10+ Best Car Mount for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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The best car mount for iPhone 12 Pro Max is a top search today, and it is not for a surprising reason. It is one of the latest releases of Apple, after all. Even in the presence of newer iPhone models, it is still a high-quality smartphone across the entire mobile market.

Essentially, car phone holders are needed for expensive smartphones like the iPhone 12. You wouldn’t want your phone to get damaged by accidental falls and drops while you are speeding or tracking rocky paths. You would want your mobile devices to be as stable as possible throughout your entire trip. In this way, you can use them as conveniently and safely as possible.

But how do you choose a high-quality car phone holder like the Lamicall phone mounts? And what are the ideal options you have for this particular car accessory? To learn all the answers to these pressing questions, read on.

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Reasons Why Investing in a Phone Car Mount Is a Brilliant Idea

If you are not convinced yet about the importance of these phone car mounts, this particular section should be able to change your mind.

Safety In Driving

It’s not a secret that distracted driving is one of the major causes of vehicular accidents in the entire world. It accounts for more than a hundred thousand road mishaps every year. Drivers are required to be extra safe and prudent when they are traveling to prevent these tragedies from happening.

Notoriously, smartphones are among the root causes of distracted driving. Suppose a driver pays too much attention to their mobile devices, their awareness of their surroundings decreases. In fact, we are not new to stories about road crashes caused by individuals who were using their phones while driving.

If you want to use your phone during your journey, it is essential that specialized mechanisms are involved in minimizing the distractions that you’ll encounter. It is better that you have a phone mount that removes the need for you to hold your smartphones if you want to answer calls or listen to your favorite Spotify playlists.

Again, having these car phone mounts doesn’t mean that you are already safe from tragedies. Extra caution is still necessary every time you need to use your phones while in the middle of traffic. These accessories are just there to minimize the risks.

Extra Convenience

Of course, using your smartphones while driving is difficult. After all, you only have two hands. Each of them should be placed on the steering wheel so that you can have more control over your vehicle. Actually, you can just single-handedly maneuver the steering wheel, but it requires a lot of practice and experience before you can master it fully.

Your convenience in driving is affected if you are torn between your steering wheel and your smartphone. For instance, it is a tough dilemma to answer phone calls while you are maneuvering your car. If the call is urgent, you would need to park your call so that you can answer it. Surely enough, you can’t always do this all the time. That’s impractical and consumes a lot of time.

The ideal situation here is when you can use your mobile devices without having to touch them from time to time. This is where car phone mounts come in. These accessories enable a hands-free operation on your smartphones. With them around, you would be able to keep up with your virtual tasks and errands without removing your hands from the steering wheel.

And we are pretty sure that you would want to experience the same kind of convenience to your setup.

Phone Protection

One might think that your phone requires no protection once it is inside their car. Well, that’s completely wrong.

Your phone is still a sensitive piece of electronics. Even the most durable smartphones out there are not impervious to physical and chemical damages. Over time, their resistance to shock, vibrations, and drops lower drastically.

Alarmingly, your phone tends to suffer from these damages if it is inside your car. For instance, they are prone to be toppled or thrown if you hit bumpy roads or suddenly swerve in sharp turns. If they are not mounted securely, these accidents are more than what you can expect.

The presence of these smartphone mounts for cars is to ensure that your mobile accessories are intact while you are driving. If they are secured properly, you’ll never have to worry about vibrations and shocks. They always remain safe and scratch-free.

Also, car phone mounts are essential to avoid spills and mess in your smartphones. Coffee, water, and food crumbs can easily get inside your phone if you simply place the latter in the car seat or near the cup holders. Using car phone mounts would give your mobile devices the extra elevation so that these elements won’t reach them.

How Did We Pick the Best Car Mount for iPhone 12 Pro Max

There are several factors we’ve taken into account in assessing the quality of any car phone holders that we encounter. Essentially, we go for those that have convenient installation methods, universal compatibility, and impeccable protectiveness over your devices.

Installation Method

It is important that you consider the installation method of a car phone holder. After all, your vehicle has a setup that may not be compatible with a particular installation style.

Of course, your preferences also matter here. Some want their phones to be just near them, while others are completely fine with a moderate distance. Here are some of the common installation methods used by car phone holders.

  • Vents – The most common car phone holders allow their users to install them in their car’s vents. It is the most convenient and simplest setup, as you simply need to grip the phone holder to the blades of the vents.

  • Cup Holders – Another popular installation method is the cupholder. This requires you to grip the phone holder with a suction cup. The suction cup will then securely attach to your car’s cup holder. The suction cup installation method may be a bit trickier, but it is definitely one of the most secure.

  • Dashboards – Car dashboards are also usable platforms for your phone holders. Here, the phone holder comes with a suction cup that you can simply fasten to your car’s dashboard.

  • Windshields – Similar to dashboard installation, car phone holders can also be installed in the windshields via a suction cup system. Some people find this setup convenient, as it lets them have their phones near their eye levels without the need to touch them.


Quality Of Phone Cradle / Holder

Another aspect that we also look at is the build or construction of the phone cradle. This one is the part where you place your phone directly.

A good cradle would ensure that your mobile devices are not prone to shaking or vibrating when you are driving. At the same time, these phone cradles should secure your smartphones tightly so that they won’t wobble or move around.

Also, take a look at the load capacity of the phone holder. Can it lift the weight of your smartphone without tilting or going out of place? You wouldn’t want to see your phone misplaced because the phone holder can’t hold it.

Of course, don’t forget that you should avoid phone holders that can cause scratches to your cell phone. It should have silicone or similar surfaces that prevent these unwanted damages from happening.

Don’t forget about the compatibility of the phone cradle over different phone models and sizes. Make sure that they are properly sized to fit your current phone (i.e., iPhone 12 Pro Max). Some of these cradles have open designs. This means that they don’t have clamps, so you can fit any mobile devices that you want. But their disadvantage is that their stability isn’t that reliable.


Next, you would want to assess the overall adjustability of the car phone holder. When we talk about adjustability, we refer to the ability of the phone holder to be swiveled, rotated, retracted, and extended. But why are these things important?

You see, these features are important to ensure that you can view and use your phone properly. There are some cases where a landscape orientation is much more preferable than a portrait. The same is true with vice-versa.

The more flexible your car phone holder is when it comes to these adjustments, the better. They ensure that you won’t suffer from neck and shoulder strains.

Best Car Mount for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Your iPhone 12 Pro Max is a precious amenity. And even inside your car, you still want this device to receive the utmost protection while using it. Because of this, you would like to invest in the following ergonomic phone car mounts.

This simple-looking phone holder from Lamicall is actually a great choice on your car. The unique two-grips of this car mount is quite tight. It minimizes the shaking of your phone while you are coursing a bumpy road. Its retractable phone clamp provides extra security to your mobile devices; they prevent your electronics from falling while driving. These clamps are not prone to getting loose either.

This item accommodates phones from 4.7 to 6.5 inches wide. Hence, your iPhone 12 Pro Max can also fit on this wonderful car accessory.  Aside from phones, this car accessory also fits many GPS devices. 


2. Anwas Phone Mount For Car

This accessory isn’t the most popular option when it comes to a phone mount for cars. However, its quality and ergonomics deserve a place here in this list. Specifically, this accessory is designed to be attached to your car’s vents. And regardless of your vehicle model, this one would certainly fit, thanks to its upgraded vent clip design. Of course, you can also ensure that it can keep your iPhone from falling off while you are driving. It keeps your device stable and protected at all times.

Furthermore, this one assures perfect scratch-free protection to your mobile devices. It comes with a high-density silicone material that keeps your phone from receiving scratches and dents. It won’t cause wear and tear to your smartphone even if it’s clamped there for a long time. Interestingly, its clamping mechanism is pretty simple and convenient. It comes with a quick-release button and adjustable clamp arms so that they can fit any of your devices.

If you have the opportunity to acquire this item, by all means, do so. After all, it is one of the best car mounts for the iPhone Pro Max. Of course, many of you would think that this one appears bland and unappealing. But don’t let its appearance fool you. After all, this one is a sturdy phone holder that can easily clip on almost all vertical or horizontal air vent ( but not fit round vent). It comes with a hook that adjusts to the size of your car vent to ensure that it can clip itself tightly. It doesn’t shake or move out of place even if you are treading unfavorable roads.

Do you want a phone mount that comes with a one-hand operation? Then give this accessory a go! Aside from its assembly-free and quick installation design, it also comes with a quick-release button and adjustable clamp arms that enable convenient phone placement and removal. Of course, its platform is phone-friendly, too. None of its components can cause scratches to your devices. At the same time, they allow you to fully utilize the screen and buttons of your smartphones, which you can’t do on other phone mounts for cars.

Best Magnetic Car Mount for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Many people are opting for a magnetic car mount for their phones. After all, this mounting system is simple; it requires no assembly at all. Its tool-free design is matched by its exceptional stability, allowing it to hold your phones and mobile devices even in off-road journeys. If you are looking for high-quality magnetic car mounts for iPhone 12 Pro Max, the following selections should appeal to you.

1. LISEN Car Phone Holder Mount

One of the most popular magnetic car mounts for smartphones is the LISEN Car Phone Holder Mount. This one has a hook-shaped construction and forms “three-grasp points,” allowing it to clutch the outlet blades as tightly as possible. In this way, it will never fall off regardless of the situation. It excels in the aspect of stability, which is a key feature that we would want for our car mounts.

Of course, this phone holder also excels in locking your phone firmly. It comes with six built-in magnets. They have an impressive performance, as they can bear the weight of up to four smartphones. The way they keep your devices in place is truly impressive. They can make your phone stable, even if you are coursing through bumpy roads.

You simply need to attach a metal plate (included in the package) to the back of your phone or phone case so that magnets would work. You can also benefit from its convenient installation. Just place it on the vent and adjust the length of its clamp through its knob.

2. APPS2Car Magnetic Phone Car Mount

This car accessory is definitely a great option if you are looking for a high-quality magnetic mount for your phone. It enables a quick and safe way of securing your mobile devices to any flat surfaces in your car, except for soft platforms, vinyl, and leather. The sticky gel on the base of its suction cup generates a sturdy hold so that it can remain stable throughout your drive.

Specifically, the suction cup has an industrial strength so that it can provide a secure hold to various parts of your car. By the way, this phone mount holder features six powerful magnets that can hold devices efficiently and securely. It even has more magnets than the first product we featured her, enabling it to have a holding capacity of up to five to six smartphones.

Because of its open design, this phone car mount allows you to utilize all the buttons of your smartphones. It doesn’t interfere with FaceID, either. It features a rotating and extendable telescopic arm that provides you with unlimited viewing angles.

The Magnetic Vent Car Phone Holder CV06 of Lamicall is also a piece of superb machinery that can fit 3.5-7 inches phones. It features an open design, meaning that it has no restrictions whatsoever when it comes to the kind of smartphone you have. Of course, this means that you won’t encounter any problems when it comes to fitting your iPhone 12 Pro Max here.

By the way, this accessory is an upgraded version of its predecessor. Hence, it showcases better features such as a wider grip for the vents and a universal ball joint for unlimited viewing adjustments.

Its stability is also impressive. This magnetic phone holder includes six magnets that can hold your phone tightly and securely. Two thin rectangle metal plates are included in the package serving as the platform for the mount and connecting your phone. Given that it has a broader vent grip, it can easily fit the vent blades without the risks of accidental falls, even if you are driving on bumpy roads or at high speeds.

Best Wireless Charger Car Mount for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Wireless charging is a thing these days. They are an excellent alternative for wired chargers, given that they provide portability and mess-free organization. Even your car requires the service of these wireless chargers to maximize the usability of your smartphones even in prolonged journeys.

See all the top options for these types of mounts.

1. ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

One of the best car chargers in the market today is the ESRsi HaloLock. It is energy-efficient and speedy, allowing your drained iPhone 12 Pro Max to be charged again in just a matter of minutes. It uses intelligent heat management that enables it to charge mobile devices at a speed almost identical to original MagSafe chargers. If you want to speed up its charging even further, you should use its 18-watts QC adapter. Unfortunately, it is not included in the package.

The ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger also offers a secure magnetic lock. It is equipped with several magnets that can hold up to 3 pounds of weight. Therefore, you can guarantee that it can secure your devices efficiently and safely throughout your drive. It can even hold your phone, even if it is enclosed in a cell phone case.

Furthermore, this phone car mount is designed to be navigation-friendly. It lets you switch from portrait to landscape viewing and vice-versa single-handedly, ensuring that you’ll not get distracted while driving.

2. MANKIW Wireless Car Charger

The MANKIW Wireless Car Charger is an intuitive accessory that features two-in-one functionality. Specifically, It is a car wireless charger that works as a phone mount simultaneously. You can install it in your air vents and dashboards, making it a versatile option.

Similar to other options here, this one lets you charge your phone without the need for cables. It can hold your phone tightly without the need for you to babysit from time to time. This car charger mount features automatic gripping. With its integrated super spring, you can take off your phone directly without any consequences.

It will not harm your smartphone or the wireless charger. Meanwhile, its clamps offer user-friendly operation. Simply click the buttons on both sides to open the clamps. Once your phone is in place, release the button, and the clamps will automatically secure your mobile device.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Windshield Mount

Many car owners prefer having their phone mounts installed in their vehicle’s windshields. They deem that it is safer and more convenient than having those that are installed on vents or dashboards.

Of course, you are free to choose a windshield mount if you desire so. However, you need to make sure that you can pick a mount that has a stable base and secure platform for your phones. Here are some of your top options for these windshield mounts for your iPhone 12 Pro Max.

1. APPS2Car Suction Cup Phone Holder

The APPS2Car Suction Cup Phone Holder is a popular choice for a phone car holder for windshields. It has tacky rubber grips for enhanced protection and stability for your smartphones and navigation devices. It can easily fit your iPhone Pro Max 12 and other Apple phones. Surely enough, it can also accommodate a variety of Android devices.

Meanwhile, its suction cup has industrial strength, ensuring that it can stick tightly to your windshields and dashboards. The suction cup also has a sticky gel coating so that its grip won’t deteriorate easily. You’ll also appreciate its fully versatile construction. Specifically, the phone holder can rotate to a full 360 degrees, allowing its users to view their devices in either landscape or portrait orientation.

At the same time, this phone holder has a telescopic and pivoting arm that sets the ideal position of your phone. The said component can pivot up to a 240-degree arc and extend from 4.6 inches to 6.3 inches. A quick-release button ensures that you can access your devices as conveniently as possible.

2. iOttie Easy One Touch Universal Car Mount Phone Holder

The quality of this car phone holder is never disappointing. It is just as they suggest; it is ergonomic, durable, and compatible with various devices. This phone holder for cars flaunts a patented Easy One Touch Mechanism. It allows you to quickly insert and mount your phone to its cradle with the use of just a single hand.

It prevents distracted driving and ensures that you can use your devices as safely and conveniently as possible. This car phone holder has a telescopic arm that extends from 4 inches to 6.5 inches. The arm could also pivot to a 260-degree arc, allowing you to utilize your phone in different mounting positions. Meanwhile, its rotating ball joint enables landscape and portrait mode.

Whether you want to listen to music or answer calls while driving, this accessory would let you do so comfortably. Impressively, the foot of its phone cradle is adjustable to several positions. Such a design allows the phone holder to accommodate smartphones with cases.

Lamicall’s very own car phone holder mount is ideal for mobile devices. It is a versatile accessory that car owners would undoubtedly love to have inside their vehicles. It features a simple installation method; this item comes with a suction cup that attaches itself tightly to either windshields or dashboards. As a result, it can give you a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

Furthermore, its quick-release button enables you to clamp or remove your phones quickly. No more troublesome attachments! With its adjustable/extendable arm, you have the freedom to alter the proximity of your phone towards you. If you need it close, expand the arm; if you don’t need it, you can push the arm back.

Equipped with the strong sticky gel suction cup, the dash mount cell phone holder can secure the phone without vibrating and wobbling. 

This item also features a 360-degree rotating function so that you can view your phone ergonomically. It removes the need for you to tilt your head and neck at unnatural angles. Compatibility-wise, this phone car mount is encompassing. It can fit 4-inch to 6.5-inch phones without any issue. Moreover, its clamps protect your devices from scratches, as well.

What are the benefits of a motorcycle phone mount with wireless charger?


In a nutshell, having a phone holder inside your car is a convenient way of storing your phone while you drive, preventing it from going off due to vibration. It also allows you to use your phone without removing your focus on driving. Such an ergonomic function provides extra levels of protection to you and your passengers.

Here, we deem that the Lamicall Air Vent Phone Holder CV01 is the best car mount for iPhone Pro Max. This particular car accessory offers simple but effective features to keep your mobile devices protected at all times. It is not difficult to install, as it requires no tools and assembly. At the same time, it also offers several adjustments on its orientation and viewing angles, allowing you to use your phone safely and comfortably.

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