Best Mother’s Day Gift for Mom Baker

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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Mom Baker

( credit: @treatsbytay )

Motherhood is a lifelong career which usually means they should give up so much of their time and social work, but are busy all day cleaning, taking care of the children and making meals in the kitchen.

For moms, we couldn’t show more appreciation to them, so on this special day we always try our best to looking for some nice gifts to them. Today we are going to talk about this.

Of course I won’t say that Lamicall products are the best Mother’s Day gift for every mom, but today I want to talk about a special kind of mom, and they are…

Mom Baker

There’ re a group of mom who love to make cakes or dessert which are both delicious and good looking. We call them “Mom Baker”. Some of the mom bakers even found their career as a social influencer or a blogger by sharing their videos, pictures and recipes to their audience. While others just like to treat their family and friends with the nice cake they made.

Mom bakers usually work at home, they create cake ideas, make it out, and then take pictures & videos with their phone. Finally, they post these materials to their Instagram or website.

Lamicall LS02 makes it easier to take nice photos&videos on their own

When taking photos & videos, mom bakers should take as much as possible in different angles. So it’s even difficult to manage it when they still have to make the cake, let alone taking videos.

But Lamicall LS02 Gooseneck holder could totally solve these problems for Mon bakers.

Let’s see some INS stories first.

What you need to do is ...

+ Use LS02 to hold your phone

+ Find a good angle

+ Set the camera delay timer

+ Pose & smile

+ Done!

How easy and convinient.

So, LS02 may not be the best Mother’s Day gift for every mom, but it would still be a good one for a mom baker.

If your mom loves to bake, why not choose this useful gift for her?

gooseneck holder in kitchen

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