Best Laptop Stand For Surface Pro

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Icy Liu
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The Surface Pro, Microsoft’s 2-in-1 tablet and laptop, has been evolved through five iterations into what we have today: a powerful tablet with a gorgeous display, high-performance technology, and a plethora of accessories. One of these accessories is the so-called laptop stand. The Surface Pro range from Microsoft includes a built-in kickstand that allows you to position the device at an angle on a table or on your lap. This method works quite well, although it has certain limitations. The kickstand takes up valuable desk real estate and can restrict your configuration options; therefore, if you want to be more creative, you’ll need to add a mount or stand. From the Surface Pro 4 all the way up to the latest Surface Pro 8 and Surface Pro X, here’s a selection of the top Surface Pro stands you can buy that will work with models ranging from the Pro 4 to your car or just sitting vertically on your desk. Quick tip, make sure you consider our laptop stand with adjustable height. It’s the best one for your needs.

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What Is Surface Pro?

The Surface Pro is a Microsoft Surface series 2-in-1 detachable laptop that was created and manufactured by Microsoft. It is the first version of the Surface series. In this case, the device was running a 64-bit version of the Windows 8 Pro operating system, with the option of upgrading for free to Windows 8.1 Pro and eventually Windows 10. Microsoft first introduced the Surface for Windows 8 Pro on June 18, 2012, at a Los Angeles event. Later, the gadget was rebranded to Surface Pro, and it was officially launched on February 9, 2013.

Why Get A Surface Pro Instead Of A Laptop?

Surface Pro and Laptop are both good choices if you want to buy something portable for you. In terms of choosing between them, it will all depend on your needs. Do you want a tablet type or just a plain laptop? If you want a tablet type, then choose Microsoft Surface Pro. You can easily convert it into a laptop by adding the keyboard. If you’re looking for a detachable computer, Microsoft’s latest Surface Pro may be your best bet. At a starting price of $799.00, Microsoft’s tablet / 2-in-1 provides a sleek design, a near-flawless display, and consistently strong performance. However, this popular slate is far from flawless, and it is not cheap.

Advantages And Benefits Of Surface Pro

Here are five reasons to consider the Surface Pro.

Display with superior PixelSense technology.

The Surface Pro’s 12.3-inch multitouch display features a 3:2 aspect ratio and a 2736 x 1824 resolution, in addition to supporting all 4,096 pressure sensitivity points on the new Surface Pen. It achieved an amazing 396 nits of brightness and accurately reproduced 140 percent of the sRGB color spectrum in our tests, making it an excellent choice for everything from picture editing to watching the latest movies.

Outstanding overall performance.

The Surface may be configured with a Kaby Lake i7 processor, up to 16GB of RAM, and a fast 1TB SSD. It performed admirably on our multitasking and graphics benchmark tests, indicating that it should be capable of handling any activity you throw at it. Furthermore, the Surface Pro remained cool during our review, never reaching uncomfortably high temps.

Excellent construction and design.

The magnesium alloy chassis of the Surface Pro now includes curved corners and a slimmer profile. 33-inch chassis, weighing slightly more than two pounds. Additionally, Microsoft enhanced the Surface Pro’s Kickstand’s flexibility by adding the option to recline it 165 degrees into ‘Studio Mode.’ Few other detachable devices offer this breadth of functionality.

Effective communicators.

While we don’t anticipate high fidelity from a tablet, the Surface Pro’s front-facing dual speakers produced bright, accurate music that exceeded our expectations. It was loud enough and capable of playing our sample music without noticeable distortion or loss of information.

Alcantara Type Covers are extremely comfortable.

The Alcantara-wrapped Type covers are quite comfortable and provide an excellent typing experience, with a respectable 1.3mm of key travel and a pleasing 70 grams of actuation weight. These covers are available in three different colors: platinum, cobalt blue, and burgundy. Additionally, the top of the keyboard now features stronger magnets to ensure a more secure connection to the tablet.

How Do You Choose A Laptop Stand?

When you plan to buy a laptop stand, you should first consider the functions for which the stand will be used. For example, if you are a musician, you should select a stand whose primary role is to hold your laptop. As a result, you should examine its durability and ability to maintain your laptop supported during your performance. Here are some characteristics to look for in a laptop stand:

  • Your laptop stand should be ergonomic and capable of transforming into various configurations, such as having a twin arm and double shelves.
  • It should also be movable. This means you can swivel it around to a full 360 degrees. Furthermore, you should be able to tilt it to the desired position.
  • Because you will be carrying it around a lot throughout your gig, it should be incredibly portable and lightweight.
  • It should also be collapsible so that you can fold it easily for transportation.
  • It should be simple to remove and assemble, and it should include pre-drilled mounting holes.

Aside from the elements mentioned above, there are a few more technical aspects to consider while looking for a laptop stand. Here are some other considerations:

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomics is important in current technology and design. How easy is it to use? The ideal angle and height are variable. Begin with these two questions. Some laptop stands look unique but have limited practicality. The height is fixed and the angle cannot be changed.

Your key concern should be that the height and angle adjustments provided match your needs. An excellent ergonomic design will ease tension in the back, neck, eyes, and wrists. It allows you to work for long periods of time while keeping your muscles relaxed. A laptop stand may not be enough if you have chronic back pain. Invest in a comfortable office chair back support.


The second most significant detail is the stand’s material. The stronger the material, the better it can support the weight of your laptop plus your hands. Good material also ensures a long-lasting stand. You don’t want it to rust or scratch readily. This is likely with metals and plastics. Invest in steel or aluminium stands to obtain the best value for money. These materials are long-lasting, low-maintenance, and attractive.


Some people have to spend all day with their laptops because they need them to do their jobs. This could be a trip, or it could be a simple daily home to work to home routine. It is very important to them that the stand is lightweight and easy to move around with. If the stands are too heavy, they can be difficult to carry and also damage the laptop bag, laptop, or other things as well. To make sure your laptop stand is light enough when you buy it, look for one that folds up. Another reason the weight is important is that a strong and stable stand can hold a lot of weight. The weight of your laptop or computer should be taken into account when you look into whether or not it can hold that much weight. A light stand is likely to break or get damaged if it is too heavy.


As discussed above, many people are required to travel for employment or work while travelling. In an ideal world, a laptop stand would meet these qualities. Certain laptop supports are designed to be quickly disassembled and transported. Consider laptop stands that incorporate this feature. Assembling should be equally simple and convenient in order to save time and effort.

Heat dissipation

Numerous people, including ourselves, use laptops in bed or on sofas. The great majority of us simply place them on our laps, and we’ve all witnessed firsthand how hot the base can get. If you’re a die-hard cinephile, you should consult a lap desk purchasing guide. Laptop stands effectively address this issue. Aluminium is a poor conductor of heat and hence enables heat dissipation. Therefore, if you use the laptop with its stand in bed or on a sofa, the likelihood of experiencing heat is much reduced. Even when the laptop is placed on a desk or other flat surface, this feature assists in avoiding laptops from overheating or crashing. Additionally, some laptop stands feature a meshwork design that promotes airflow and so reduces warmth.


While the fundamental functionality, material composition, and weight all matter. We are all mildly fascinated about ‘what else it is capable of. Manufacturers are aware of the customer’s mindset. As a result, we’ve seen a shift in stand design during the last few years. Additional features include cord organizers, cooling pads, and mousepads. These can improve the customer experience while also adding intrigue to the purchasing process.

Laptop Stand For Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft’s Surface tablet series, which runs the Windows operating system, is recognized for its ability to “work on the go.” From the compact and durable Surface Go to the top-of-the-line Surface Pro and Pro X, the line-up leverages Microsoft’s strength as the creator of Windows, optimizing the operating system and delivering devices optimized for office use, mobile Point of Sale, information kiosks, and feedback terminals, among other applications.

If you’re considering using a Microsoft Surface tablet in any of these tasks, here’s an overview of the best tablet holders and stands for showcasing, protecting, and securing your device.

Best Laptop Stand For Surface Pro

Surface Pro can be considered as one of the most modern technologies of our time. With that being said, we need something to hold and keep it secure while we are using it for our daily routines. Here’s a quick overview of the best stand for the surface pro that you can choose from.

As for us, we highly recommend Touch Nexus from Boss Tab. It has an amazing design, is durable, and can be mounted almost everywhere. Very useful and multifunction, so for us, it’s the best choice among the three. If you want to know more about the other products, see our detailed description and review.

Boss Tab Touch Nexus

  • The Touch tablet holder is compatible with all devices and is secured with four strong 3M Command Strip adhesives that are included.
  • Internal wire routing through the Touch bracket and down the stand makes charging your device simple.
  • The Nexus stand features a 180-degree swivel, making it ideal for customer-facing POS and kiosk setups. Additionally, this holder includes a unique magnetic grip at each swivel point to secure your tablet in place. A position lock is available to disable swivel movement in the fixed mode.

Seamless support that effortlessly sticks to the back of any flat-backed tablet using 3M adhesive, the Touch Nexus tablet stand is compatible with Microsoft Surface tablets of all sizes, including the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2. This tablet stand is available with a freestanding, screw-mount, or adhesive-mount base that can be swiftly attached to tables, countertops, or even walls, and all of the necessary mounting hardware is included in the package.

Tablets, on the other hand, can be positioned in either portrait or landscape mode, can be swiveled 180 degrees, or can be set in place. All wires are routed into an internal channel in the stand, allowing charging cords to be kept out of sight. It also makes it simple for consumers to upgrade their tablets without having to purchase a new stand.

TriPro Tablet Stand

  • Extremely Sturdy and Stable Due to the Heavier and Wider Base.
  • Anti-Slip Design Provides Safety & Security.
  • Adjustable Height & Angle for Maximum Comfort.
  • Carry It Easily With Its Foldable Design.

This tablet stand is constructed from a robust metal base and two superb aluminum alloy poles. It is up to 50% heavier (19oz) and larger (4.72*6.7 inches) than a normal tablet holder with a single-pole solution, provides ten times more stable support without wobbling, and works brilliantly as an iPad Pro 12.9 Stand and a Surface Pro Stand.

The silicone-coated cushion and rubber hook support your tablet softly but firmly, keeping it from slipping or scratching. The rubber feet on the bottom of the tablet stands and desk holders add additional stability, ensuring that your gadgets do not wobble or tumble when touched. This sturdy tablet pro stand adjusts from 7.1 to 9.1 inches in height, and the tiltable attachment allows you to alter the angle of your tablet from 5 to 135 degrees for the most comfortable viewing position. You can work for extended periods of time while keeping a relaxed posture and neck and back relaxation.

This foldable tablet holder collapses completely to fit in your pocket. When not in use, this tablet stand for desk takes up very little space, is easy to transport in a pocket or bag, and is a wonderful companion for any holiday or work trip. The smartphone supports only landscape mode, not portrait mode. This tablet holder stand is suitable with e-readers/tablets/iPads up to 15 inches in screen size, including the iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Surface, Surface Pro, Kindle Fire HD, portable monitors, and drawing tablets. You may be able to free up your hands while participating in a video conference, watching a video, obtaining an online education, or studying an e-recipe.

Inifispce Surface Pro Stand

  • Inifispce Tablet Stand Holder has been upgraded in three ways: the elastic silica gel clamp has been strengthened, the all-metal long arm rod has been strengthened, the round base is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, and the EVA pad has been thickened, which makes it extremely stable for all Tablets.
  • A 60-degree rotating tablet holder allows for optimal viewing from any angle. The ergonomic design makes it easy to conduct zoom meetings, facetime, watch videos, or play games. Assist you in avoiding neck and shoulder ache.
  • The silicone pad clasp and rubber pads on the bottom protect your smartphone completely from scratches and movement.

The Inifispce Tablet Stand Holder has been revised with a strengthened elastic silica gel clamp, a sturdy and thickened all-metal long arm rod, a high-quality aluminum alloy round base, and a thicker EVA cushion, making it ultra-stable for all Tablets. The new 2020 iPad Pro 11 / 12.9, the iPad Air 4, the 2018 iPad Pro 9.7 / 10.5, the iPad Air mini, the Microsoft Surface Pro series, the Kindle Paperwhite, the Amazon Fire HD 7 8 10, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab series are all compatible with the desktop tablet stand holder.

A 360-degree rotating tablet holder that adapts to any viewing angle. The ergonomic design is perfect for zoom meetings, facetime, viewing, and gaming. You’ll be safeguarded against neck and shoulder pain. Due to the silicone pad clasp and rubber pads on the bottom, your smartphone is completely secured from scratches and slides. This item comes with a Lifetime Warranty and a worry-free Customer Service Guarantee.

Laptop Stand For Surface Pro With Keyboard

Surface pro is usually used as a tablet, but if you want to have the keyboard with it, there are a lot of laptops stands compatible with it too. Here are the products you can use for your Surface Pro with Keyboard. Our best suggestion for this is any Lamicall products. Lamicall is proven to provide really good accessories for your laptop and tablet. It’s the best one in the market and you won’t regret buying one for yourself. Anyway, here is our summarized table for you to check out before you went deep with the details.

  • Excellent height
  • Simple to use
  • a solid and broad foundation
  • Size compatibility with laptops is excellent.

If you’re looking for a laptop stand that will work with style and durability, the Lamicall Laptop Riser Stand is the one to get. This laptop stand is compatible with all laptops ranging in size from 10″ to 17″, including the MacBook Air Pro (12, 13, and 15 inches), Microsoft Surface, Google Pixelbook, Dell XPS, HP, Acer Chromebook, and several others. It is composed of superior aluminium and lets you hold your laptop on either side. The LN01 is highly durable, and its full-cover silicone rubber helps keep your laptop from scratches and slipping.

Rain Design 10032 mStand Laptop Stand

  • Improves ergonomics by raising the laptop screen to eye level (5.9 inches).
  • The single-piece aluminum structure ensures strength and stability while cooling the laptop.
  • The back cable management hole is 2 inches wide. A cable organizer organizes wires behind.
  • Supported PCs include Apple’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, among others.

The Rain Design mStand is the greatest laptop stand available. The attachment is made of aluminum and boasts a convenient cable organizer as well as a design that promotes ventilation around your laptop. At the stand’s base, you can also keep your wireless keyboard and mouse — or another laptop. Not only does the mStand look great, but it’s also a robust and stable performer that’s absolutely worth making room for on your desk.

  • Minimalist and Stable Design
  • Foldable Design
  • Easy to Carry

The basic design, exceptional craftsmanship, and adjustable viewing angle set this piece apart. Due to the high-quality aluminium alloy and the larger, heavier base, the Lamicall adjustable laptop stand provides sturdy support for keeping your gadgets upright without tipping over. Additionally, this laptop stand holder for the desk is more stable and durable due to the usage of 6000 times rotation tested hinges. Tight hinges allow for easy adjustment and retention of position. Additionally, you may fold it up and carry it with you on travel and business trips.

Laptop Stand For Surface Pro UK

Do you live in the UK? No problem! We still got you covered. Here are the best Lamicall products for your Surface Pro. These are our best choice and any of these products can absolutely help you with anything you need. Check out our summarized table of specifications but check out our detailed review as well.

  • Sleek, robust, substantial, and fashionable.
  • To follow recipes, you’ll need a hands-free experience in the kitchen.
  • Compatible with tablets with thick covers.
  • Adjustable viewing angle.
  • Numerous product review editors recommend this product.

Compatible devices with the tablet stand include the iPad Mini 6, iPad Air 4, iPad 2017 Pro 9.7 / 10.5, iPad Air mini Surface Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 inch. For tablets larger than 12 inches in size that are unsteady when in use, it is recommended that they be positioned horizontally. The tablet holder is simple to use and can be adjusted to allow both vertical and horizontal viewing positions. Because the hook width of the stand is 18mm, please make sure that your tablet or tablet with case is no thicker than that measurement (0.71 in).

The rubber cushions and feet on the tablet dock help to protect your device from everyday scrapes and slips and falls. Playing games, viewing movies, seeing photographs, reading, typing, and video recording are all made possible thanks to Lamicall’s great service. The Tablet Stand was constructed from a space-flight Al-Ti alloy and super-high-strengthened alloy steel, which provided it with increased strength while also reducing its weight.

  • Adjustable angle, heavy-duty base.
  • Produced from an aluminum alloy.
  • Never again will you need to hold your tablet with your hands!
  • Slip-resistant design.

Lamicall did market research to ascertain the genuine expectations of consumers and then created this fully adjustable tablet stand with remarkable stability. A fantastic iPad desktop stand that frees up your hands to watch movies, use Facetime, view recipes, and play games. Thanks to a high-quality aluminum alloy and a larger, heavier base, the Lamicall desktop ipad charging dock stand provides sturdy support that prevents your tablet from tumbling over like others.

This multi-angle tablet holder’s dual-hinge adjustability allows for a variety of viewing angles. Adjustment and retention are facilitated by tight hinges. Additionally, you may fold it up to bring it on vacation or work trips. Adjustable zoom tablet stand fits 4-13 inch tablet PCs such as the new 2021 iPad Mini 6, iPad Pro 11 / 12.9, iPad Air 4, 2018 iPad Pro 9.7 / 10.5, iPad Air mini, Surface Pro, Kindle Paperwhite, Fire HD 7 8 10, E-reader, Huawei, iPhone X, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro Max, Switch. The rubber cushions and feet on the iPad dock can protect your tablet from scratches and sliding on a daily basis.

Wrapping It Up

That’s it! Those are the best tablets stand for your Microsoft Surface Pro. You can find more using amazon, however, the long list might intimidate you. We hope that this list somehow help you decide the best one for you. If you want to find and see more tablet stand that is compatible with your Surface Pro, you can check our amazing list of laptop stand from Lamicall. You won’t regret buying our products and accessories.

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