4 Best Car Mount For iPhone 12 Pro Max

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Simple phone car mounts like Foldable Cell Phone Stand DP01 enable drivers to use their phones securely while driving without the usage of hands-free earbuds by utilizing the loudspeaker. Additionally, these low-cost mobile accessories provide the same in-call wire-free responding and calling, checking online GPS applications, and even reading text messages when it’s convenient. Most However, it’s crucial to remember that all mobile devices, as well as how they’re installed, must adhere to specific usage and functions.

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Car Phone Mount For iPhone 12 Pro Max

Mounts that connect to your air conditioner vent and mounts that attach to your dashboard or windshield are the two most common kinds of car phone mounts.

There are many decent solutions if you have a regular air conditioner vent, but keep in mind that they won’t work with circular vents. Mounts for the dashboard and windshield are more adaptable. Some use a suction base to attach. Others utilize automotive-grade glue, which should not harm your car, but they are more difficult to relocate, and the adhesive may break down over time. If you rent or move cars often, you’ll want to avoid them.

Is It Necessary To Have Wireless Charging?

Mounts with built-in Qi wireless chargers are becoming more popular. They’re powered by the DC socket in your vehicle, so you don’t have to plug your phone in every time you get in, and they’re compatible with a broad variety of Android and iOS smartphones. This is a no-fuss way to keep your phone charged if you forget to plug it in all the time, and it also supports wireless charging.

Does the Size Matters?

Most car phone mounts such as Car Air Vent Phone Holder C2 have a maximum phone size, so be sure it supports the phone you wish to use before you purchase one. Make sure the spring-loaded mount is broad enough to accommodate your phone if it’s a spring-loaded mount. Check the maximum weight for magnetic mounts. Don’t forget to account for the case’s size and weight.

Where to Buy Car Phone Mounts?

It’s available from a variety of places, including a mall-based mobile phone accessories shop, any physical store, or ordering it online. Buying one directly from the store is usually more expensive but acquiring one from an online store is less expensive, however it may take a few days to arrive.

What are the types to Buy?

Although it may be a hit or miss for some, there are several options to consider when selecting the proper holder for their vehicle. The sorts of mounts differ based on the type, but the core principle is that they stay put and don’t slip off! For the greatest results, look for mounts that are well-secured.

Bracket mounts

The first type of mobile phone mount, and one of the most prevalent, has the most basic design for securing the phone. A simple and sturdy design that employs friction to grip onto mobile phones and is also long-lasting. One of the most significant disadvantages of bracket mounts is that they are not compatible with all phones.

Before purchasing your favorite mobile phone mount or holder, double-check what can be installed on it.

Cup holder mounts

Another option is a cup mount, which is strong and can accommodate bigger devices such as tablets and phablets. It’s a multi-purpose phone holder that secures any device with a friction bracket or magnetic tape. They don’t have to be mounted on the vent since they won’t block your vision. They are easy to detach when it comes to removal, although they will utilize one of the cup holders as a platform.

These mobile phone mounts or holders are difficult to fit and come in a variety of sizes. As a result, it won’t fit in all cup holders, and finding a nice place in the vehicle will be challenging.

Vent mounts

Use a mobile phone holder or bracket that attaches to the vent blade. Check to see whether it fits flush with the vent without any issues. A vent mount is a simple design that may be magnetic, or friction mounted. These holders are safe and secure, with a frame connecting them to the vent. They may, however, obstruct ventilation and are unable to support a large tablet. If the connection is strong, it should be removed with caution.

Spring and Magnetic

Most mounts use spring-loaded clamps or magnets to secure your phone in place. Each one has its own set of benefits. Some buyers are scared off by the bigger cases since spring-loaded mounts are adjustable and can handle almost any phone. To attach your phone to a magnetic mount, just connect a metal plate to the back of your phone or slip it between the phone and its cover. If you’re utilizing wireless charging, make sure the plate isn’t on or near the charging coil. A variety of car phone mount brands provide enclosures with built-in magnets that work with magnetic vehicle mounts.

List of 4 Best Car Mount For iPhone 12 Pro Max

air vent phone holder cv01 banner-4

Image Source: Lamicall

air vent phone holder with adjustable clip cv01-1
air vent phone holder with adjustable clip cv01-2

Image Source: Lamicall

Lamicall’s car vent phone mount has a sturdy elastic spring clip hook and a 360-degree rotating and adjustable ball joint. Even on bumpy roads, the stable clip hook can catch a blade of the vent grille firmly and remain stable.


  • The 360-degree adjustable design will give you the best viewing angle possible.
  • This car vent phone holder is simple to install and requires no equipment. Single-handed operation is possible thanks to the quick-release button and adjustable clamp arms.
  • When using it, just press the clamp arms to effortlessly clamp your mobile; press the quick-release button to instantly remove your cell phone.
  • This mobile phone holder for the car vent has a lot of anti-slip and anti-scratch rubber cushions. It will protect your phone as well as the vents in your car from scratches.
  • The car mount’s above designs will keep you secure when navigating, charging, calling, conversing, or listening to music.


  • It has a distinct two-grip design
  • It features a 360-degree rotation


  • Doesn’t fit Otter box case width

2. ESR Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount

esr magnetic wireless car charger mount
esr magnetic wireless car charger mount-2

Image Source: Amazon

ESR, a leading designer of iPhone accessories, was one of the first to develop a MagSafe vehicle mount that securely holds your smartphone. It has a powerful HaloLock magnet lock that fits your iPhone 12’s built-in magnets for a solid grasp even on the most difficult terrain.

Furthermore, the HaloLock magnetic ring ensures that your smartphone is properly aligned with the charging pad, allowing for quicker and more convenient charging. It has a 7.5W quick wireless charging capability. You can also switch between portrait and landscape modes while keeping your smartphone in place with the help of a clamp.


  • It is fast charging
  • It has a Secure lock
  • It is Stable and adjustable


  • It’s not extendable

3. Belkin Car Vent Mount PRO with MagSafe

belkin car vent mount pro with magsafe
belkin car vent mount pro with magsafe

Image Source: Amazon

With this MagSafe attachment, you can make the most of the newest technologies on your iPhone 12 pro max. It’s simple to fasten your smartphone to the mount for a hassle-free set-and-drive experience.
It can hold your phone in a landscape or portrait position for comfortable viewing while you concentrate on the road. Furthermore, the design incorporates cable management, allowing you to charge your phone while on the go.


  • It has a MagSafe car mount
  • It can be portrait or landscape views
  • It has a cable management


  • Can be fixed in one location and not replaceable

4. Maxboost DuraHold Series Car Phone Mount

maxboost durahold series car phone mount
maxboost durahold series car phone mount

Image Source: Amazon

With this extended vehicle mount for iPhone 12 Pro Max, you can drive worry-free. It safely secures your smartphone to your dashboard or windshield, allowing you to drive hands-free.

The extensible arms allow you to customize your viewing position, and the anti-slip cushion keeps your device in place. It has a suction-cup gel pad that delivers powerful suction and doesn’t leave any residue.


  • It has extendable arms
  • It is rotatable
  • It is attachable to dashboard or windshield
  • It is easy to install


  • The instructions can be modified


For those smartphone users who also like to take videos while driving, a car phone holder is a lifesaver. There are several advantages to owning the holder. You can navigate using GPS without having to hold your phone in your hands.

An excellent mobile holder will mount to your windshield or dashboard and make it simpler for you to navigate using GPS. Driving on the road demands a lot of focus since even a little error may put your life in danger. As a result, invest in a high-quality mobile holder for your automobile and use it to do all chores without having to hold your phone in your hands.

Thus, if you’re having a hard time in selecting your car phone mount, you can click and browse this latest car phone mount for iPhone 12 pro max at your own choice.

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