securely holds cell phones.

In addition to utilizing the Wrangler’s existing fasteners, the attachment clamps into the dash quickly and effortlessly.

The tripod stud, as well as the mount and a storage box for additional items, are all adjustable.

The mount can hold cell phones, GoPro/POV cameras, and other devices. Furthermore, the ball mount’s design ensures that it will work with most phones.

But what about something a little more manageable? The mount is in perfect condition. It keeps the phone safe and in an easy-to-see position.


  • Ensures a secure grip on the devices.
  • It has a storage box that is quite useful.
  • All mobile devices, including iPhones, Android phones, and other smartphones, are supported.
  • Allows for additional storage of items like sunglasses.


  • Larger phones aren’t supported

Titan Multi-Purpose Dash Mount Phone Holder

titan multi-purpose dash mount phone holder banner
titan multi-purpose dash mount phone holder banner

Image Source: Amazon

The following accessory is both effective and practical. It has a sturdy polycarbonate construction with two 1/2″ ball-mounted goosenecks that lead to two phone holders.

What’s the point of having two? I understand what you’re asking. Of course, you’ll need two phones! One is for the driver, while the other is for the passenger.

This item isn’t complex in the least. It features a basic design that is both attractive and functional since it takes up little room in the car.

Furthermore, installation is simple: just remove the dashboard tray, put up the dash mount kit, and attach it in place with a screwdriver.

The three buckle slots and the adjustable goosenecks are two more reasons to appreciate this holder.

You’ll not only be able to lock many phones, but you’ll also have quick access to them.

Drivers can set up the mount vertically or horizontally thanks to the one-touch arm release mechanism and the threaded twist-lock nut.


  • Instead of just one phone, it can hold two.
  • Installation is simple.
  • For quick access, this is an excellent installation location.
  • Capacity to handle more than just phones


  • Large phones are incompatible


You’ll need your phone to be near you if you’re using it while driving. You’ll want to keep the phone somewhere you can quickly pick it up, use it, and restore it without it dropping. A mobile phone holder on the dashboard is one way to guarantee proper phone handling while driving.

With the best mobile phone mount for Jeep Wrangler, you won’t have to worry about not having a suitable location for such a vital device.

These holders are great since they retain a solid grip on the phone while allowing for quick removal if needed.

You may also use the holders for more than one device due to their versatility.

These tools will probably definitely be required by Jeep Wrangler owners. So, before you choose your ideal holder, consider all of your options. For a guaranteed phone holder for your jeep wrangler, I highly recommend Lamicall for the best choice. Make the most of your outdoor adventures by using one of these!

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