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air vent phone holder with adjustable clip cv01-1

Just returned from a long vacation, on my first day back at work, I received our newest product, a unique car vent phone holder.

This article will walk you through step by step to help you figure out if this Lamicall CV01 car vent phone mount is suitable for you.

What you will find on this page:

air vent phone holder with adjustable clip cv01-1

$16.99  $9.74

Editor's first impression

lamciall car vent phone mount back hook stretch

Car phone holder with a very clever design! This clip adjusts to the size of your vent and springs back to keep it tight, which is the first feature that caught my eye.

ordinary vent clip

It’s straight up a hook that hasps your vent blade, unlike ordinary vent clips that are covered in rubber. A standard vent mount may appear stable at first, but the pieces may distort over time, which leads your phone to eventually fall off on bumpy roads. From my perspective, the hook design is unrivalled in terms of stability

lamicall car vent phone mount back rubber close-up
lamicall car vent phone mount rubber strips

Rubber strips on the back neatly and securely retain the entire device, including your smartphone. When you install the Lamicall car phone holder, make sure to notice the rubber strip on the back wraps around your other vent blades. This is done to spread the weight among the other vent blades and prevent the load-bearing vent blades from collapsing due to excessive pressure.

User experience


  • Satisfying mechanism while installing your phone
  • Take very little space
  • I’m not gonna lie. It’s legit stable!


  • Not suitable with some automobile vents.
  • If the gadget doesn’t fit with your vent, there’s a chance of the grill blade snapping.

Many car vent phone mount claim that they are universal, but here’s the fact, they are not! 

lamicall cv01 car vent phone holder compatibility

As for this Lamicall CV01 vent phone mount, from my experience, many A0 hatchback vehicles are not compatible, such as Audi A3 and Toyota Yaris that launched before 2020. (I also noticed some Bentley, Ferrari, and Mercedes lux vehicles don’t fit, not that I had these cars before, I did some research.)

Seems pretty nice! What am I waiting for?  Hold on, here are two more things to do before moving forward.

  • Measure your vent!
  • And if you buy it, keep the package before making sure it fits your vehicle (We provide no-excuse exchange/refund FYI). 

Stats for measurement

Lamicall var vent mount size 1.1in wide 1.4in long
lamicall car vent size comparison

The product fits most vertical or horizontal air vents, which means that as long as you have enough room in your air vents for the rubber stripes to fit in, you’ll be fine. You might be curious about how this hook fits both vertical and horizontal vents. Well, we added a ball joint that attaches the phone cradle part with the vent clip part; that way, you’ll be able to switch the direction of the whole hook for better adjustability.

This car vent phone holder fits my car perfectly, but is it really right for me?

If you are one of these people, you will love this product!

  • Those who are tired of the suction cup mount/windshield/dash mount take too much space. And the same time, those ready to switch to a vent car phone mount with the same stability!
  • Those who have the anxiety of phone falling off while driving.
  • Those who need to switch cars from time to time (Suction cup will lose stickiness due to repetitively installed and removed, same as standard vent phone mount that faces the ageing problem of components).

Why you need a cell phone vent holder for your car?

Did you know that US law prohibits the use of dashboard and windshield mounts in several states? So, if you have the option, go with the vent mount.

air vent phone holder with adjustable clip cv01-1

$16.99  $9.74

More car vent phone mount available

If this iPhone car mount does not fit your vent, feel free to check on our Magnetic Car Phone Mount or Car Air Vent Phone Holder.

Magnetic Car Phone Mount

magnetic vent car phone holder cv06-1

The magnetic car phone mount puts simplicity in its gene; simply stick the magnet sheet to the rear of your phone to match this gadget.


Car Air Vent Phone Holder

Car Vent Phone Mount black C2-1

The double clamps on the back of the car air vent phone holder ensure general stability and long life.



If this Lamicall vehicle vent phone mount meets your needs, and you’d like to test a more stable car phone mount, this is the product to go with.
Alright folks, bon voyage!

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