Top 10 Best Laptop Stands in India

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portable laptop stand ln09 grey-1

Working professionals need to sit in front of their laptops for a long time and this gives rise to numerous health related concerns such as backache, and eye fatigue.

Investing in the best laptop stand would be a good idea for holding your laptop in an adjustable position and releasing your neck and shoulders from fatigue. Laptop stands allow you to continue your work more comfortably and give you a pleasurable experience.

We have listed our picks of the top 10 list of best laptop stands in India; these ergonomically designed stands offer stability, durability, and comfort at an affordable cost.

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Top 10 Best Laptop Stands India

Here are some great laptop stands in India that will help you work on your laptop without straining your neck.

Lamicall Laptop Stands

lamicall laptop stand LN08 gray-1


Our first choice in the best laptop stands in India are Lamicall’s laptop stands. Their stands are lightweight and durable options. They are made with ABS grade plastic and have a sturdy, reliable grip to keep your laptop stable. The laptop stand is foldable and easily portable. You can carry them everywhere in your backpacks.

The busy background patterned design makes ventilation easy for direct airflow to keep the device cool from overheating and causing breakdown. There are anti-slip pads installed on this laptop stand to hold your laptops at an elevation and stop it from slipping.

Amkette Ergo View

amkette ergo laptop stand

Source: Amkette Ergo

This is one of India’s best and reliable laptop stands, and the Amkette Ergo provides you with an optimum viewing angle with its seven adjustment levels. The height of the laptop stand can be adjusted for a comfortable position to prevent any neck and back injuries.

The stand is foldable, which makes it easy to pack and carry anywhere, be it your home office or outdoors. The size of the laptop stand is compact, and the robust design holds the laptop firmly and allows neutral airflow for keeping it cool. It is an ideal stand if you work for long hours, and it also helps to avoid eye fatigue.

Voroly Foldable Laptop stand

voroly laptop stand


The Voroly is a foldable and height-adjustable laptop stand made with nylon fiber construction to hold your laptop and keep it stable while working. The laptop’s height can be easily adjusted as per user convenience; it is lightweight, compact size, and foldable, which makes it easily portable and safely stored to save space.

The Voroly weighs about 350 grams and has two different sets of support to prevent the laptop from sliding. It can adjust laptops of various sizes from 11 to 17.3 inches and is equipped with a ventilation stand to prevent overheating or crashing.

Striff Adjustable Laptop Stand

striff laptop stand


Ergonomically designed for supporting different laptops and adjusting the height according to requirements, the Striff laptop stand is adjustable, foldable, and lightweight durable enough to hold 50 lbs of the weight of laptops.

The laptop stand can be adjusted in different angles to satisfy comfort and has large cut-out vents for proper ventilation. Compatible with tablets to laptops up to 17.3 inches can be adjusted from 2.7 inches to 6.7 inches angle to prevent neck, shoulder, and back stress.

The Striff laptop stand is also equipped with a phone support stand pulled from the bottom to share the screen simultaneously.

Callas Laptop Stand – Ventilated

callas laptop stand


This is an amazing cooling pad from Callas for your laptop. It ensures good airflow with a mesh back design with adjustable height from 12 to 35 degrees angle. It keeps your laptop cool while working for longer hours and avoids crashing or damaging the components.

There is a rubber stopper on the edges to hold the laptop from slipping and give comfort to hands for long hours of working. The Callas can be ideal for adjusting laptops from 11 inches to larger 17 inches devices and has anti-skid pads in the bottom to give a sturdy grip all the time.

MW Mall India Laptop table

mw mall india laptop stand

Source: MW Mall India

The MW Mall India is a laptop stand cum table which can be adjusted on the sofa, bed, and floor, a good option for regular use. The top surface is a 360° rotating stand to easily share your screen with others and can be inclined at any level for adjustment.

The stand also has cooling fans for high ventilation airflow to keep the laptop safe and work for longer. The top surface is flat to place the laptop and a smaller surface beside the operating mouse. The stand has a combination of aluminum alloy and ABS joints for durability.

Gizga Laptop Stand

gizga laptop stand


Gizga is the most stylish laptop stand on our list, fancy and is durable for regular use. It is lightweight and foldable, easy to store, and is easily portable. The Gizga is made from high-quality ABS plastic and is impact-resistant. It has silicon protectors and rubber grips for your hand’s comfort and enhances laptop stability.

The Gizga best and stylish laptop stand in India is compatible with iPads, Macbooks, and other laptops up to 15.6 inches, a worthy investment for those who spend maximum time on their laptops. It offers adjustable height for comfortable viewing angles and an ergonomic design of front levers to keep the laptop in place.

BuyerZone Portable laptop stand

buyerzone laptop stand


This is one of the best light-weighted laptop stands in India from Buyerzone. It has six adjustable angles to reduce eye strain and neck and shoulder fatigue and weighs around 260 grams. The laptop stand is designed with silicone rubber to give a good anti-slip grip and angle adjustment for comfortable viewing and typing experience.

Ergonomically designed and built with aluminum alloy is fully loaded, the open spaces in the back protect from overheating and for extended use. It is foldable and easy to carry in your bag and can handle laptops up to 4 kgs.

Pro365 Foldable Laptop stand

pro365 laptop stand


It is a very simple design and portable laptop stand from Pro365, but it serves its purpose up to the mark by providing comfort and adjustment of a laptop stand. The stand can be disassembled and stored, and re-assembled to use easily in your backpack. It is lightweight and made from pine wood material with a light brown color making it an attractive and furniture-like feel.

The vents on the surface are designed for air ventilation and airflow to avoid overheating the laptop. The stand can be adjusted for different viewing angles and ease while typing.

AmazonBasics Laptop Stand

amazonbasics laptop stand

Source: AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics has designed this laptop stand for its users to give them comfort while they work from home in their comfort. Amazon products are best known to meet their customer expectations in terms of products or their services.

This is a fixed curved laptop stand with a forward tilt to elevate your laptop by 6.1 inches to give you a desk height for eye and neck comfort. It is built with silver-anodized powder coating, giving it a metallic finish and heat-absorbing features.


Opting for the best laptop stands is not easy though, our list may help you find an ideal choice for you. These laptop stands are portable, compact, and essential for continuing long working hours, making them suitable for students, working professionals.

Although many of the laptops that stand online are affordable in India, you still have to research a little about it to find a perfect one to hold your device in particular and manage ventilation before you invest in it. For more information on this, reach out to Lamicall.

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