4 Best Cell Phone Holders For Horseback Riding

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where should you put your phone when horseback riding
best cell phone holders for horseback riding

Source: Pexels

You may ask, “Can I use a phone while riding a horse?” Well, if it’s dangerous to use a phone while driving, just imagine the risk to check your social media while riding your horse. So another question pops up, “Then, what’s the need for phone holders for horseback riding?”

Is it Illegal to Use a Phone While Horseback Riding?

is it illegal to use a phone while horseback riding

Source: Unsplash

The answer to this question depends on the laws implemented where you live. If you’ll look into your country or state’s legislation, answering these two questions should help you know if using your phone while horse riding is legal or not:

  1. Are horses considered vehicles in my country or state?
  2. Is it illegal to use a phone while operating a vehicle in my country or state?

If you answered yes to both questions, then you will likely get fined for using a phone while horseback riding. It’s especially critical if you get caught while on public roads.

Now, we’re not saying that you should just leave your phone at home if you’ll go trail riding. You must keep your phone in you at all times especially if you’re alone. You need to use your phone in cases of emergencies. But apart from that, it’s advised not to hold, look, or use your phone while on horseback. Doing so can be a safety hazard.

So, again, CAN you use your phone while on horseback? Yes. But, SHOULD you use your phone while horseback riding? No.

Where Should You Put Your Phone When Horseback Riding?

where should you put your phone when horseback riding

Source: Pexels

As mentioned above, it’s not wrong to bring your phone when you ride a horse, just don’t use it. So, where will you put your phone? Consider these types of phone holders for horseback riding:

  • Phone Pocket. We don’t mean the hollow pockets of your jeans or shorts. Your phone will likely fall off if you put it there. Certain activewear like yoga pants or sports bras come with these phone pockets ideal for extreme activities like horseriding. Also, make sure that the pockets have a flap, or else your phone would still likely slide out.
  • Phone Holster. If you have a bigger phone, you may want to consider using a phone holster. This one is a phone pouch that you can attach to your arm, leg, or belt. Using a holster for your phone is more comfortable than a pocket. It’s also more likely to alert you urgently if you get a notification than when you put your phone in your purse.
  • Running Belt. Lastly, if you have a huge phone or other stuff to bring like cash or keys, then a running belt is the one for you. Although this belt is not tailored for equestrian sport, it’s a great phone holder for your trail adventures.

List of Best Cell Phone Holders for Horseback Riding

Here’s our quick list of best cell phone holders for horseback riding you can buy today:

  1. Lamicall Aluminum Foldable Phone Stand DP10
  2. Woofhoof’s On The Leg Cell Phone Holder
  3. MOVOYEE Running Armband Cell Phone Holder Case
  4. Starkenburg Company Horse Saddle Bag

4 Best Cell Phone Holders For Horseback Riding

We’ve listed the 4 best cell phone holders for horseback riding. Be sure to read ‘til the end to know our top pick!

aluminum foldable phone stand dp10 black-1


Fully foldable with 0.39 inches and 3-ounce weight, you can easily slip Lamicall Aluminum Foldable Phone Stand DP10 into your pocket or small bag. This is your perfect travel companion whether you go for a hike, business travel, or horseback riding.

Compared to cheap plastic products, Lamicall DP10 is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. It has a sturdy body, corrosion resistance, and a sleek metallic touch. Its simple design and smooth texture give off an elegant and luxurious touch.

Lamicall DP10 can be rotated by 360-degrees for flexible adjustment. Its single-axis rotation allows you to freely change its angle to fit your desired viewing.

Despite its plain design, you can be sure that it can hold your phone steadily. Its quality non-skid silicone pad on the front and the bottom will protect your phone from scratches and sliding.

Lamicall Aluminum Foldable Phone Stand DP10 Product Configuration

Product Dimensions3.54 x 2.36 x 0.75 inches
Item Weight3.2 ounces
Item Model NumberDP10-EU-B
Customer ReviewsN/A
Best Sellers Rank#26,377 in Cell Phones & Accessories (See Top 100 in Cell Phones & Accessories)
#933 in Cell Phone Stands
November 16, 2021
Special Features2021 Upgraded Design; Strong Elastic Spring Clip Hook Design, One-Hand Operation; 360 Adjustable & Rotatable Ball Joint Design
Date First AvailableNovember 16, 2021


  • Portable Phone Stand. Characterized by its exquisite workmanship and minimalist design, this foldable phone stand can perfectly fit your device on your phone pocket, phone holster, or running belt when you go horseback riding.
  • Perfect Travel Companion. Whether you go on business travel, on a flight, or on a hike, this phone holder will fit perfectly on your bag or any compartment.
  • Proven Durable Hinge. Lamicall DP10 may be a straightforward phone holder without too many features, but that’s exactly its strength. It may be simple but you can be sure that it’s sturdy enough to hold your phone securely.

Insert video here: https://www.amazon.com/vdp/0caf1fb4cd1547daa0854cd5fd125b76?ref=dp_vse_ibvc0

aluminum foldable phone stand dp10 black-3



  • If you plan to bring this on your horseback riding adventure, you need to find a flat surface to place this phone holder.

2. Woofhoof's On The Leg Cell Phone Holder

woofhoof's on the leg cell phone holder

Source: Amazon

A leg holster is probably the most accessible place you can put your phone while horseback riding. And, Woofhoof’s On The Leg Cell Phone Holder is one of the leading leg holsters on Amazon. Since your lower leg is within your reach when on horseback, you can easily get your phone when you need it without falling off.


  • Beautiful and Functional. With its secure strap, quick access magnet closure, tough nylon material, and stylish details, you can be sure that your phone is secure. You will surely feel comfortable wearing this leg holster.
  • Tailored for Lower Leg. This phone holder is designed to be worn at the top of your lower leg. This spot is the most secure and comfortable place to access your phone while horse riding.
  • Easy Access. Thanks to its case’s smooth and soft lining, you can easily remove and place your phone inside with ease.
  • Padded Strap. Since you will be bringing your phone throughout the day, this model added padding to its strap for extra comfort.


  • It only lasts a few months since the velcro wears off over time.

3. MOVOYEE Running Armband Cell Phone Holder Case

movoyee running armband cell phone holder case

Source: Amazon

Another good place to put your phone is on MOVOYEE Running Armband Cell Phone Holder. Not only is this phone holder large enough for phones up to 6.5 inches big, but it also fits small and larger arms. Its adjustable armband velcro has two fastening sizes to support arm griths from 8″ to 16″ to stabilize your device.


  • Advanced Quality Materials. Made from neoprene polyester fabric, you can be sure that this fitness armband is lightweight, skin-friendly, sweatproof, and odor-free.
  • Secured and Versatile Armband. This product has a double zipper and double pockets to accommodate large phones, and even house or car keys, earphones, ID/credit cards, cash, or facial tissues while on horseback.
  • Perfect for Any Occasion. Not only is this ideal for horseback riding, but you can also bring this phone holder while jogging, cycling, or doing intensity gym workouts.


  • After a few months, its stitching dissolves, and the plastic D ring comes off.
  • If you have a bit of flab on the biceps, you need to snug it up tight to keep it in place.

4. Starkenburg Company Horse Saddle Bag

starkenburg company horse saddle bag

Source: Amazon

If you’re an equestrian, you’re probably familiar with Starkenburg Company Horse Saddle Bag. From the name itself, you know that this bag is specially made for horseriding. If you’re competing at a horse show, then you can show off this western saddle bag while you ride. This saddlebag is big enough not only for your phone but also for keys, cards, or cash.


  • Tested by Real Equestrians. A lot of saddlebags are big, bulky, and bounce when you ride a horse. Not this one. It’s lightweight, sturdy, and does not bounce.
  • Front or Back of Pommel. This phone holder fits all western saddles, even the ones for kids. You can attach it either on the front or the back of your pommel.
  • Great Gift or Suprise. This saddlebag is a great way to spoil your equestrian friend or a family member. You can be sure that anyone who enjoys horseback riding would love this gift!


  • Since this is made with faux leather, its cover flakes off over time.
  • It’s a perfect size and the straps are good but it can be flimsy.
  • It’s not ideal for everyday use.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best cell phone holder for horseback riding is Lamicall Aluminum Foldable Phone Stand DP10! While it seems to be the norm to attach a phone holder on your leg, arm, or pommel while horseriding, it can be bulky and those holders eventually wear off.

But Lamicall DP10 is far from that. It’s so thin and lightweight that you can put it anywhere while horseriding! If you want to see more of Lamicall’s phone holders, you can visit their website here.

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