What Is The Best Phone Holder For F150
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What Is The Best Phone Holder For F150?

A special feature of the Ford-150 car is its detachable dashboard cover to mount your phone holder. But there’s a catch – you will trim some parts of that cover. In this post, we’ve listed the 5 best phone holders for F150 where you can leave your car as it is!

Why Should You Use a Phone Holder for your F150?

GPS Navigation While Driving
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A car phone holder is probably one of the simplest and most functional car accessories there is. In this digital age, we now use GPS to reach our destinations instead of physical maps. And instead of waiting for your radio station to play your favorite song, you can just play it through your audio streaming app

To navigate those apps on your phone without getting distracted from driving, a car phone holder is something you should have. The phone holder for your F150 doesn’t have to be complex. Remember that you’ll use your phone while driving, so don’t pick a phone mount that’s way too complicated to use. 

Find one that can be installed to almost anywhere in your car. Look for a simple yet functional phone holder – that’s one of the things you should keep in mind when choosing a car phone holder. What else?

How Do You Choose the Best Phone Holder for F150?

Phone Holder Mounted On The Windshield
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There’s a lot of car phone mount in the market. But before buying one, consider these three things first if that phone holder you’re eyeing is perfect for your F150.

  1. Learn the Driver Obstruction Laws in your state. There are states that prohibit windshield mounting, and for good reasons. First, these phone holders may limit your view while driving. Second, it’s a lot of hassle if you need to lean forward to reach your phone since windshields are often far from you.
  2. Check how hot your car gets in summer. Phone holders with suction cups don’t do well under extreme heat. They can peel off easily and their rubber crumbles when exposed too long under sunlight. So, it’s better to remove them from your car if you’re not driving.
  3. Figure out how important the radio buttons, CD slots, and air vents are for you. Air vents are probably the most ideal place to put your phone holder. Not only will your phone not limit your view, but it will also be just within your reach. If you don’t usually play the radio or a CD, then you can utilize this space for your phone mount.

5 Best Phone Holders For F150 Car

Now that you know the benefits of using a car phone mount and how to choose the right one, check out these 5 best phone holders for F150. We’ve picked out the best of the best! See for yourself if which of these models fit your taste.

Source: Lamicall

This 2021 upgraded design of the Lamicall Air Vent Phone Holder with an Adjustable Clip CV01 is ideal for your F150. Why? Because it has a stable clip that you can hook on your vent grille firmly. If you’re driving the toughest and most productive F150 ever, then you will need a phone holder to keep up with it. 

This model has lots of anti-scratch and anti-slip rubber to protect your phone and your car from scratches. Also, its adjustable clamp and quick-release button let you mount and take out your phone with just one hand. This feature is helpful especially when you’re traveling alone.

Another striking detail of this phone holder is its universal compatibility. If your phone ranges from 4.7 – 6.8 inches, you can rest assured that it won’t wobble or drop off the phone mount. This holder is designed to secure your phone throughout your travel.

Lamicall Air Vent Phone Holder with Adjustable Clip CV01
Source: Amazon


  • Car Vent Phone Mount. This upgraded model comes with a simple yet sturdy hook vent clip to hold your phone firmly and take you to your destination safely.
  • Angle Adjustment. You can either adjust your phone horizontally or vertically with this phone holder. It’s not even complicated to do the adjustment. You can get your desired viewing angle easily by just tilting your phone holder.
Lamicall Amazon Review
Source: Amazon
  • Clip with Hook Design. Another interesting feature of this phone holder is its clip with a hook design. This model can be fastened safely to your air vent with thickness up to 0.17 inches (4.5mm).
  • Wide Compatibility. This phone holder is compatible with iPhone 13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max/13 Mini, 12 11 X XR XS-Pro Max Mini 8 7 6 Plus SE, Galaxy S21 S20 Ultra Plus S10 S9 S8 Edge Lite Note A12 A51, LG, Moto, Pixel, Lenovo and other smartphones.
Lamicall Amazon Review
Source: Amazon


  • This model’s strong spring hook and clamp head cannot be separated.
Metal Series 2015-2020 Ford Compatible F150 Phone Mount

Source: Amazon

This Metal Series 2015-2020 Ford Compatible F150 Phone Mount is designed to install your device in the best place for navigation while driving – the dashboard. One distinctive feature of this phone holder is its integrated second ball where you can put another phone holder. This can be used by your passengers to put their tablet, camera, radio, or other devices. 


  • Maximizes F-Series Truck Dashboard. This innovative car phone mount lets you attach your phone to your dashboard. With its two 20mm ball mount heads, 360-degree rotation of the phone bracket, and Kevlar blend mounting arm, you can position your device anyhow you want.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty covers your car phone holder for your peace of mind. If in the unlikely event it doesn’t perform as promised, you can return it in a 30-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.


  • You need to remove and drill the top of your dash panel or tray to install this phone holder.
Keptrim for 2015-2020 Ford F150, Phone Holder Air Vent Cell Phone Mount

Source: Amazon

Compared to other car phone holders, you don’t need to drill or cut some parts of your dash panel to install Keptrim for the 2015-2020 Ford F150, Phone Holder Air Vent Cell Phone Mount. You can use a double-sided adhesive for cars to set this up on your car. This way, your original accessories won’t get damaged.


  • Designed Specifically for F150. You have to make sure that your car’s exterior matches the photo on its Amazon product page before purchasing this model. It’s specifically designed for F150.
  • High-Quality Material. Its eye-catching style will upgrade your car’s interior making it look classy.


  • Since you will use adhesive to attach this to your dashboard, you have to make sure the temperature is below 17 degrees. This model is not ideal for extreme heat.
Voodonala Universal 360 Degree Car Mount Phone Holder

Source: Amazon

Instead of drilling and cutting your dash panel, you can set up Voodonala Universal 360 Degree Car Mount Phone Holder with its double-sided adhesive. It also has a 360 degrees adjustable angle to give your preferred view.


  • Carbon Fiber Painted Color. Its paint similar to carbon fiber keeps your phone from accumulating dust. This smooth and sleek design improves your car’s interior making it look cool.
  • Designed For Ford Series. This model is specifically designed for F150. If you have older or newer Ford models, you can be sure that this company has the right phone holder for you.


  • Its ball joint in the back is very loose and becomes more so in the heat.
VICSEED Car Phone Holder Mount

Source: Amazon

VICSEED Car Phone Holder Mount has upgraded its model with high-density silicone material with great resilience. This feature keeps your phone safe from wear and tear. With its improved vent clip, you can be sure that your phone will stay in place even if you hit a bump on the road or take a sharp turn.


  • Works Well All Year Round. Built with durable airliner PTFE material, this model will hold your phone securely even in extreme heat or cold.
  • Suitable For Most Cars. Not only is this model fitting for the Ford series, but it’s also compatible with Chevrolet, Honda, Land Rover, Jeep, Nissan, BMW, and Audi.


  • It is more pricey compared to other air vent phone holders for cars.

Final Thoughts

Out of all five phone mounts, our top pick for the best phone holder for F150 is the Lamicall Air Vent Phone Holder with an Adjustable Clip! As we’ve explained above, it’s risky and a lot of work to drill your dash panel to install a phone mount. On the other hand, if you choose the ones with adhesive tapes, they won’t last long under extreme heat. 

But with Lamicall Air Vent Phone Holder, you can just clip it on your vent grille. You can either leave it on your car no matter the temperature or just remove it whenever you want. It’s just a clip away!

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