Best gifting choice for holiday season

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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When it comes to holiday season, we always think about nice vacation,  celebrations, family gathering, homemade cookies,etc. The holidays are a wonderful time of year with joy, cheer, and gratitude in abundance, but gift shopping is a nightmare for many people. It not just because we would spend lots of money but also difficult to choose different gifts which exactly perfect for everyone. We need to know each person’s preferences and needs so that we can choose the suitable and affordable gifts for them.

However, is there a suitable gift for everyone? Lamicall could be a pretty good choice.

P/P2 Car Headrest Tablet Mount for Dad

If your dad is a car enthusiast, You might consider getting him this Lamicall car headrest tablet mount as gift. This car mount is designed for back seat, mount it between the car headrest then people in the back seat could watch movies, read novels, play games and listen to music with hands-free operation during long journeys.

Your father would definitely be happy to facilitate his car with this headrest mount.

S1 Phone Stand for Mom in the Kitchen

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Think about how much time your mom has spent in the kitchen, cooking for the whole family. If she got a S1 Stand, she could learn cooking through video teaching, without worrying about soiling the iPad. Besides, she could  also enjoy the music or make phone call while cooking meals.

Your mother would love this practical  and thoughtful gift.

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Nowadays, it’s not likely to separate your children from mobile phones. If you have tried once, you would know how struggle it was. But you do worry about playing with handhold devices such as smart phones and tablets would cause myopia (short-sightedness).

Your children might not be that satisfied if they got a Lamicall Tablet stand as gift, but it do help to keep them at a certain distance from the phone. I believe your children would be appreciate when they grow up a little bit.

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Roses and chocolates? It’s cliche.

For girls, the most pleasant thing is watching movies or checking Instagram on the bed during the weekend (You’ll never know how lazy girls could be). With the LS02 gooseneck holder attached to nightstand or end table, lazy girls could free their hands from holding the phone and enjoy videos lying comfortably. By the way, if your girlfriend is an Internet celebrity, this phone holder is just perfect for her.

Try her this elegant phone holder, she would love it.

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Do you agree that it’s more difficult to gift boys? Boys tend to use less accessories, if they really want something, they have owned it.

For example, if your boyfriend is a fan for Nintendo, he would have owned one. Then, how about getting him a steady stand for his Nintendo and playing his favorite game with him. Soooo··· sweet! Besides, the foldable design of the stand make it convenient for travel. 


Imagine that your younger brothers and sisters are crouching in their tiny dorm with their desk in a mess. That would not be a good learning environment for them. With the help of Lamicall laptop stand, students could organize their desk for efficiency and get more focused on their study. What’s more, Lamicall laptop stand could elevates the laptop screen to their eye level, it helps to fix their posture and reduce neck&back strain while they using laptop.

Get your younger brothers and sisters a Lamicall laptop stand, get them a better study environment.

Above all, Lamicall could solve all your gifting problems throughout the coming holiday season.

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