5 Best Car Phone Holders In India

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drive with a car phone holder

Driving to an unknown place is one of the most difficult tasks to do if you do not have a phone holder. Keeping one hand occupied with a phone is highly inconvenient. It is also unsafe while driving and can lead you to make major mistakes while driving. Once you opt for a quality car phone holder, you are choosing your safety over anything else.

This blog will help you choose the best car phone holder india without having to go through hours of research for the best quality and compatibility. Our aim is to help you out with the buying process. We have also included a buying guide to help you make the best decision when it comes to car phone holders.

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Things To Pay Attention To While Buying Car Phone Holders

If you are going online to look at different products, you will have to pay close attention to get your money’s worth. We have compiled a list of the most important factors you will have to pay attention to while buying car phone holders.

Comfortability comes First

You will have to look at how comfortable the phone holder will feel once you have attached it to your car. This includes looking at where it will be attached and how. If you are not comfortable with the model and how it is to be navigated, then it is better that you find a design that is simpler to use.

Anything which seems to be distracting and overly complicated needs to be done away with. You do not want to be occupied with your phone holder while driving. The contraption is supposed to make your life easier and not complicate it.

How Adjustable is it?

The more adjustable a phone holder, the better your experience with it will be. Rather than having to remove the phone from the holder and adjust it according to your position, you can simply tilt the entire holder towards you. If the rotation and adjustability are good, your drive will be uncomplicated. Adjustability will increase your comfort with the use of the phone and keep you safe.

Brand Guarantee

If you are buying from a local store with no brand value, there is a chance that you will not have any guarantee about the proper functioning of the product. The more old and reliable the brand, the better the product. This does not mean that you need to spend a lot of money on a branded product. Choosing a branded product is highly recommended because the quality standards will be high.


The life of a car phone holster has to be long enough so that you feel that you made a worthwhile investment. If the construction is durable, you can easily move forward with the purchase without having to look for an alternative a month after buying the product. Read the reviews to know more about the durability of the phone holder.

The Cost Factor

Just because a product is cheap does not mean you will get poor quality. Buying under a budget will make your search easier as it will limit your options and make the decision far quicker. Look closely at specifications to find a holder which fulfills all your needs.

List of the Best Indian Car Phone Holders

air vent phone holder with adjustable clip cv01-1

Lamicall’s phone mounts are one of the best, no matter what application you are looking for. This phone holder is a great choice because of its design and adjustability. Combining sleek design with high comfortability, this air vent phone holder will work well with any car and for any driver because it is easy to navigate and use.

When it comes to compatibility, this is a one size fits all situation. It can hold most phones and will attach to the air vents of any car. 360 degree adjustability is also a highly advantageous feature. Both attachment and detachment are incredibly easy as the design are straightforward to be used while driving and when in a hurry.


  • Anti-scratch rubber pads
  • Adjustability to both horizontal and vertical modes
  • High compatibility
  • Comfortable installation
portronics car phone holder

Source: Amazon

This is another phone holder which is attached to your air vent and is equipped to hold almost any model of smartphone. It comes with switch silicon padding and keeps your phone while also providing perfect adjustability. No matter the temperature of the car and outside, this holder can be left in the car and will not get damaged.


  • 360 degree adjustability
  • Comes with a 6-month warranty
  • Supports a 6-inch smartphone
amkette igrip car phone holder

Source: Amazon

This car mount will have to be attached to a flat surface on a car. This makes the visibility better as compared to air vents that need to be adjusted as per your requirements. It is both flexible and highly stable. It will hold your phone safely and offer connectivity options through the audio and charging ports.


  • Adjustability supports both portrait and landscape modes
  • Suction cup attachment
  • Ideal for one-hand operation
bobo car phone holder

Source: Amazon

If you want something unique and simplified in your car, then this magnetic car phone holder will interest you. This holder has enough magnetic charge to hold any android or iPhone safely while driving. Since all that is holding your phone is a magnetic phone, you can rotate your screen without losing grip on it. Extremely easy to install and with a large enough surface area, this holder is excellent to keep your phone safe.


  • Universal phone holder
  • Easy attachment and detachment
  • Has quality adhesive plates
spigen car phone holder

Source: Amazon

This is another magnetic phone holder which will keep your phone stable while driving. Attached to the air vent, the design is made to give you maximum flexibility and ease of use. The installation is extremely easy, and it is applicable for any kind of phone as there is no restriction with a case. The back of the phone will be clean with no adhesive residue.


  • Suitable for both iPhones and Android phone
  • It can easy suit any straight air vent
  • No adhesive residue


1. Should I buy locally or from a trusted brand?

If you want a quality phone holder which will keep working for a longer period of time, you should go with a trusted brand. They often come with warranties and help your drive remain smooth and comfortable. They also have higher compatibility in comparison to local car phone holders. If you want to just try out a phone holder and do not want durability, you can try buying a local product.

2. Will all phone holders allow me to tilt my screen?

Not all car phone holders allow maximum flexibility. The highest adjustability you can get from a phone holder comes from 360 degree rotation which gives the driver the freedom to use their phone in both landscape and portrait mode. It will not harm the structure of the phone holder in any way.


With good brands like Lamicall on the list, we are sure you might have got your answer as to which car phone holder to buy. We hope you follow all the advice mentioned in the blog before selecting a good product to keep your phone and yourself safe while driving a car. Always read the specification and reviews closely to make a reliable purchase. Indian roads can be chaotic, so making your life simplified is important. We hope you can find the best car phone holders in India now.

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