7 Best Laptop Arm Mount In The Market

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In our endless attempt to establish workplace ergonomics, humans were able to innovate and invent laptop arm mounts. As their name suggests, these laptop arm mounts can elevate, extend, and change the positioning of your laptop. As a result, they give you the convenience of using the device in the most suitable position possible.

The benefits of the best laptop arm mount can’t be understated. That’s the very reason investing in them is a must–especially if you are constantly using your laptop. One solid option you have for this item is the Lamicall Portable Laptop Stand LN09. It has a simple but effective design in ensuring that you can utilize your laptop without resorting to a bad posture.

Read on to learn more about this laptop stand and other laptop arm mounts in the following sections below.

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Benefits Of Having The Best Laptop Arm Mount

Using your laptop on a flat tabletop is not a bad idea. It’s pretty standard these days, anyway. However, you should realize that such a setup is disadvantageous to your part at some point.

One, it is not ergonomic. Suppose the table is positioned too high or too low while you are doing your job. This position would compel you to stretch your body awkwardly. You will be forced to do unnecessary bends so that you’ll feel a little comfort. But the thing is, the convenience you experience is just temporary.

To solve this problem, investing in a laptop arm mount is a must. It is an essential accessory that should be present in your workplace, home, or anywhere we use your portable computer.

Here are some of the additional benefits that you can get from using a laptop arm mount.


Laptop arm mounts are used to stabilize and hold your laptop from falling and also prevent it from moving around. These arm mounts are usually fixed onto your table or desk (either your lap or desk), and then you can enjoy your laptop or tablet. If you don’t want your laptop to be displaced, affixing them to these mounts is ideal.

The stability of these laptop arm mounts may vary from one model to another. Hence, it is always recommended that you go with those that have efficient locking mechanisms, sturdy design, and stable trays or decks. Lamicall has numerous stable laptop stands and mounts. Better check them out!

Guaranteed Ergonomics

Laptop arm mounts enable optimal ergonomics, especially for people who work on their laptops for long hours, whether working at home or in an office. It is also helpful when you have to move your laptop from one location to another. With laptop arm mounts, you can use your mobile computer without having to place it in your lap or somewhere less uncomfortable.

Laptop arm mounts support proper posture by ensuring that your laptop is correctly leveled at you. It will reduce the need for you to slouch extensively. They help promote healthy positioning, regardless of the table’s height. After all, these arm mounts are adjustable and extendable. If you want to explore more ergonomic laptop stands, check the offerings of Lamicall!

Spill-Free Convenience

We know that you are familiar with that situation where your coffee or water spills to your desk. Of course, it is tolerable to some degree. However, the horror begins to surface once you realize that spills reach your laptop. These devices are sensitive to water and liquid. Once the elements get into their circuitry, irreparable damages can ensue. For instance, water can cause your laptop’s keyboard to malfunction.

The best solution to this problem is by elevating your laptop to a position where no spills can reach it. And that’s where these laptop arm mounts come into play. They guarantee that your laptop remains clean and damage-free whether you are in your workplace or home.

How To Choose The Best Laptop Arm Mount

Your next task is to identify which laptop arm mounts are ergonomic and which are not. In the market today, you’ll see a lot of options for this workplace accessory. The seemingly endless options can make the search a little baffling and time-consuming.

But if you know the things that you need to look for in these laptop arm mounts, you’ll be able to narrow and refine your choices.

Locking Mechanism

Laptop arm mounts are usually attached to tables or any surface where they can “bite.” For them to stay in place, they should have a sturdy and secured locking mechanism. Today, most of the laptop arm mounts feature clamps as the primary means of affixing them.

On the other hand, some laptop mounts would require you to screw them directly to the table. This prevents you from adjusting their placement whenever you want to. However, the biggest advantage of this setup is that it is extremely stable. Specifically, it is designed to make the mount immovable in the first place. You’ll never worry that they would get toppled if you hit the mount accidentally.


A laptop arm mount should be highly adjustable. And we are not only talking about height here. You should be able to move its placement in different positions and directions. In fact, this is the difference between a laptop arm mount to standard laptop stands. These arm mounts offer multiple adjustment options–horizontal, vertical, and anything in between.

Such a capability enables these laptop arm mounts to provide their users with the most comfortable viewing interface. Some may overlook this factor, but adjustability is a key reason why you should get these laptop arm mounts in the first place.


Of course, you want the laptop arm mount to be highly durable. We highly discourage people from getting those mounts that are made from seemingly cheap plastic. The only exception here is when it is a high-grade plastic (such as ABS and composite).

The ideal laptop arm mounts are crafted from sturdy steel or aluminum. They are durable and can support heavy loads without breaking or bending. You also don’t have to worry about their weight, either. After all, you are not required to carry these mounts. Once you can install the mount on your table, you can leave it there already.

7 Best Laptop Arm Mount In The Market

Image source: Lamicall

Let’s admit it: not all of you are a fan of laptop arm mounts. But you don’t want ordinary laptop stands, either. If you are stuck in this dilemma, you should check out the Lamicall Portable Laptop Stand LN09. This unit has the same functionality as conventional laptop arm mounts. It is highly adjustable and ensures ergonomics on the part of its users. But at the same time, it is portable. This means that you don’t need to clamp it in a single place.

At the same time, this unit optimizes your laptop’s ventilation. That’s a functionality that you can’t find on traditional laptop arm mounts. It ensures that your device doesn’t overheat. It is a necessary feature for those who are using their laptops for extensive periods. Furthermore, this unit is foldable. It collapses flatly so that you can store it without any problem.


  • Requires no installation
  • Durable construction
  • Prevents your laptop from overheating
  • Accommodates large laptops
  • Multiple height adjustments


  • No known drawbacks

2. Loctek FLEXIMOUNTS 2-in-1 Monitor Arm Laptop Mount Stand

Image source: Amazon

Next, we have the FLEXIMOUNTS 2-in-1 Monitor Arm Laptop Mount Stand. This one is compatible with up to 17.3-inch laptops, allowing it to accommodate different laptop models with ease. It is also durable, thanks to its aircraft-grade aluminum construction. However, it is not as heavy as its steel counterparts.

Its arm can provide a 360-degree horizontal rotation. In short, it can spin around. You can also tilt the arm–from -85 to -15 degree angles. This laptop arm mount has a premium gas-spring hovering system for added maneuverability. Since this mount has durable hardware, it is easily compatible with both grommet and clamp installation. In fact, the mount’s weight capacity is up to 8.8 pounds, which is definitely astounding.


  • Supports both clamp and grommet installation
  • Offers numerous adjustments
  • Enables efficient cable management
  • Monitor arm allows standing or sitting work position
  • High-load capacity


  • It is tough to install this laptop arm mount

3. Liftit Laptop/Monitor Dual Desk Mount Stand

Image source: Amazon

This laptop arm mount enables you to switch between monitors and laptops quickly. Similar to the previous product, this one is a highly versatile desk mount that improves the ergonomics and efficiency in your workplace. Its laptop tray easily supports up to 17-inch laptops and can hold up to 18 pounds of weight. Meanwhile, the monitor mount supports screens up to 32 inches wide.

All the necessary tools and components are included in this package for a more convenient setup. It has two mounting options: C-clamp and grommet. Hence, you have numerous options to keep it locked in place. You can rotate its laptop tray at a full 360-degree angle. You are also free to tilt it (45 degrees for the laptop and 90 degrees / -45 degrees for its monitor). On the other hand, its arms provide a 90/-90 degree swivel. You’ll never have any problems adjusting it to your preferred position.


  • Compatible with various monitors and laptops
  • Fully adjustable design
  • Hassle-free mounting system
  • Package includes all tools for installation/assembly
  • Secures laptops properly


  • Available in only one color

4. MPK Height Adjustable Laptop Arm Mount

Image source: Amazon

Another excellent laptop arm mount that you should check out is the MPK Height Adjustable Laptop Arm Mount. This one was designed to free the clutter of small desks. It lifts your laptop from the tabletop so that you’ll have more space where you can place your other items. Thanks to its aluminum alloy construction, it features a steady, sturdy arm. It is not susceptible to dropping your precious device.

Meanwhile, its gas-spring height adjustment allows you to configure its position. It can tilt up to 145 degrees. The arm can also extend up to 19.5 inches and can reach the height of 13.7 inches. Furthermore, you can rotate the arms 360 degrees.


  • Offers multiple installation modes
  • Features an adjustable tension
  • Tilts and rotates smoothly
  • Construction is fairly durable
  • Known to support heavy loads


  • Extension and reach are pretty limited as compared to its counterparts

5. VIVO STAND-LAP3 Universal Laptop Mount Holder

Image source: Amazon

Those searching for cost-efficient laptop mount holders should check the VIVO STAND-LAP3 Universal Laptop Mount Holder. This is an ergonomic laptop holder that you can mount various VESA-compatible stands. It includes a universal tray that easily fits 15.6-inch notebooks and laptops. However, let us remind you that you need to purchase its VESA arm separately; it is not part of the package.

The VIVO STAND-LAP3 has an adjustable clamp. You can configure its width so that it can accommodate different laptop sizes. It also has rubber tabs on its corners to secure your device and free it from scratches. There are ventilation holes on its tray, as well. They enable efficient cooling to your laptop, preventing it from overheating.


  • Highly stable
  • Allows sufficient ventilation
  • Crafted from durable materials
  • Features an anti-slip design


  • Tilt angle is somewhat limited
  • Protects laptops from scratches

6. AVLT Laptop and Monitor Stand

Image source: Amazon

The AVLT Laptop and Monitor Stand features an advanced design that simply topples its counterparts. Its dual-monitor desk mount accommodates flat, curved, and ultrawide monitors with ease. At the same time, it can hold up to 17.6 pounds of load, allowing it to sustain even the burliest laptop. It is also a VESA-compatible laptop arm mount.

Interestingly, its heavy-duty metal base doesn’t have too much space on your desk surface. Hence, it is still not a bulky accessory that could cause clutter in your workspace. It also supports two mounting options: C-clamp and grommet-mounting. They can support desks up to 1.9 inches thick. Meanwhile, its mechanical spring arm allows height adjustments from 7.6 inches to 17.7 inches. The mount is also compatible with vertical tilts, horizontal swivels, and different viewing orientations.


  • Effortless assembly
    Base doesn’t occupy too much desk space
    Can be folded if not used
    Provides different viewing orientation
    Ultra-durable construction


  • Width adjustment for the laptop is somewhat fragile

7. WALI Laptop Tray Desk Mount

Image Source: Amazon

This laptop arm mount from WALI is also a superb option for making your workplace extra ergonomic. It fits laptops up to 17 inches wide and can support a weight of up 22 pounds. It has detachable mounting plates so that you can change your laptop’s placement whenever you want to. Furthermore, it also works with VESA mounting holes (both 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm).

The WALI Laptop Tray Desk Mount features a two-stage locking system. You can either use its C-clamp or grommet base. Unlike other mounting options, WALI’s mounting systems can cater to thick table desks. You can lock them in place to desks up to 4 inches thick.

Its high-grade arm can quickly extend and retract. You can adjust it based on your needs and liking. Meanwhile, its 16-inch pole supports the entire system steadily. It doesn’t wobble, which allows you to focus on your work more efficiently. The arm supports swiveling motion and 360-degree rotations for enhanced ergonomics.


  • Installs on thick desk surfaces
  • Venting holes prevent your laptop from overheating
  • Multiple adjustment options
  • Sturdy steel architecture
  • Handles heavy loads


  • Requires some assembly


Evidently, using a laptop arm mount can make your workplace extra ergonomic. It provides additional means for you to be able to work efficiently. At the same time, it enhances your versatility in making presentations, pitching ideas, or publishing reports on your laptop. But of course, it pins the need for you to choose a well-engineered, highly functional laptop arm mount.

You should also try the Lamicall Portable Laptop Stand LN09 if you want the extra convenience of a laptop arm mount without fussy installations. It is a configurable accessory that helps you accomplish more tasks efficiently and speedily. It is also an essential investment for those people who have multiple working stations. After all, this laptop stand is as portable as it gets!

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