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As Karen Higginbottom writes in Forbes, “Research by Exeter University’s School of Psychology found that employees who are in control over the design and layout of their workspace are not only happier and healthier — they also perform up to 32% more productive.” This article will recommend the 20 best desk accessories that genuinely help you organize your work desk in the long run. (Not just for a one-time Instagram/Pinterest post purpose.)

Observing many people around me, including myself. I found that most people’s workspace was occupied by a variety of daily necessities and work garbage. There is only a tiny amount of space left out for meaningful work stuff, which means desk things directly related to work.

Before I begin the actual content, there are 2 terms I need to clarify in order not to get you confused when reading my content.

Glasses and a laptop
Photo Credit K8

What are daily necessities?

Things that are not directly related to the job but have a positive impact on accelerating productivity. For me, daily necessities are glasses, eye drops, headphones, mugs, snacks, tissues. Without them, I would feel empty and unable to concentrate on my current task.

What is work garbage?

Work garbage is something that you think might still be useful but actually won’t. Such as dried pens and waste paper on the table. There are also “hidden” garbage, such as expired documents and obsolete hand notes, which are hard to identify because they are mixed up with valuable documents and have not been sorted out in time. Mixing old docs with helpful ones leads to frustration when trying to find a document from the whole pile of redundancy.

apple table set-up
Phonto Credit Jonathan Kemper

Organizing your desk takes more than just throwing out trash and putting away desk items.
Why do so many people tidy up their desks and then mess them up again so quickly? Because there is no systematic arrangement of the desktop, the whole setup has fallen into an endless loop of dirty and clean.
Ideally, it would be best if you were organized and have complete control over the placement of each item.

Essential Items Organization - Best Desk Accessories

Personal items such as keys, headphones, cables, etc., can occupy too much space and produce distraction more than you think they can.

headset stand white H1-3
headset stand white H1-1

The first thing is. First, this is a headphone stand. You hang headphones from it. Just about everything else on your desk could be done at one point or another. Having said that, the design of the stand does cradle your headphones very well, and the materials/construction are pretty solid all around.
Most importantly, this stand looks very good, and the different colors complement just about any aesthetic you might have. It’s minimal enough to blend in for the most part, but it has an interesting enough design that it plays as something closer to sculpture when you do notice.

Transparent Storage Bags
Photo Credit Amazon

Mobile phone cable, iPad cable, computer cable, hard drive cable, keyboard cable, mouse cable, headphone cable… When all tons of cable are tangled together, quite annoying. Say no to a messy desk. Put away your wires first!
Fortunately, now many equipment interfaces are unified, the same kind of data line only needs to keep one, try to use USB or Type-C interface charging. In this way, your cable can be reduced to 2-3, and other cables can be put into a sealed bag as a backup. Using a transparent storage bag as one of your storage supplies is indeed a wise idea.

Cable management box
Photo credit Amazon

It is one of my favorite work desk accessories. After collecting all the underutilized cables, let’s start managing your power strip and other existing cables in your workspace. The cable management box has an input hole and an output hole to plug and unplug your cable without lifting the lid. You might not realize how important just to hide your cables inside a box, but have you ever experienced your mug tipped by a cable? A cable management box prevents such a situation from happening.

Small Sticky Hooks
Photo credit Amazon
cable straps
Photo credit Amazon

Don’t forget the wires and sockets at the bottom of your table. Although everything is hidden under the workspace, these tangled wires can also make servicing difficult if something goes wrong with your equipment. The solutions can be summarized as follows:
1. Shorten excessively long cables;
2. Do not let any wire touch the floor (otherwise, it is troublesome to clean);
3. Label each cable.
Here’s a tip: Use sticky hooks and hang your socket on the wall. One of the cheapest desk organizers.

Binder Clips

binder clips marks cable
Photo credit MAYI

Simply use binder clips affixed with labels to differentiate your wires. That way, it’s a lot easier for you to locate the exact thing if any of your devices need maintenance.

adjustable laptop stand LB gray
adjustable laptop stand LB gray

A laptop riser is a must-have desk accessory. If you’re looking to make your desk more ergonomic and posture healthy – especially for zoom meetings, working from home, online learning, or online get-togethers with friends – Lamicall LB laptop riser is all you need! The features have been helpful for me, and I like that it’s got weight to it so it doesn’t feel like it’d break easily.
A little pricier than other laptop stands but well worth it, in my opinion. I like the clean design and finish, the adjustability, and the overall engineering and build quality. I’m very picky about my workstation setup, and this is precisely what I was looking for.

Lamicall tablet stand DT04 Table set up scaled
Photo Credit Anthony Wei

This tablet holder is an excellent office accessory. A few days ago, Lamicall published their best iPad stand for the workstation, the DT04. Super sturdy and flexible. Can mount iPad vertically and horizontally. No adhesive backings, and it does not block the charging of the Apple Pencil. No more complex features; this is all you need for your tablet in workspace.

Lamicall DT04 is an excellent tablet holder for:

  • Jotting down notes
  • Keeping your iPad off dirty surfaces
  • Listening to podcasts while working
  • Video conferencing
  • Better display to your clients
Lamicall tablet stand DT04 base
Lamicall tablet stand DT04 back
Lamicall tablet stand DT04 back detail

Lamicall DT04 Tablet Stand features:

  • Minimalistic aesthetic
  • Height adjustable from 7 to 9.6 inches
  • Angle adjustable from 45° to 90°
  • Universal tablet compatible
  • Non-skid touches in all the right places, which means that when you pick it up to move it, the tablet stays in place.
  • Heavy-duty base to keep your tablet well and sturdy
  • One-hand operation
Lamicall phone stand Dt04 installation conponents scaled
DT04 tablet stand comes with 2 components

Easy Installation

Lamicall phone stand Dt04 installation step 2

Step 1: Attach the heavy duty base and the upper part.

Lamicall phone stand Dt04 installation step 1

Step 2: Screw the metal tube clockwise until the upper and lower parts are fastened together.

Lamicall phone stand Dt04 installation step 3

Step 3: Press the white button on the top, and push the tablet holder up or down to adjust the appropriate height.

Customer Reviews:

Lamicall Customer
Lamicall Customer
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"A game changer for my cooking with recipes on my tablet."
Lamicall Customer
Lamicall Customer
Read More
“Every detail top notch quality.”
Lamicall Customer
Lamicall Customer@username
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"Main "arm" of the stand is actually plastic rather than metal. It feels solid enough, but a bit disappointing as an all-metal construction would make a stand even sturdier and provide for a more "premium" feel. That said, even with plastic, everything feels well-constructed."

Main Criticisms:

  • “This isn’t an item that is going to move around too much.”
  • “Bit high for my taste. Not a deal-breaker by any means, but it would be nice if I could lower the stand by another inch or two.”
height adjustable tablet stand dt04 white-1
height adjustable tablet stand dt04 white-6


If you have some need for a tablet stand, consider the Lamicall DT04. It’s well-built and made with quality materials, and has no issue holding a heavy tablet. For the reasonably specific purpose that I had in mind for it, the stand works perfectly.

Lamicall phone stand Dp02 set up scaled
Photo Credit Anthony Wei

Lamicall DP02 is an excellent cell phone stand and is considered one of the top desk accessories. Reasonable price, solid quality, raise your cell phone to an ergonomic height. Hold your cellphone with or without case properly. Allow angle adjustment and perfect for both vertical and landscape display. Overall, DP02 does its job well.

Lamicall phone stand Dp02 base
Lamicall phone stand Dp02 vertical view
Lamicall phone stand Dp02 back

Lamicall DP02 is a Perfect Phone Stand For:

  • Proping up your smartphone
  • Video calling
  • Vlogging
  • Video conferencing
  • Watching movies or videos.

Lamicall DP02 Cell Phone Stand Features:

  • Minimalistic aesthetic
  • Angle adjustable from 45° to 90°
  • Up to 8 inches of phone compatibility
  • Non-skid touches in all the right places, which means that when you pick it up to move it, your smartphone stays in place.
  • Heavy-duty base to keep your phone well and sturdy
  • One-hand operation
Lamicall phone stand Dp02 conponents scaled
P02 smartphone stand comes with 3 components

Easy Installation

Lamicall phone stand Dp02 installation step 1

Step 1: Attach the heavy duty base and the metal tube.

Lamicall phone stand Dp02 installation step 2

Step 2: Attach the pone holder part to the lower part.

Lamicall DP02 Phone holder Customer Reviews:

Lamicall customer
Lamicall customer
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"Works perfectly on my desk at a perfect height."
Lamicall customer
Lamicall customer
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"This helps me to keep my phone front and center on my desk, and I could not be happier with this product. I love it."
Lamicall customer
Lamicall customer
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"Does exactly what it's supposed to. Surprisingly sturdy and well made for the price."
Lamicall customer
Lamicall customer
Read More
"I love the Lamicall Cell Phone Stand for a desk. It stands the cell phone higher, so when making a call on face time, you don't have to bend your head down, or place the phone holder on something to raise it higher. Love the look of it as well."

Main Criticisms:

  • “The base is strong enough to hold a heavy device, but I am worried that if I accidentally hit it with my hands, my phone might fall off and get damaged. I have a phone stand holder that I can just clip my phone on it and not be worried that it might slip and fall off so this one would have been better if there was a way to secure the phone instead of just balancing it on the hooks.”
height adjustable tablet stand dt04 white-1
height adjustable tablet stand dt04 white-6


DP02 phone stand is just a primary phone holder that does what is meant to all for a reasonable price.

Stationary Organization Supplies

Organize your desk to keep it clean and tidy. Here are some desk organizer supplies.

Multi-Color Retractable Ballpoint Pen
Photo credit Amazon

Take a look at your pen holder, and do you need that many pens to write with? You might say: “Yes, I use black to the right, blue to draw, red to correct, and highlighter to highlight.” Get a multi-color retractable ballpoint pen and see how many pens you need. You will find out at the end that you only use 1-2 colors contently. Get one and see how it goes.

Drawer Dividers
Photo credit Amazon

Stationeries such as tape, scissors, punch, stapler seem very necessary, but you might not use them all the time. A drawer divider gives each of your objects a place to be placed. A drawer divider is one of the best desk accessories which will roughly divide your drawer space. You can put each of your stationaries in “its own” place all the time.
There is an indefinable sense of peace in knowing that “something must be in this grid.” Of course, you need to make sure that you put it back in the same place every time. Takes a little action at first few times but will form conditioned reflex in your brain and motion. Top investment for your long-term productivity.

Organizing Food and Drinks

I understand that food and drinks are essential to productivity, so pay attention when choosing their storage supplies. I recommend a small mug and a desk organizer box to hold your food and drink.

Small Mug
Photo credit Amazon

I used to own a large water bottle as one of my desk items. I took 1 minute to fill up the massive bottle with water in the morning and sat on my desk for the rest of the time, facing my computer, motionless. I then replaced my bottle with a small mug that forced me to get water from time to time. By standing up and taking a break from each refill, I feel less frustrated while working. And since I have a little mug, I also saved more space for my work desk setup.

Desk Organizer Box
Photo credit Amazon

Hide your snacks in a desk organizer box so you won’t constantly get distracted by their colorful packaging. Keeping your snacks out of sight will reduce visual stimulation, which helps you concentrate on your work more than ever. The bonus is, you get to eat fewer snacks and maintain a relatively healthy weight!

Documents Management

The more data stored on a hard drive, the more burden the computer will get, which slows down data processing. The same is true of desks. One thing to remember is to keep unnecessary files to a minimum amount.
Shrink your paper documents to the minimum. Deal with your completed work doc before the memory is still fresh. It gets more and more difficult if you slack off.

Storage Basket

document basket
Photo credit Anthony Wei

One of the office storage solutions is to create a temporary storage area for those elusive documents. I choose to store the documents that I am currently working on in a storage basket. The temporary storage area should be cleared out every two weeks so that you can recognize the importance of your documents.

file separator

Archived documents should not be put on the table nor storage basket due to the low frequency of use. Stored these documents in your drawer and simply used a file separator to differentiate them.

otter book end

Bookends are must-have for the office desk. Books need to have a permanent place on your desk. Try to keep only 3 books at a time. Put your books away after finishing them so that your books will not pile up on your desk.

Business Card Scanner App

As for business cards, some people use card folders for business cards. But when they need to look for the exact contact, they spend plenty of time looking for one card, which is very inefficient. Although a business card scanner is not an object, it’s still an excellent desk organizer supply.
You should convert business cards into electronic documents. By inputting some information into the app, you will get the contact information in a snap. All you need to do is simply scan every business card you get.

Desktop Management

We often need to place some files on a computer desktop. Temporarily it’s convenient for what you do presently. But will frustrate you after a few weeks piling up files on your desktop.

Fences - Desktop Organization Software

I use Fences to organize my desktop. It’s a famous fence-type desktop organizing tool. With customized rules, new files of different format types can be automatically grouped into the corresponding grid without manual dragging. Fences support automatic categorization, folder mapping, automatic pane shrinkage, edge alignment, and more.

Four-Quadrant wallpaper Partition Method

Four-Quadrant wallpaper Partition Method

Use the wallpaper directly as a partition frame for desktop files. The beauty of this method is that you don’t need to install any software, just a desktop wallpaper.
Divide the wallpaper according to need for 4 or 6 partitions, such as ongoing, completed, to be treated, commonly used, later, temporarily save, today’s task, delay, emergency, work……

OneTab is a Chrome plugin that helps organize your tabs. It saves unfinished tabs so you can review them the next day. One tab also retains the query idea of a problem for future traceability.

Stress Management

Stress management is an adaptive response to a perceived challenging or threatening environment. Management strategies include exercise, relaxation, behavioral self-control, cognitive therapy, and the establishment of social and work networks.
Your home office accessories list should contain a stress management accessory.

Mugen Edamame

The Infinite squeeze edamame is the second generation of Bandai’s stress relief toy. The toy is small plastic edamame. Each pod has three small edamame with a different look.
The stress-relieving toy simulates the look and feel of a regular edamame bean, which pops out its tiny head when you squeeze the pod. Release your hand, and the edamame retreats. So cute!

Thank you for reading this article; I hope you enjoyed it. See you folks again very, very soon!

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