5 BEST Gooseneck Phone and Tablet Holder Review 2021

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Goose neck phone and tablet holders are known as the ultimate accessory when slacking off.

They are certainly not a new thing anymore, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find any serious review piece people could use to help them choose a product suitable for them.

So here I am. We tested 9 products hands-on and selected 5 that deserve to be on the Best Gooseneck Phone Holder list.

Hope I can help you make the final purchase decision.

Reading Guide

ask before 1 1

These are the questions you need to consider before purchasing. Different products are used in significantly various context, and I am romantically convinced that every product is designed with the client’s needs in mind, at least this is always the case with Lamicall.

As for why there are still negative comments, perhaps it’s because customers haven’t researched deeply into what they want? Or our details page is not detailed enough; I hereby apologize to you.

With all these being said, rest assured that gooseneck holders that appear in this article have 2 things in common:

1. They have rubber pads. They do on both clamping and gripping parts to prevent scratching on your furniture and your devices. At the same time, the Rubber pads on grips to make sure your device sits sturdily without slipping off.

2. They won’t block your device from charging while operating


GP03 | Lamicall Gooseneck Phone Holder for Bed

gooseneck phone holder grey GP03

Due to the grip design of the GP03 gooseneck phone holder, the GP03 is only suitable for mobile phones, Nintendo Switch and other relatively light-weight devices.

Due to its material advantages, GP03 is more stable than products using other materials. The gooseneck part is manufactured with PU leather-wrapped aluminum alloy (20mm/0.79in diameter).

PU leather is also referred to as artificial leather. The leather was developed from polyurethane, a polymer with a comparable texture to natural leather, but at the same time does not cost the life of any animal. PU leather is a vegan material that gives you the advantage of an animal product.

Pu leather is a relatively rigid material comparing to other materials we used in other goose neck phone holders such as PVC and rubber, so it can be a bit of effort to adjust the orientation. But the product’s advantages are also apparent. It’s very stable.

We tested our LS05, a goose neck phone holder that used PVC wrapped aluminum alloy (20mm/0.79in diameter); GP03 has better stability. We bent both holders to the same shape, and gave both a flick at the same time. GP03 stopped much faster.

The GP03 can perform best in a fixed place, such as by your couch, where you often rest, or within your hobby spot, which provides you with a place where you have your soul escape your body and go into soul land and play musical instruments in the sky while all the little souls are watching.

My friend, Betty tucked her GP03 next to her stitch couch to watch TV shows while she was stitching. My dad uses GP03 to prop up his microphone during his karaoke sessions.

Overall Pros and Cons

lamicall gooseneck phone holder grey GP03-1


  • Most stable Gooseneck phone holder by Lamicall
  • Ball Joint grip (phone holder), extremely durable
  • Vegan material, artificial leather-wrapped Gooseneck


  • Gooseneck part is a little bit hard to bend and adjust
  • Tablets do not fit due to their size

LS02 | Lamicall Gooseneck Tablet Holder

gooseneck tablet holder ls02 black-7

LS02 Gooseneck phone holder is an evergreen product of Lamicall. One of the all-time bestsellers since 2018

The top part is easier for manipulation since its made with soft aluminum alloy (15mm/0.59in diameter) wrapped in silicone. It is ideal for small adjustments, like being bent slightly to the sides while you are watching TV with the product clamped on a headboard before go to sleep.

The lower part of the LS02 can be stabilized in a general gesture while the upper part is suitable for free adjustment to meet different users’ needs.

The grip is designed for all kinds of devices such as cellphones, Nintendo Switch, tablets (except iPad Pro 11, it’s way too big for the grip to hold) and even small HDTV monitor.

Overall Pros and Cons

gooseneck tablet holder ls02 black-1


  • Fits multiple devices includes cellophane, tablet (iPad pro 11 excluded), Nintendo Switch and a small HDTV monitor
  • Gooseneck part two section design, stability and durability are taken into account
  • 360° rotated grip (phone holder)
  • Vegan material, artificial leather and rubber wrapped Gooseneck


  • Not the best appearance

LS04 | Lamicall Gooseneck 360 Long Arm holder

gooseneck 360 long arm holder ls04 white-5

LS04 Goose neck phone holder is a very lightweight product. Because of the segmented design, it is very flexible. Suitable for moving around, clamping on a headboard, sofa side, bathtub, or something in the bathroom. Also, a two-section design provides maximum durability.

It is SOOO lightweight and durable you can even bring it outside. To a camp. Believe me, it will last.

The upper part is manufactured with PVC-wrapped aluminum alloy (15mm/0.59in diameter).

The lower part used the same material except for a thicker aluminum alloy tube (20mm/0.79in diameter).

What is PVC?

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride or Vinyl) is a high stamina polycarbonate material commonly utilized in infrastructure, such as pipelines, medical tools, cable as well as wire insulation … the list goes on. It is the world’s third-most extensively generated artificial plastic polymer.

Both the upper and lower parts of LS04 are really easy to bend. It could be a bit awkward to grip with one hand, so it’s best for two-handed operation if you need to type on your device.

There is a certain lack of stability, and it uses a segmented design and more flexible and soft materials.

The grip only works with devices between 4 and 6.8 inches, such as all mobile phones and switches. But if you need an iPad mount, the LS04 won’t work and won’t be stable. LS02 and LS07 are your go-to products.

LS04 is my favorite Gooseneck phone holder. I use it all the time because of its flexibility and attractive appearance. LS04 performs best when it’s clamped on my headboard, and I like to use it when I slack off. Every day before going to sleep, I’d use my LS04 to watch several YouTube videos with my husband and we love it!

LS04 operation

Overall Pros and Cons

gooseneck 360 long arm holder ls04 white-1


  • Very light, easy to move around, even travel with
  • Extremely durable and soft with segmented design
  • Best appearance of all Lamicall Goose neck mounts (editor’s personal opinion)
  • 360° rotating grip (phone holder)


  • Lack of a highly stiff weight bearing structure
  • Tablets do not fit

LS05 | Lamicall Gooseneck Bed Phone Holder Mount

Gooseneck Holder LS05 white-5

LS05 is very sturdy due to the integrated design. We manufactured LS05’s gooseneck using PVC wrapped aluminum alloy (20mm/0.79in diameter).

What is PVC?

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride or Vinyl) is a high stamina polycarbonate material commonly utilized in infrastructure, such as pipelines, medical tools, cable as well as wire insulation … the list goes on. It is the world’s third-most extensively generated artificial plastic polymer.

LS05 is our best-selling gooseneck phone holder since 2019, and I can see why many people are fond of it when I’m holding an LS05 in my hands.

Be careful when you place your phone in the mount; the clamp does hit the sound button on the side of the phone, so mount it a bit off-centered. The grip is rotatable for you to adjust your phone to an ideal angle.

LS05 is an all-rounder product. It’s made of a moderate material, PVC, which is slightly harder than rubber but a lot softer than PU leather.

If you don’t know what you need for a gooseneck phone holder, but you are sick of holding your phone with your hands, LS05 can be your best companion.

The only drawback for me is that the grip is not made for tablets. It can only fit most cellphones and Nintendo Switches.


Overall Pros and Cons

Gooseneck Phone Holder rose gold


  • 360º rotating grip (phone holder)
  • Best comprehensive ability (if you don’t know which to choose, choose LS05)
  • Bestseller


  • Not super easily adjustable
  • Not suitable for tablets

LS07 | Lamicall Gooseneck Holder for Bed

gooseneck holder for bed ls07 white-5

LS07 is similar in design to LS05, but it can be used for multiple devices, such as Nintendo Switch, cellphones, kindle and even small HDTV monitors.

The 360º rotating clamp allows you to adjust your device to an ideal position for your best experience.

LS07 is very sturdy due to its integrated design. We manufactured LS07’s gooseneck using PVC wrapped aluminum alloy (20mm/0.79in diameter).

What is PVC?

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride or Vinyl) is a high stamina polycarbonate material commonly utilized in applications, such as pipelines, medical tools, cable as well as wire insulation … the listing is limitless. It is the globe’s third-most extensively generated artificial plastic polymer.

The arm and mount are super sturdy. I used it every day for a week for at least an hour at a time, and not once has the neck bent without me touching it. I was nervous that I’d get smacked in the face, but it never happened!

The arm and tablet will bounce if you’re tap on your iPad while it is on the holder, though. It’s meant to be more of a 2 hander – hold with one hand, tap with the other.

If you don’t know what you need for a gooseneck tablet holder but you are sick of holding your device with your hands, LS07 can be your go-to gadget.


Overall pros and cons



  • 360º rotating grip (tablet holder)
  • Best comprehensive ability (if you don’t know which to choose for your tablet, choose LS07)


  • Does not fit iPad pro 11 (It’s way too big)

How to adjust your gooseneck holder to the ideal position?

Lamicall often gets emails from clients saying that their gooseneck holder is broken.

Our aluminum material has been tested. It can only be broken after being bent at the same position back and forth 26 times in one minute, so it seems like people have been going pretty crazy about bending their holders.

(pro tip: don’t do that)

When the holder operated, the pressure on the bottom part is always high. It took us nine generations and countless prototypes, and we still have yet to fully solve the problem. We still get complaints from time to time, but it’s getting fewer (thank god).

Therefore it’s essential to learn how to bend your gooseneck into shape properly!

The point is, DO IT WITH BOTH HANDS! It is better to have a hand underneath to help secure the bottom.

LS04 operation

Best Way to Store Your Gooseneck Holder?

Twist it up!

Such a long thing is tough to store. we recommend that you do not use it folded up to make the overall size as small as possible.

Please put it in the box

Now that you’ve learned how to roll it up, if you’re looking for extreme tidiness, you can put it in its original box. Or put it anywhere you want.

Gooseneck holder care tips.

As I mentioned before in “How to adjust your gooseneck holder to the ideal position?” Our Gooseneck material has been tested so that you need to bend the Gooseneck 26 times in a minute to break the Gooseneck, which makes our Gooseneck pretty impossible to break if used properly. However, you do need to make sure that you don’t beat up your gooseneck holder while using it (also that your dog does not find the neck an attractive treat).

If your holder gets dirty, an eraser should be on point for cleaning your gadget; leaving it shiny after use.

In addition, try to minimize the chance of the gooseneck holder falling on your floor. The gadget’s internal components are quite sophisticated, we do use proprietary technology at the bottom, making it as robust as possible, but this item was not made to withstand extreme torchers.


Material Explanation


PU leather > PVC > Rubber


Rubber > PVC > PU leather

Goooseneck Holder Buying Guide From

Now if you still don’t know which to buy, this form might helps you.

Thanks for reading this article,

Let me know which product is your favorite.

Or Tell me if what content you would like to see in the future.

If you are a rather shy person,

Feel free to e-mail me your valuable thoughts: rita@lamicall.com


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