6 Best iPad Pro 12.9 Car Mount

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6 best ipad pro 12.9 car mount banner

Surprisingly enough, there aren’t many options for iPad Pro car mounts compared to iPhones. It makes this arduous as iPads are essential for providing clear navigation, news updates, and music!

Surely enough, you can use this device inside your vehicle without a mount. But that would make driving a lot more difficult and dangerous.

Hence, we recommend that you get a Lamicall car mount for an iPad Pro. It is among the few in-car mounts in the market that is compatible with iPad Pro 12.9. But if you want some other options, check the list below.

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Benefits Of Car Mounts For iPads

Investing in car mounts is a must, especially if you are bringing your favorite devices in your drive. One way or another, these car mounts provide an extra layer of convenience and safety to you while you are on the round.

Here are some of the specific benefits of installing car mounts for your iPad and other mobile devices:

Driving Safety

We all know that many vehicular accidents are caused by distracted driving. While it is true that these mobile devices are fun and beneficial to use, there’s no arguing that they can pose hazards on the road.

Drivers and passengers are much safer if their tablets and phones are affixed in a stable platform–such as car mounts. With these accessories, hands-free operation with your gadgets is almost possible. You don’t have to remove your hands from the steering wheel just to hold your iPad. And that alone can save you from potential disasters while driving.

Hands-Free Calls

Of course, another reason why you need these car mounts for iPads is convenience in communication. With these car mounts, you will be able to call or communicate with other people without touching your iPad too much.

You may have the option to use a Bluetooth earpiece. However, it is much more intuitive to be able to see who is calling and have things more audible by activating the speaker mode.

Intuitive Navigation

Your iPad is equipped with a default navigation app. You are also free to download third-party apps such as Waze. These programs enable you to drive with maximum efficiency. They let you find the nearest routes and access points to your destination.

However, using these apps without your car mounts can be a lot of difficult. These apps function better if you can see the digital maps they display. To do this, you need to hold your gadget. However, it is dangerous to remove your hands from the steering wheels and gear lever. If you have a car mount installed inside your vehicle, you will be able to use these navigation tools safely and conveniently.

Convenient Charging

Your iPad requires power for continuous operation. Therefore, charging them while driving should be essential. This process can be a little bit stifling and annoying if the gadget is not in a fixed position. Wires tend to tangle and loosen. Using the device while it is on charge is not easy, either. With a car mount, you can avoid these nuisances.

Considerations In Choosing The Best iPad Pro 12.9 Car Mount


You need to make sure that the car mount that you can get can support the size of your iPad Pro 12.9. For a spring-loaded mount, you need to ensure that it is wide enough to hold the device. If you have a magnetic mount, you need to know its maximum carrying capacity.

Placement Of The Mount

It is essential that the car mount doesn’t obstruct the view of the driver. But at the same time, you don’t want it to be too distant from you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see the essential displays that you need.

Here, the following are some of the recommendations for the car mount’s placement:

  • It should be affixed in a central portion of the car
  • It should be accessible to the driver
  • The mount should allow you to attach it to various parts of your car’s interior


When choosing a car mount for your iPad, you would want it to possess impeccable adjustability. Specifically, you should be able to configure the car mount so that you can use your tablet via landscape or portrait mode. Such a convenient feature allows you to utilize your device better. Look for Lamicall iPad holders as they possess this feature!


One essential factor to look at when choosing a car mount is stability. The locking mechanism of the mount should be rugged and durable. In this way, it will not be susceptible to accidental dislodging, especially if you are traversing bumpy roads. At the same time, it should keep your device from shaking too much.

Ease Of Use

The best car mounts for iPad and similar devices should be user-friendly. You should be able to utilize them conveniently. For instance, these car mounts must include simple but secure attachment mechanisms. You should also prefer those car mounts that have hassle-free adjustments. The less quirky the car mount is, the easier it is for you to install and use it inside your vehicle.

Reviews Of The Best Ipad Pro 12.9 Car Mounts

Image source: Lamicall

The Lamicall iPad Holder for Car Headrest P should be your first choice. It supports multiple iPad models, making it extremely versatile. At the same time, it has a convenient installation. You don’t need tools before you can attach them securely.

It also includes an anti-slip pad so that it remains immovable once affixed in the headrest. Furthermore, this Lamicall iPad Holder features a 360-degree rotating capability. It allows you to adjust it from any angle that you want. Of course, this unit supports both portrait and landscape viewing.

Durability-wise, this iPad holder is far from being flimsy. It is tailored from a combination of metal, silicone, and plastic. And the best part about this product is that it doesn’t cause scratches or dents on your device. This simple but effective is one of the reasons why it is a top-pick for intuitive iPad car mounts.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Features tool-free installation
  • Made from durable components
  • Compatible with cable charging
  • Supports different iPad models


  • It can only be attached to headrests

Image source: Lamicall

Another exceptional car mount for your iPad Pro 12.9 is the Headrest Tablet Mount P3. Still manufactured by Lamicall, you can guarantee that this car accessory is durable, easy to use, and highly adjustable. It primarily enables hands-free usage of your device. In turn, it lets you watch movies, play games, and listen to music on your iPad without even having to hold it.

Similar to the first iPad Pro mount, this unit offers tool-free installation. It features a secure locking mechanism so that you can affix your car’s headrests tightly. At the same time, it holds your devices safely, too. Its anti-slip pad ensures that your iPad remains intact and scratch-free.

You can also rotate the mount, thanks to its ball joint adjustment. It enables convenient viewing and usage of your gadget. There are also telescoping arms on the mount that mitigates vibration. No more shaky screens!


  • Provides shockproof performance
  • Offers 360-degree rotation
  • Comes with a friction-free platform to prevent scratches
  • Includes convenient adjustment mechanism
  • Tool-free installation


  • Limited options in color

3. EXSHOW Car Headrest Tablet Holder For iPad

Image source: Amazon

Another option that you can take a look at is the EXSHOW Car Headrest Tablet Holder. This one is specifically tailored for different iPad models. But it can also work with tablets from other brands like Huawei and Samsung.

Similar to Lamicall car mounts, this unit is also durable and stable. It features an aluminum alloy construction, which is both lightweight and rugged. Its mount is designed to stretch so that you can affix it between the poles of two seats. Because of this mechanism, it can secure your iPad steadily, even if you are passing on bumpy roads. By the way, the maximum distance that the mount can reach is 19.7 inches to 29 inches (from one pole to another).

There are soft silicone pads on the mount’s cradle to protect your device from scratches. Meanwhile, its non-slip diagonal clamp prevents unwanted slippages. This mount also offers 360 degrees angle adjustment. It allows you to get the best viewing for your movies, games, and e-books.


  • Durable construction
  • Superb stability even in off-roads
  • Protects iPads and tablets from scratches
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with non-Apple tablets


  • It is somewhat obtrusive for back seaters

4. Cellet 360 Adjustable Tablet Automobile Mount Cradle

Image source: Amazon

This car mount from Cellet is also a decent option that you should check out. This one fits well on any standard cup holder in the front panel of the vehicle. Because of this design, it enables drivers to affix their iPads and similar devices near them. It lets you dial its base so that you either expand or collapse it, depending on the diameter of the cupholder. The base is also heavy-duty. Hence, it doesn’t wobble whenever you are driving.

The car mount also features a grip release button for quick gadget release. It can accommodate devices up to 9.5 inches once you fully stretch its sidearms. Thanks to its softback holder and corner grips, it also guarantees that it doesn’t scratch or dent your iPad.

Furthermore, the car mount supports 360 degrees rotation so that you can get the best viewing angle. It is also compatible with both landscape and portrait orientation.


  • Features 360-degree rotation
  • Adjustable base accommodates any cup holder size
  • Its arm is durable and stable
  • Secures your devices tightly
  • Works well with different tablet sizes


  • Some of its components are somewhat flimsy

5. Bakel Car Headrest Tablet Mount Holder

Image source: Amazon

This unit is also an appealing option for an iPad Pro car mount. The Bakel Car Headrest Tablet Mount Holder offers compatibility with 6-inch to 12.9-inch tablets. It can also fit 4.5-inch to 8-inch smartphones. Meanwhile, its attachment point is between the metal posts of your car’s headrest. However, keep in mind that it can only fit on two posts with a distance of 5.2 inches to 5.7 inches from another. Hence, it is not suitable for car models like Subaru Forester, Chevrolet Tahoe, 2007 Toyota Prius, and Ford Expedition.

The Bakel Tablet Car Mount assures that it doesn’t shake while driving. It is highly stable, whether you are in concrete or off-road. A soft silicone cushion on its tablet holder absorbs shock and minimizes vibration. The platform efficiently protects your device from unwanted damages.

Interestingly, this car mount features a hook design. This unique architecture lets you hang your food, groceries, and light baggage. The mount helps organize your items so that your car’s interior will not become messy.


  • Comes with a soft silicone cushion that secures your device
  • Works as a hook for bags and groceries
  • Highly stable
  • Attachment mechanism is highly secure
  • Supports cable charging


  • It is not compatible with some car models

6. AHK Store Car Tablet Holder

Image source: Amazon

This car mount from AHK features numerous ergonomic capabilities. It is versatile enough to accommodate different devices from various brands such as Google, Huawei, Nintendo, ASUS, and Samsung. It doesn’t only hold tablets, but it fits phones as well. The mount’s width extends from 6- to 12.9 inches, making it a perfect choice for iPad Pro 12.9 and previous models.

Attaching the mount in the car headrest is pretty easy. You can either clamp it behind the car seat or attach it between the passenger and driver seats. The swivel ball connection of this car tablet holder allows it to rotate 360 degrees. You can also tilt it so that you can switch it from landscape to portrait and vice-versa.


  • Includes a strong aluminum shaft that prevents your iPad from bouncing
  • Versatile attachment points
  • Can accommodate different tablets and mobile devices
  • Unlimited viewing orientation
  • Highly stable even on bumpy roads


  • Some of its parts are somewhat flimsy


When choosing a car mount for your iPad, it is essential that you mind its adjustability and stability. It should become an unmoving platform where you can secure your gadget. Moreover, you should be able to adjust it so that you can get the best viewing angle. Also, the mount should never cause scratches to your tablet.

Among the selections here, the Lamicall iPad Holder for Car Headrest P is our best iPad Pro 12.9 car mount. It has superior durability without being too heavy or clunky. At the same time, this car mount has hassle-free installation. You can set it on your headrest in just a matter of seconds. Furthermore, none of its parts feel cheap. If you want to shop around, better start with this car mount.

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